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I just came back from the Golden Arches in Dresden with where I had a beer for 1.99 Euros (about RM 8). I just wanted to go for the heck of it, Germany is the only place where you can grab a beer at McDonald’s. Heh.

mcdonalds germany

There’s also a bubble tea craze going on right now in Dresden. They’re selling it at McCafe for 2.69 Euros. Nigel had it and he commented that the bubbles isn’t the sago pearls usually found in bubble tea in Asia.

mcdonalds dresden

I tried it and sure enough, the “bubble tea” has been localized to an extent where there is no milk and and the pearls are made of something which pops in your mouth – it’s a sphere filled with liquid instead of being semi-solid.


The popular McRib (where aficionados in the US have been known to drive hundreds of miles for) was alright but I was too full from dinner to fully enjoy it. It’s a flavorful pork sandwich slathered with BBQ sauce.


However, that’s not the point. The point is drinking beer at a McDonald’s. Heh. It comes in a 330 ml plastic cup and conforms to the German beer brewing purity law but to be honest it was nothing special.

mcdonalds beer germany

…but hey, I drank beer sold at a McDonald’s outlet! :D

Posted: 12:06 am Dresden time (GMT +2)

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26 Responses to “Only in Germany – beer and bubble tea at McDonald’s!”

  1. ,,,and we do not have McRib here either. Cold, is it? First time seeing you all wrapped up… LOL!!! Cheers, buddy!

    • Yeah, the McRib was a bit of a surprise, haven’t seen that around, always thought it was a US menu item. :)

      Heh! It’s the wind chill factor, it’s not very cold in Dresden – 12 degrees Celsius now, but the wind can be a bit intense. :D

  2. Bubble tea in Germany McD? Wow. this is something new! Maybe they should make beer bubbles or alcohol bubbles to give that kick!

    • Yeah, it’s a huge fad in Dresden right now. :)

      It’s not real bubble tea as we know it though…it’s made with some bursting fruit bubbles instead of the chewy pearls we use.

      Hey, that sounds like a great idea! I’ll drink that! :D

  3. Strange choices – beer and bubble tea. Hehe

    • Heh! I didn’t have them both together. :)

      I had the beer, my friend Nigel had the bubble tea. I just tried the bubble tea coz he commented about the pearls. :D

  4. Hey HB. They do serve beer in McD Paris Champs Elysées as well.

    • Nice! Thanks for the info mate! :)

      Yeah, I realized I got it wrong, Germany is the first McDonald’s to sell beer. :D

  5. Germany is not the only country with beer in McD, not exactly sure where you got that from.

    • Yeah, I just realized after Wiki-ing that Germany is the first McDonald’s to offer beer and a few other European states followed suit the year after. :)

      I’ve always though it was the only one, it isn’t, it’s the first one.

      Thanks for that mate! :D

      • There was one in HK that serves beer too :D It closed in 2004 tho :(

        • Nice! I didn’t know Hong Kong’s McDonald’s used to serve beer. :)

          Unfortunate that they closed it down. I wonder if they have this travesty of a bubble tea over there.

          It would be funny if they did since Hong Kong already has good authentic bubble tea. Cheers for the info mate! :D

  6. that’s some strange menu hahaha, btw nice jacket!

    • Yeah, I was quite intrigued by it. There were a lot of interesting menu items. :)

      Haha! I’ll definitely be visible at night with that jacket. :D

  7. i’ve been looking for a mc rib in my area. they took it off the menu. it’s good.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty sought after item from what I’ve read so I had it even though I was very full at that time. Gotta check out what the hype it all about. :)

      Whereabouts do you live mate? It’s available in Dresden, that one I know for sure. :D

  8. Welcome to Europe, hope you enjoy your stay, the weather is better around the Mediterranean countries.

  9. It’d be nice if the McDs here has such drinks on their menu, unfortunately it’s not possible at all. :P

  10. nice…and i guess for me to be able to do it in Malaysia, I will have to smuggle my own beer in:D

    • Heh! Yeah, that’s the only way to go in Malaysia. :D

      I like how your can just order beer but a little sad no one asked me for ID.

      Oh well, I guess those days are long over. ;)

  11. HB, thanks for sharing to bloggers all over what it like in Germany Mcdonalds. I like to collect people travels to McDonalds all over the world. It so interesting. I heard in Thailand McDonald food cost more due it imported. Did you use the airline lounge in the airport? I think they have free food and drinks for business class and first class tickets holders.

    • I try to make it a point to visit McDonald’s in different countries to know what they have on their menu.

      I eat the different stuff. :D

      Yup, used the airline lounge, free food, drinks, alcohol. I like the Business Class Thai Royal Silk Lounge in Bangkok.

      We can use it coz it’s code sharing with Lufthansa Airlines. :)

  12. How good if we can find all these here in M’sia ? :(

  13. how did you get rid of that error?#1010!

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