Happy Blogday – 10 years of sixthseal.com!

sixthseal 10 anniversary

This blog has been running for an entire decade! I totally forgot about the 19th April blog anniversary where I usually do my annual roundup until Cynthia texted me all the way from Australia.

This is supposed to be up on the 19th of April each year and has been since 2003. sixthseal.com started in 2002 and this is my favorite post to write as it shows how much it has grown since it’s inception. :)


I was planning to do something a bit special for the 10th blogniversary – the idea thrown out on the SixthSeal.com Facebook page was to write a completely new post featuring everyone’s favorite “guest author” – veritas. However, that idea has been scrapped – I’ve not been active in that scene for a long time except for a couple of discreet incursions and I think it’ll be counter-productive to what I’m trying to do with my life.

Further reading: A MapleStory from a Lvl 2X Swordsman

It’s filed under Satire/Parody and one of my favorite posts. It’s quite obvious what I’m talking about but I surprised myself by sustaining the metaphor for that long.

cooking pig tongue

Thus, without further ado, here’s my favorite posts from the blog year (think of it as a fiscal year) in chronological order:

Kiwi fruit rice with yoghurt
25th April 2011
This is in here coz it was a major milestone for me. My then-girlfriend moved from Miri to KL to be with me and we’ve been doing a lot of cooking together. This is one of the quirky breakfasts that I make. We’ve broken up but still remain good friends. :)


The best of Northern Rivers in Australia
3rd June 2011
I flew over to the Northern Rivers region where I met people really big on organic food and low food miles and ate at their restaurants. The main event was Casino Beef Week – a cattle extravaganza in a small little town in Australia called Casino. I’ve never been to a cattle auction and street parade before and I loved the experience.

Skydiving and sea kayaking at Byron Bay & Beyond
28th June 2011
The next bit was skydiving and sea kayaking. I also ate a whole lot of good breakfasts which I really miss from my uni days in Melbourne.

Epic weekend: An impromptu trip to Ipoh, dodgy hotels, losing my wallet and my car bumper
12th June 2011
A little bit closer to home, I went on a road trip with a friend to Ipoh and promptly lost my wallet and the rear bumper of my car. It was totally unplanned, I went out for drinks with Bonnie and somehow we ended up in Ipoh. I’ve cut down a lot on my alcohol consumption since then and while I’m not a teetotaler, I drink quite a lot less than what I imagine a social drinker downs. :)


Chilling with Christy at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi
6th July 2011
This travel streak was promptly followed by a trip to Bukit Tinggi with Christy. I actually spent my 30th birthday here and this is the second time I remember being at Colmar Tropicale, although my dad mentions that we’ve been there when I was a kid.

The real reason Judas betrayed Jesus (and how evangelism started)
19th August 2011
A post that I wrote in a couple of minutes that turned out better than I expected. It’s filed under Satire/Parody and the best post I’ve ever written in that category hands down is Newsflash: Another clinic hit by notorious doctor shopper veritas. This doesn’t even come close but it’s good enough for government work.

(although I’m quite fond of The OMG! I stepped on an electrical socket adapter! FAQ too)

sic race track experience

Driving at the actual Sepang International Circuit!
15th September 2011
My first time driving a car at the Formula One circuit in Sepang. I met a friend which I later met up with in Penang too! The experience of driving at high speeds on an actual competition circuit is exhilarating!

Tim Hou Wan Dim Sum Specialists in Hong Kong
10th October 2011
I went to Hong Kong and Macau with my ex-girlfriend (the very same one mentioned in the first recap post). We had a lot of fun exploring with no itenerary and ate at the famous (and cheap) dim sum place opened by a Michelin 3-star chef. Locals wait in line for an hour on average to eat their divine baked BBQ pork buns.


Making big decisions in life – from someone who learned the hard way
10th October 2011
My life story for those of you who doesn’t know about my dark past. It’s a true story about addiction and redemption. I wrote it for Prudential and the entire article can be read here.

