Tribedadelic Winter Party!


I actually posted this before I went yesterday but it somehow didn’t
get saved into the database. Anyway, I went to this indoor psy-trance
event with a couple of friends. This is definitely the last rave I’ll
go to before leaving Melbourne, and it was great! Well, I’ll post about
that and put up pictures when I arrive in Sibu. I’m leaving in 12 hours
and I’m gonna finish up some final (re)packing and try and get a 4 hour
nap. Also, my 5 GB per month bandwidth allowance has been exceeded, so
I’ll have to pay for anything over that limit. Anyway, here’s a photo
from this morning. I just came back. It’s blurry, but taking photos was
no mean feat inside. The LCD viewfinder is totally dark and the optical
viewfinder isn’t that useful either, so it was a matter of guess and
press. πŸ™‚ I don’t remember who took this photo though, but it was a
great attempt, considering the lighting conditions. The ones I took are
nothing to write home about, most of them blurry too. How do you take
photos in this situation anyway? Dark venue, unpredictable multicolored
lasers, occasional flashes of strobe light etc etc. I’ve seen some
great photos taken at the very same conditions.


P/S – I know my hair is a mess, I never did get around to cutting it and I promised my gf to come home without a haircut.

Link: Tribeadelic []

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