Disney Cookies – Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie, Mickey

disney cookies flyer

These are “Premium Quality” Homemade Disney Cookies
featuring several iconic Disney characters. There is an enterprising
company here that sends out product promotion flyers to companies and
delivers FOC, saving the time of employees who doesn’t have time to
shop. I’m not sure if they have a license to use the Disney characters

disney cookies range

The Disney Cookies retails for RM 14.90 each and has three nicely designed tins containing three different cookie types. There is Winnie the Pooh Butter Cookies, Mickey & Minnie Chocolate Chip Cookies and Mickey Chocolate Cookies which comes in 300 gm cans. They offer free delivery to your office, so I got all three for the office to share.

disney cookies winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh Butter Cookies comes in a green tin
that has an image of Disney’s logo and the Winnie the Pooh character.
There is accompanying text which goes somewhere along the lines of
“Sing Ho! For the life of a bear! Sing Ho! For the life of a Pooh!”

disney cookies butter

The can contains 4 individually wrapped packets of cookies in
different colored “Disney” text. Winnie the Pooh Butter Cookies comes
in a blue text foil package and contains butter cookies in the shape of
Mickey’s likeness. It tasted alright, but I’m not a big fan of butter
cookies in general, due to over consumption of the Dutch version when I
was young.

disney cookies mickey minnie

Mickey & Minnie Chocolate Chip Cookies comes in
a pink can with the flagship characters of Mickey Mouse and Minnie
Mouse as a couple. The text goes “Isn’t it amazing, how you look at me,
and you say nothing at all. But I can understand every word being
spoken through your eyes.” Hmm…

disney cookies chocolate chip

Mickey & Minnie Chocolate Chip Cookies comes in orange Disney
text foil and contain regular chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate
chip cookies are basically butter cookies with chocolate chips embedded
into the cookies. It’s a little crumbly and it tastes rather like the
lower price range commercial chocolate chip cookies. It didn’t taste
“homemade” to me at all.

disney cookies mickey

Mickey Chocolate Cookies comes in a yellow can that
has the Mickey Mouse character on it and two words I haven’t heard in a
long time – Roller Skate. The text goes “The highest truth comes to
light as I roller skate down the highway and watch pickles fall out of
a refrigerated truck.” I guess no one told Mickey that roller skating
has gone out of vogue but kudos to him for sending a message to the
kids that roller skating down highways is cool. ;)

disney cookies chocolate

Mickey Chocolate Cookies comes in the classic brown color
characteristic of chocolate cookies. The cookies are also molded into
the likeness of the Mickey Mouse character. Mickey Chocolate Cookies
tastes the best from the batch of cookies. However, the cookies are not
“premium quality” by any standard and the packaging doesn’t seem to
suggest that it’s home made.

disney cookies open

It went down well in the office though….

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