Chef Martin Yan Chinese food wine pairing banquet @ Mandarin Oriental
4th December 2011
This is the person who got me interested in cooking. If you’re an 80’s baby, you’ll remember the show Yan Can Cook. I finally met him in real life and he’s exactly like his on-air personality. :)

I got to taste his cooking too!

Meeting childhood idols are always good – kinda like talking to Ron Jeremy in SEXPO, Melbourne during my first year blogging. That post is NSFW due to the photos.


Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards – NAPBAS 2011 recap
18th December 2011
I was nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog. I didn’t win but it’s nice to be recognized for my efforts. :)

I also had an interview with Linora of Red FM prior to that.

It was a lot of fun to be on the radio and seeing how stuff works on air.

Merry Christmas from Bali!
24th December 2011
I went to Bali for Christmas and had a blast!

bali christmas

Babi Guling in Bali
1st January 2012
Forget the commercialized chains – for the best babi guling in Bali, head over to Denpasar and eat where the locals eat! :)

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 everyone!
22nd January 2012
It’s my favorite time of the year – firecrackers, drinking and family reunions!

chinese fireworks roll

The 2012 Chinese New Year firecrackers and fireworks roundup!
8th February 2012
This is MY SECOND FAVORITE POST to write during the entire year. What I do is get a bunch of fireworks and firecrackers during Chinese New Year – take photos and video it and post it up. I write about the pyrotechnics and if there’s only one post you’re going to read in this entire roundup – read this one! :D

The story of the little gangster that could
10th February 2012
This is a photo story I wrote for my ex-girlfriend’s brother. I was the subject of their high pass photography experiments too and the the photos turned out great. I wrote two versions too – one exclusively for the newly launched SixthSeal.com Facebook page.


My Valentine’s Day
15th February 2012
I got together with a girl I met while having breakfast at TDH. You all know the story.

My girlfriend just moved in with me!
29th February 2012
She moved in with me not 2 weeks after. I was totally in love and thought this was the one, that I’ve finally met someone that I can settle down with.


I even hired professional cleaners to sanitize my studio apartment, something I’ve never done for anyone.

My girlfriend just broke up with me…
11th March 2012
It didn’t work out. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Okay, I’m tired of saying that so I’ll just say that it wasn’t my fault. It was doomed from the start and I was the last one to know about it. It really hurt and it took me a long time to recover from such a short relationship but I’ll like to think I’m wiser now.

You live, you learn. :)

I’m flying high on the trapeze!
18th March 2012
I had a lot of fun at the flying trapeze in Club Med, Phuket. In a few short days, I learned how to do a knee hang back flip and my crowning glory was being a flyer and timing it just right so I can be caught by one of the Circus GOs. It felt like I was an actual trapeze artist in the circus! :)

Happy Easter and the search for God
8th April 2012
I’ll end this with a slightly cryptic post about my spirituality and the changes I’ve made since then. It’s safe to say that it’s not a temporary thing, I am getting some serious things done with my life. :)

It just hit me that one year has just passed by since I last wrote this and I hate to use this cliched term but time really does fly!

My other social media sites:

On the home front, I’m still single (and available). I’m looking for the right person but I still haven’t found her so I’m just going to let fate run its course.

Here’s the list of blog anniversary posts I’ve done since sixthseal.com came online on the 19th of April 2002:

2003: sixthseal.com 1st Birthday
2004: sixthseal.com 2nd Birthday!
2005: sixthseal.com 3rd Birthday!
2006: sixthseal.com 4th Birthday!
2007: I was in rehab. There are (officially) no posts in 2007.
2008: I just got out of rehab. There is no 2007 recap to be done. :)
2009: Seven years of sixthseal.com
2010: I was in New Zealand at the time while my mom underwent an operation for lung cancer. I am pretty sure I still wrote the blogniversary post, but I’ve been having a bit of problems with the archives so let me double check on that.
2011: Happy 9th bloganivarsary sixthseal.com!

sixthseal 10

Happy birthday sixthseal.com! You have come a loooong way since the days of blogging in a cramped room in Melbourne with a webcam as a camera.

