Don’t Drift and Drive

drift drive

I met with a rather untimely accident on Friday night while driving back from Suanie’s house. We were at Mist on Friday night and got home at around 4 am Saturday morning. If you recall, it was raining Friday night and the roads were wet.

There is a stretch of road from Suanie’s place that I always have the urge to drift. Yes, it is possible to drift on automatic transmission; you just pull the emergency brake. I’ve always made it a point to drift at this particular stretch of road coz the curve is beautiful. I usually keep my speed at a safe 60 kmph while doing that though.

Always one to tempt fate, I was driving home on a wet road when I hit that stretch. Instinct kicked in and I pulled the emergency brake. Alas, I did not realize that I was driving in excess of 140 kmph at that time and the road conditions were not favorable to stupid stunts like this.

drift right

I felt the car drift and spin out of control. I went a full 360 degrees before my rear hit the sidewalk, went up and landed in a ditch. I didn’t actually feel much inside the car so I thought I just hit the sidewalk and thanked Aries (inside joke) that nothing untoward happened to me.

drift left

I tried to drive out but it seems that my rear wheels were not gripping anything at all so I went down to investigate this peculiarity.

It turns out the entire rear of my car was in the longkang. Sheesh!

I shall draw the sequence of events as it happened:


Well, there’s nothing left to do so I called Suan and asked if she knew a tow truck. She said she’ll find out but before that a roving car assistance squad (WTF?) came to my rescue. I didn’t even know such things existed.

drift attach

Apparently, some enterprising soul thought it would be good for business to send out roving squads of cars in search of traffic accidents. They provide all sorts of assistance with a hard sell to get you to send the car to their workshop. I declined and asked for a tow truck instead to get me out of the damn ditch.

drift pull out

The tow truck couldn’t attach the cable to the back of my car since doing so would cause unimaginable damage to the car while pulling it out. Thus, he came out with this ingenious idea of attaching the cable to my front right tire rim (!).

It worked. Check out the video.

Damage: RM 160

drift no damage

I’m officially broke this month. I mean, seriously. My car is surprisingly sans visible damage but I haven’t crawled under to see what can of whoop ass I’ve opened up to the suspension and other stuff underneath the car. :(

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77 thoughts on “Don’t Drift and Drive”

  1. Seriously HB, Ive been reading your posts since the veritas days and frankly, I think you need to grow up a little. Its ok when you’re like 20 and naive, but mannn, all this adrenaline, gambling, alcohol induced stunts when you’re almost 30 isnt gonna get you anywhere. I think you’re intelligent and all that, so please dont let it go down the drain. No offence meant.

  2. Dude, u r a fuckwit to try that stunt on a wet road and drunk to boot (on any public road for that matter)!!! Lucky u didn’t kill anyone, it’s a suburban road… U gotta think of others, mate….

  3. Just go get a check when its time to service your car. it should be alright. Im just worried about the front rim where they pulled. that’s very dangerous. besides that, it might just be scratched under carriage.

  4. A little more countersteer and you would have had it…lol
    You can actually drift an automatic if the car has a lot of power, just pull the lever down into 2nd.
    They dont sell that model Toyota here in the US but I’m assuming its a front wheel drive because it looks kind of like a Corolla.
    I highly doubt theres any damage to your rear suspension, although your car could probably benefit from a front end alignment after using the rim as an attachment point for the tow cable.

  5. Chong: It’s ingenious! Excellant marketing tactics…be where the people need you most. :)
    pm: It’s my cell phone – all photos and videos in this post was taken with a cell phone. Dude, are you the police? ;)
    chefmel: Oi, don’t encourage me. The thought has crossed my mind. :p
    noname: None taken. Thank you for your advice. I shall keep that in mind. Seriously. Cheers mate and thanks for reading! :)
    Fumoffu: Thanks buddy! :)
    DYMM Tuanku: Gotcha buddy. I shall be more careful in the future. :)
    Barnz: I haven’t played games in ages…
    debra fong: Someone asked me if I broke a mirror coz I’ve been having a string of bad luck recently. I just hope it’s not 7 years. :S
    Kelvin: Yeah, I’m going to send it to the workshop next month. :)
    I’m too broke this month.
    Wes: It’s a Vios. Entry level compact sedan. I think there’s an equivalent in the US but it’s marketed under a different name.
    Thanks for the advice, I shall get it checked when I send it to the workshop next month. :)
    xnck: O rly?

  6. Dude…
    Not to burst your buble, front wheel drive cars can’t drift, they slide… becareful on the road, u might endanger other users.. Drive sensibly… go to a track if you like driving and testing stuff…is safer this way…or better still..just go karting…

  7. aLaN: Yeah, it’s FWD. I’m sad to report that everything I learnt about drifting I learnt on the net. ;)
    It is possible to drift wth FWD, it’s just harder to do than RWD. You can’t do a circle with FWD, but drifting (controversial – oversteering would be a more technically correct term) can be achieved with a FWD.
    Yeah, I would be safe next time. Someone up there loves me and I should be thankful for that. :)

  8. lol no im not a cop i dont even live in Malaysia, but you did promise to give a tour of yer apartment, if you want to use just photos cause u dont have ur cam or whatever thats ok too

  9. I dont understand the concept of ”
    drift”, HB. Do you “slide”? like when control wheels ( front back or rear wheel drive ) hit a wet patch, or leaves, or ice, and there is nothing you can do but wish you had stayed home that evening? Sometimes bad things happen to good people. You Did good, HB, in a bad situation. I am fifty, and sometimes, stuff just happens.

  10. pm: The usual one. :)
    tom Robison: Yeah, it’s technically oversteering or “sliding”. You have to countersteer to maintain the arc according to the road and the rear wheels will automatically lock straight once it reaches a certain point and you just drive out of the oversteer in a straight line. :)
    Thanks mate, yeah I was pretty lucky.

  11. Bloody hello mate. Dare I say it, typical Malaysian behind the wheel type of behaviour (sorry if I offend).
    Take a risk and hell with the consequences.
    Thank God your OK and there were no pedestrians caught up in the action.

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