Only in Germany – beer and bubble tea at McDonald’s!

beer mcdonalds

I just came back from the Golden Arches in Dresden with where I had a beer for 1.99 Euros (about RM 8). I just wanted to go for the heck of it, Germany is the only place where you can grab a beer at McDonald’s. Heh.

mcdonalds germany

There’s also a bubble tea craze going on right now in Dresden. They’re selling it at McCafe for 2.69 Euros. Nigel had it and he commented that the bubbles isn’t the sago pearls usually found in bubble tea in Asia.

mcdonalds dresden

I tried it and sure enough, the β€œbubble tea” has been localized to an extent where there is no milk and and the pearls are made of something which pops in your mouth – it’s a sphere filled with liquid instead of being semi-solid.


The popular McRib (where aficionados in the US have been known to drive hundreds of miles for) was alright but I was too full from dinner to fully enjoy it. It’s a flavorful pork sandwich slathered with BBQ sauce.


However, that’s not the point. The point is drinking beer at a McDonald’s. Heh. It comes in a 330 ml plastic cup and conforms to the German beer brewing purity law but to be honest it was nothing special.

mcdonalds beer germany

…but hey, I drank beer sold at a McDonald’s outlet! πŸ˜€

Posted: 12:06 am Dresden time (GMT +2)

Kokoberry in Delta Mall


Kokoberry is a franchise specializing in bubble tea and other drinks. It’s a franchise that I saw in Miri and it’s now available in Sibu, operated by none other than fellow blogger Mary Ting in Delta Mall.

kokoberry menu

Kokoberry has a very impressive menu of drinks ranging from bubble tea to coffee. It focuses on milk based drinks and also has a range of crepes which were unfortunately out of stock this morning.

kokoberry counter

Mary (better known as goolooloo in the blogsphere) recommended the drinks from the Top 9 menu, which is the nine most popular drinks by Kokoberry. She was kind enough to allow me to tour behind the counter to take photos of Kokoberry.

blueberry yogurt shake

This is the Blueberry Yogurt Shake (RM 4.20 / RM 3.80). It’s one of the premium drinks from the Top 9 menu that contains real fruit pieces. It tastes great and I bet it’ll do wonders for your bowel movements too. πŸ˜‰

ice blended cappuccino

This is the Ice Blended Cappuccino (RM 4.30 / RM 3.90) which would make a great start to your day. I made an appointment with Mary at 10:30 am but I…er, kinda woke up late and only got there at 11:15 pm. The coffee gave my hungover neurons a kick start. πŸ™‚

ice cream rainbow

This is the Ice Cream Rainbow (RM 2.90 / RM 2.60) which is made with strawberry ice cream. Mary warned me that this is a very sweet drink and I have to agree, despite having a bit of a sweet tooth. Sugar rush! It contains bits of jelly and the squiggly green things in chendol, which adds to the texture of the drink.

kokoberry duo

I also found out that drinking from two different drinks at the same time does wonders to the texture and taste, much like the famous Ratatouille scene. πŸ˜‰ Shotgun bubble tea!

kokoberry me mary

This is Mary, who is the owner of Kokoberry. Kokoberry has a loyalty program that charges lower prices for members (hence the two prices listed above). She was kind enough to provide us the drinks for free. Thanks Mary!

Support your local blogger business initiatives! πŸ™‚

Kokoberry is located at Delta Mall, Sibu.

Bubble Tea Zone

bubble tea zone

Bubble Tea Zone is the newly opened outlet in Wisma Sanyan, Sibu. I
was intrigued by their unusual menu and popped in to check the place

btz stairs

The interior is novel in the sense that it has a small staircase by the side that leads to…

btz upper nook

…a little nook upstairs for more privacy.

btz view

The little level up top also has a great view of the main road down the tallest building in Sibu.

btz staff friendly

The proprietor and staff is a friendly bunch of people. It’s all female owned and operated from what I gather.


The place serves snacks in addition to their wide variety of bubble
tea. They have a great range of Taiwan sausages for RM 2.30 each.

btz snow bubble

I had the Blueberry Snow Bubble, which is bubble tea with sago pearls, ice blended with ice cream.

btz mixed slush

This is the Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Slush. It’s a refreshing blend of
ice cream and fruits and I loved the way the soft serve ice cream is
blended with ice, which sounds like it would taste bad, but instead
synergizes to form a wonderful texture.

btz taiwan sausages

I also ordered two different versions of Taiwan sausages – the Steak Sausage and the Lemon Sausage.

btz taiwan close

It tasted divine – hot from the grill, with a unique flavor. Highly recommended.

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