Here’s to 10 more years of sixthseal.com – it’s something I’ll like to show my children, a “Hey kids, this is what dad used to be like” kinda thing but I’m sure I’ll still be blogging then. :D

Thanks for reading everyone! It just won’t be the same without you all. :)

Seven years of sixthseal.com

Download: Director’s Cut (with proper music)

sixthseal.com celebrates its 7th blogniversary today and in remembrance of that, I have made a 10-minute video documenting the progress from Melbourne to KL to Kuching to Sibu and back to KL.

Notable posts of the year:
The Big Mac Chomp Challenge
Tongue Piercing Photos and Video
Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort
Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant
JCI Seduan Wet & Wild Pool Party
sixthseal.com Guide to Eating Live Sago Worms
The evolution of Chinese names
Zuiho Daiko performance @ Sibu Gateway
My sister’s wedding @ Grand Jasmine Ballroom, RH Hotel
Wrist piercing – sub dermal piercings on my left wrist
CNY in Ipoh
Genting Greed: A Tragic Tale of Losing RM 5,300
Don’t Drift and Drive
Ride of the Valkyries
Hate the sin, love the sinner
Nuffnang Music Bash 2009

It’s been a long journey and I’ll like to thank everyone for reading the chronicles of my life…

…and to show my appreciation, I’m going to buy the first 50 people who comments on this post lunch.

RM 10 each x 50, straight into your bank account via TT. Please ensure that a valid email is provided so I can email you for your account details.

As a bonus (and also to round up the figure to RM 600) I’m going to give the best comment RM 100.

Yes, I’m broke but I’m also feeling generous. :p

Thanks for all your support; I couldn’t have done it without you.

Long live sixthseal.com! =D

sixthseal.com: The rise of the phoenix!


I have gotten all my archives back into the database! The ETA is a bit later than scheduled but at least it’s before CNY. I figured it would take me a year to get all my posts from April 2002 integrated into the database so I decided to hire someone to do it for me. I outsourced the data entry to a friend of mine for RM 600 (including bonus for early completion).

I know I’m paying way above the market price since a lot of the categories and tags are messed up, but at least she’s very vigilant about the chronological aspects (year, date, and time) so it’s solid. This is the reason why I’m so broke this month, but I reckon it’s a good price to pay to get sixthseal.com fully up and functional once again. =D

I can’t expect her to think like I do so I would have to redo the categories and tags but in the meantime, I would appreciate it if you can assist in beta testing the archives. It’s entirely searchable now but there are two categories that shouldn’t be in there at all. Viewer discretion is advised while I sort that out.

Thank you for staying with me, Constant Reader, and it’s been a long journey since I started blogging but now I’m back on track.

Hail to the King, baby! ;)

Outsource IT!


My pet HDS project has been neglected. :(

I work long hours and post a new update every day after work so it’s hard for me to continue HDS. I have also taken the long time involved in completing it (1 year!!!) into consideration, so I have decided to…



I’ve gotten someone to do all my data entry for full integration into the sixthseal.com database for the posts from April 2002 – November 2006 and from her pace, I estimate she’ll be done by middle of January 2009.

Her user name has been applied with liberal layers of mosaic since I used her real name. The posts will be under “Poh Huai Bin” though, as opposed to “Huai Bin” which is my account. I promised her a huge bonus for early completion. :)

The full sixthseal.com will be up on the 15th!

Pinky said I spoil the market and paid too much to get it done, but I think it’s worth it lor coz it’s a very tedious task. It’s been so long and I want my blog to be fully up and searchable e.g. integrated into the CMS.

The phoenix rises again 15th January 2009. =D

Guess how much I’m paying to outsource this? How much would you be willing to do it for?

