Sibu bloggers meet @ Kokoberry


This is the Sibu bloggers meet “Reloaded” on Sunday morning. It was decided last night that we were going to head over to Kokoberry the next morning to support Mary’s enterprise (since the drinks would be free and all that ;)).
L-R: Mary, Arthur, Huai Bin (me), Clare, and Clement. bengbeng was also there but he likes to keep his anonymity so he was the one that took the photo for us. Contrary to popular belief, the kid is not mine. πŸ˜‰
Disclaimer: The hand on Clare’s shoulder is obviously not mine since it’s holding a crepe and it’s too small to be mine anyway. It’s not Clement’s either. It can’t be Arthur’s unless he’s Mr. Fantastic so that leaves BengHui (who’s only 9, and thus, innocent enough to be harmless). πŸ˜‰
Update: Original photo uploaded with permission since the cat is out of the bag. πŸ™‚

double chocolate

I had the Double Chocolate (RM 3.20 / RM 3.50) which tasted absolutely fabulous. There’s a double dose of chocolate in this drink from the chocolate ice cream and the chocolate sprinkles in addition to the chocolate concoction. This is another one of the Top 9 selection from the Kokoberry menu.

clare dslr

When Clare takes out her equipment, everyone else’s family jewels looks small in comparison. πŸ˜‰

stp mary

This is the presentation ceremony to the established food critic – STP (suituapui). If he says it’s good, it’s good.

cheese crepe

Mary was kind enough to do a special non-menu item for us – this is the Cheese Crepe. It tastes really good. I like savory fillings more than sweet fillings. I’m not sure if she’ll do it for customers, but perhaps if you ask nicely? It’s amazing, this cheese crepe. It got the thumbs up from all of us.

cheese crepe macro

This is a closer look at the cheese crepe. It’s filled with grated cheese and that goes really well with the crepe.

clare mary

The two leng lui bloggers of Sibu sends their regards. πŸ™‚

Kokoberry Crepes

kokoberry crepes

Mary texted me the previous night to inform me that the Kokoberry Crepes are now available. I told her I’ll be there right after work the next day so I arrived at about 6 pm at Kokoberry, Delta Mall yesterday evening to check out the crepes. I ordered a Hazelnut Chocolate Crepe (RM 2.80) and a Peanut Butter Crepe (RM 2.80).

kokoberry crepes me

I was initially unrecognized due to my office attire – it seems that I look different wearing work clothes than I do in casual wear. I’ve been told this much by a lot of people. I think it’s a combination of the way I style my hair during work (very conservative) and the long sleeved shirts that I wear (hides my tattoos).

Blue Sky (RM 3.20 / RM 2.80)

kokoberry blue sky

Blue Sky is another one of the Top 9 concoctions of Kokoberry. It’s a bit like a float – it contains Sprite (or 7-Up) topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I honestly don’t know where the blue color comes from. It’s a refreshing drink though, due to the Sprite/7-Up base – perfect for a non-alcoholic thirst quencher after work.

The Making of a Kokoberry Crepe

kokoberry crepe 1

The batter is prepared (it takes about 15 minutes) and poured on a flat heating element.

kokoberry crepe 2

Peanut butter is then slathered evenly on the cooking crepe.

kokoberry crepe 3

Hazelnut chocolate crepes goes through the same process (but with hazelnut filling, of course).

kokoberry crepe 4

This is a close up of the cooking crepe. Kokoberry’s crepes are thin and crispy, with a chewy end – it tastes surprisingly good.

kokoberry crepe 5

The finished crepe is then lifted from the heating element and folded up. I got her to pose for a photograph so many times that I think her cheeks are sore from having to maintain a constant smile. πŸ˜‰

kokoberry mary crepe

This is what the finished Kokoberry Crepe looks like. The model is none other than Mary, the owner of the outlet.

kokoberry crepe fan

Hmm…it doubles as a fan too! Cool.
(Pun intended)

kokoberry crepe us

The crepes and drinks were on the house again, thanks to Mary. You shouldn’t keep doing this Mary, paiseh lah, next time I insist on paying or else I won’t go. :p

Kokoberry in Delta Mall


Kokoberry is a franchise specializing in bubble tea and other drinks. It’s a franchise that I saw in Miri and it’s now available in Sibu, operated by none other than fellow blogger Mary Ting in Delta Mall.

kokoberry menu

Kokoberry has a very impressive menu of drinks ranging from bubble tea to coffee. It focuses on milk based drinks and also has a range of crepes which were unfortunately out of stock this morning.

kokoberry counter

Mary (better known as goolooloo in the blogsphere) recommended the drinks from the Top 9 menu, which is the nine most popular drinks by Kokoberry. She was kind enough to allow me to tour behind the counter to take photos of Kokoberry.

blueberry yogurt shake

This is the Blueberry Yogurt Shake (RM 4.20 / RM 3.80). It’s one of the premium drinks from the Top 9 menu that contains real fruit pieces. It tastes great and I bet it’ll do wonders for your bowel movements too. πŸ˜‰

ice blended cappuccino

This is the Ice Blended Cappuccino (RM 4.30 / RM 3.90) which would make a great start to your day. I made an appointment with Mary at 10:30 am but I…er, kinda woke up late and only got there at 11:15 pm. The coffee gave my hungover neurons a kick start. πŸ™‚

ice cream rainbow

This is the Ice Cream Rainbow (RM 2.90 / RM 2.60) which is made with strawberry ice cream. Mary warned me that this is a very sweet drink and I have to agree, despite having a bit of a sweet tooth. Sugar rush! It contains bits of jelly and the squiggly green things in chendol, which adds to the texture of the drink.

kokoberry duo

I also found out that drinking from two different drinks at the same time does wonders to the texture and taste, much like the famous Ratatouille scene. πŸ˜‰ Shotgun bubble tea!

kokoberry me mary

This is Mary, who is the owner of Kokoberry. Kokoberry has a loyalty program that charges lower prices for members (hence the two prices listed above). She was kind enough to provide us the drinks for free. Thanks Mary!

Support your local blogger business initiatives! πŸ™‚

Kokoberry is located at Delta Mall, Sibu.

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