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I just came back from a road trip to Bukit Tinggi (also called Berjaya Hills) with Christy, Hollie, Nic and Patricia. We headed up Monday morning and spent the night at the French medieval themed resort.

colmar tropicale

It seems that Colmar Tropicale has been around for quite a while and the last time I came here was during my birthday.


This time around it was supposed to be a very chill and relaxing trip and I think we spent the most time fishing for ducks (and eating). Heh.


Christy booked one of the regular rooms and I was bunking with her while the other 3 squeezed into another room.

hb christy

Some of them went to sleep as soon as we got there but me and Christy started watching TV and talking instead.

ryo zantei

Lunch at Ryo Zantei @ Japanese Gardens. Most of us had the Ten Zaru Soba (RM 29) coz the weather was rather hot. It’s cold soba with tempura and soy dressing topped with…

raw quail egg

…a raw quail egg.

ten zaru soba


japanese garden

Walking around the Japanese Gardens. A lot of people come up here to rent kimonos and have the Japanese tea ceremony that it’s become a bit of a cliché.

la boulangerie

Tea time pastries at La Boulangerie.


There was this duck pond full of yellow ducks with hooks which you “fish” with a pole. We spent the better part of an hour and about RM 50 trying to get a duck with a winning number on it.

stuffed toy

The fruits of our labor. One tiny stuffed toy.


It was a lot of fun though and it’s surprisingly hypnotizing to watch the fake ducks swirl around the plastic inflatable pond.

la flamme

Dinner at La Flamme.

le vin

Drinks at Le Vin. Notice all the French names? We ordered a bottle of wine to share before finally retiring to the room.

christy colmar

I think me and Christy was the last ones to sleep – we spent the night in bed talking about all sorts of stuff…like long distance relationships back in your grandparent’s days where they had no technology. Heh.

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24 Responses to “Chilling with Christy at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi”

  1. The girl in pink looks like your sis and the guy looks a bit like you. Your cozzies? Never been to this place – hope to make a trip one day…

    • Heh! No, we’re not related at all. :)

      I only have one cousin over here, the rest are all around.

      Colmar Tropicale has been around for quite a while from what I hear.

      It’s a nice place to chill and relax, nothing much going on up there otherwise. :)

  2. spent the night in bed ”talking” ey? lol..how have you been dude? How much was the room?

    • Haha! Seriously, we were just talking.

      Yup, I’m good bro! How are you doing?

      The room was RM 190 nett, Christy paid for it coz I haven’t replace my credit card.

      I have to transfer the funds to her online coz I also don’t have my ATM.

      Damn still have a lot of stuff undone from the lost wallet. :x

  3. looks like another enjoyable trip, and lucky you, as always hehe

  4. So jealous. You’re always going on trips and this one looks like fun. Sadly I haven’t been there even when it’s so near.

  5. damn envy you…always got girl luck…this one sweet and innocent… :P

  6. Its a beautiful place to visit, I had a good time during my last holiday here.

    • Yeah it’s a nice place eh?

      I spent my birthday earlier this year here too. :)

      It just need more maintainence though coz it’s starting to become run down. :x

  7. yerr damn nice lar HB. nvr ajak also.

  8. nice place to spend a day, but the have seems run down compare to 2 years before when I visited there (= been there again last few weeks~

    • Yup, they need to maintain the place…we saw some work being done but a lot of the rooms are still quite run down.

      Ours had yellowish running water and the sink was blocked. :x

      It’s a nice place though, would be a shame if they don’t do maintanence work.

  9. been there once.. and that’s enough..
    nothing much to do also.. lol

    • Heh! Well, it’s like Sekeping Serendah, a place to chill.

      There’s not much to do but horse riding, Japanese gardens, archery, paintball (needs 10 people though) and stuff like that. :)

  10. Glad you had a good time. :)

    • Thanks Michelle! :)

      Yeah, it was fun and it was good to reset my biological clock to the same as the rest of the world. ;)

      I’ve been staying up nights and waking up afternoons, this should sort things out.

  11. seem vy nice…will try it someday ;)

    are you going back kuching for rainforest festival?

  12. This is a great place to chill with friends. I’ve been there once and took lots of photographs. Did you visit the horse ranch at the bottom of the hill?

    • Yeah it’s awesome bro! :)

      It’s like a highlands hill resort although it’s not as cold.

      It’s the ambience more than anything coz Fraser’s Hill is much better if you want colder weather without being too commercialized.

      Nope, we didn’t get to go to the horse ranch. How was it bro? :)

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