F&N Free Party – Last minute preparations

I have posted about my attempts to win myself (and you) a free party here and here. It has come to my attention that there’s no possible way I can drink so many cans of F&N drinks in such a short time, so I magnanimously shared it with all and sunder. I even gave some to the condo security guards. Anyway, I noticed something about the F&N cans after having opened so many cans:


I’ve discovered a method where you can get a smiley face (!) on the can by removing the pull tab in a certain way. Hold the can and twist the pull tab to a 90 degree position. Do not make contact with the opening. This is very important. Pull the tab upwards without excessive force and gently remove the tab.

Do you see the F&N smiley face with the eyes (two dots), nose (the pull tab fastener) and smile (the opening)?

It even has a halo on top, like an angel. I’m getting a good vibe about this.

Looks like someone up there loves me. ;)


I shall be sending in my entries on Wednesday. I’ve gotten a bunch of the contest forms and will be posting them via regular mail with two pull tabs each. I’m bracing for the postal charges since it seems that I will have to send it in one by one.


Pos Malaysia, here I come! =D

James was kind enough to email a friend of his in F&N and direct her to my post so I’m hoping they will take notice of this. Help me spread the word my fellow bloggers! Unite!


They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEdom!!!!!! ;)

Free Party, FTW!


I have decided to go all out for the F&N Free Party contest that I mentioned in a previous post. I went to Jusco just now and purchased about RM 300 worth of F&N Fun Flavors to increase my chances of winning. Look at where the left hand (of God) is pointing – the contest is advertised in Jusco too! The contest ends on the 31st of December 2008 so there’s not much time left to pull this thing off.


I shouldn’t be going to Jusco @ 1 Utama on a public holiday…there is no parking and we spent 20 minutes waiting for our turn at the cashier.

I’m not a very patient person and despite learning to be Zen-like from one of my co-workers, it still takes time to implement it. Avoid 1U during public holidays at all costs!

Anyway, the cashier at Jusco seems intent on scanning it in one by one, which resulted in a loooooong receipt (and a long wait for the unfortunate people behind me).


The whole fiasco is quite funny in hindsight – I ended up with a three-meter receipt!!! Behold! The Great Scroll of Jusco!

It seems that there are 10 free parties to be given out and there’s a complicated system to choose the winning theme for each particular region so I’m going to play the numbers and divide them equally into the themes I really want.


What I’m planning to do is to send in the contest entries and all the pull-tabs wholesale e.g. in a single HUGE envelope to the good people at F&N with my written petition and a printout of my post. I’m going to print out a hard copy of the people who have linked me too in support of my endeavor so I hope this is going to show them how dedicated, nay, committed I am to winning this contest.


However, this brings us to a serious logistical problem…how am I going to drink all those cans of F&N in such a short period of time without getting diabetes?


I’ve been cracking my brain for a way to get around this problem and I’ve finally found the solution. I’ve just started work and there are quite a lot of people in my office, a very cool bunch, all of them. Thus, I’ve decided to bring the F&N drinks to the office, and get all my co-workers to start drinking them.


I’ll post a handwritten note – FREE! Drink as much as you can BUT put the pull-tabs in this container.


I’m going to encourage them to binge on the drinks so I can collect all the pull-tabs in time for the contest. Problem solved! =D


Thanks to the people at Nuffnang and all Nuffnangers for the support in making the previous post #1 on Innit.

I will need all your support again in linking this post for more leverage on my end to appeal to the people at F&N.

One more time? ;)

The ultimate sixthseal.com party!

free party

I’ve always wanted to throw a party for the readers of sixthseal.com – in the height of it’s popularity, I actually enquired about the rates of renting a club for an invite-only event. I even had grandiose thoughts about having an open bar (as well as specific tables for different non-ethanol based products – remember, this was back in the castitas.com days ;)) all gratis for my loyal readers.

I never actually realized that dream of mine due to financial reasons. I was already pumping a lot of cash into the sixthseal.com universe and renting a place for a night would be way too expensive for me. It still didn’t deter me from putting that thought on the backburner though – with high-powered spotlights spearing the night skies, huge banners with the blog URL on it, me at the front personally greeting everyone that comes.

I’ll even throw in one of those wind powered dancing stick figures. ;)

free party papers

Anyway, while updating myself on the latest happenings in Mumbai, I chanced upon this contest for a free party (!!!). It’s everything I could dream of…and more! This contest gives you the option to choose between a beach party and a hip-hop party (among others, but those two are the ones I’m going to choose), fully sponsored. Gratis. Free. Percuma.

The party is worth RM 15,000 and the only downside is that only 25 people can attend the event.

Still, it sounds like a great deal and I’ve sent in 6 entries together with the pull-tabs to increase my chances of winning. I have historically been very poor on winning contests – Lady Luck seldom favors me with her smile, but I’m hoping you all can help me out by doing this another way.


I’ve been hearing about invites to dinners and sponsored posts and all that (okay, I’ve been doing more than hearing, but that’s not the point) and I was hoping that the good people at F&N will take notice of my blog and my post and perhaps sponsor another event just for sixthseal.com.

I mean, it’s good publicity for them as well, since a blogger winning the contest (or being given the contest prize) will generate a domino effect of sorts. I’m going to invite bloggers to the party, which will in turn produce likely coverage of the sixthseal.com party. 25 bloggers writing about the party (26 including myself) is pretty good publicity.

Anyway, if you link this post, and the people at F&N notices it and squeezes some cash from their slush fund to throw me a party – I’ll be sure to get you invited to the event.

I’m even going to write in and petition them.

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, and I hope it happens. If it does, you’ll be the first to know (and get invited).

P/S – If anyone from F&N is reading this, I am kidding about the slush fund. I’m sure you don’t have one. ;)

P/P/S – Can the good people at Nuffnang and other Nuffnangers help me out on this?

Snail mail from Nicole Tan

nicole mail

I just came back from a really enlightening conversation about life and relationships in general to a dark house and picked up two pieces of mail – one was for my car insurance premium for RM 1,704.60 (=_=!!!) which I have to pay before next month and the other was a padded largish envelope.

star metro

The writing at the back says “Sorry it took so long, but here you are”. It’s the autographed copy of The Star from two months back with a feature of me by Nicole on sixthseal.com.

star leaf

I have read the article in the online version of The Star and was surprised at the more positive key in the actual paper.


The front page Saturday Metro text has Drug blogger turns over a new leaf” which is a much better angle than the “Former drug blogger comes clean about his past” headline that the online version features.

star metro kissed

I asked Nicole for an autographed copy of the paper and she finally got around to sending it to me. ;) The article is an interview about sixthseal.com and my experience as a drug blogger in the past and how I’ve turned my life around.

nicole auto

Nicole wrote “To Huai Bin, Hope you continue to thrive in life, be happy in whatever you do” on the top of the article…


…and autographed the bottom with “You’ve been Nicolekiss-ed!!” :)

Thanks for sending me the papers Nicole, much appreciated! I like the article in the off-line version, it’s much more positive.

Harian Metro

Well, at least it can’t get any worse than this. ;)

Former drug blogger comes clean about his past


I was featured in Nicole Tan’s column of The Star today. I logged on this morning and saw the rather…dramatic, shall we say, title and and the first thought that came to my mind was not a thought per se, but rather an abbreviation – OMFG.

Word has also been going around that I’ve been dating around the office (which is totally untrue – I go out with coworkers for lunch, but I don’t have any relationships in the office). If I were any younger, my immediate reaction would be anger and disappointment rolled all into one huge boulder…

…but having mellowed out a bit, I have learnt to accept that gossip will go around, and like Chinese whispers, everything gets twisted into something nowhere even near the resemblance of truth.

[Edit: Hmm…I realize this may have been a bit of a low blow on my part. I apologize. My bad.]

Nicole, don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault. I agreed to do the interview and all credit AND blame should rest with me for the consequences that come after that.

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage, to change the things I can
and Wisdom, to know the difference.