The Sibu bloggers welcomes bongkerz

ruby bongkersz

STP called me up this morning, awaking me from my slumber, to inform me that bongkersz a.k.a. Bong Chan Siong from KL has arrived. I called Mary up and told her to meet us at Ruby Restaurant to give bongkersz a dose of Sibu hospitality.

ruby butter prawns

bongkersz has been craving for the butter cheese prawns from Ruby Restaurant and STP brought him there to indulge in The Good Stuff (TM). I arrived fashionably early due to my driving skillz (of which my repertoire includes running red lights and driving in excess of the speed limit) and Mary arrived fashionably late due to her being the tau keh nio that she is. πŸ˜‰

stp coffee

This is STP’s famous ice blended coffee which I didn’t partake in, preferring to go for Heineken instead. Catch on Wednesday, there’s a surprise in store for football (soccer) fans. πŸ™‚

us bongkersz

L-R: STP, bongkersz, Huai Bin (me), goolooloo

ruby xx

Mary is probably going to do an XY Chromosome post on bongkersz and we’re having this friendly competition going on, so I dragged the nearest XX Chromosome (which happened to be the waitress) for a photo shoot. πŸ˜‰

ruby xx me

I have been told that my XX Chromosome entries are biased to a certain extent towards people of a similar ethnicity and I’ve addressed that issue in the annals of – it’s not about racial relations but a more pragmatic reason – there are just more Chinese in Sibu than other races.

I have put this up once and for all to debunk the myth that the XX Chromosome category favors aesthetic looking people from a certain race. It doesn’t. XX Chromosome in is pro affirmative action. =D

Sibu bloggers meet @ Kokoberry


This is the Sibu bloggers meet “Reloaded” on Sunday morning. It was decided last night that we were going to head over to Kokoberry the next morning to support Mary’s enterprise (since the drinks would be free and all that ;)).
L-R: Mary, Arthur, Huai Bin (me), Clare, and Clement. bengbeng was also there but he likes to keep his anonymity so he was the one that took the photo for us. Contrary to popular belief, the kid is not mine. πŸ˜‰
Disclaimer: The hand on Clare’s shoulder is obviously not mine since it’s holding a crepe and it’s too small to be mine anyway. It’s not Clement’s either. It can’t be Arthur’s unless he’s Mr. Fantastic so that leaves BengHui (who’s only 9, and thus, innocent enough to be harmless). πŸ˜‰
Update: Original photo uploaded with permission since the cat is out of the bag. πŸ™‚

double chocolate

I had the Double Chocolate (RM 3.20 / RM 3.50) which tasted absolutely fabulous. There’s a double dose of chocolate in this drink from the chocolate ice cream and the chocolate sprinkles in addition to the chocolate concoction. This is another one of the Top 9 selection from the Kokoberry menu.

clare dslr

When Clare takes out her equipment, everyone else’s family jewels looks small in comparison. πŸ˜‰

stp mary

This is the presentation ceremony to the established food critic – STP (suituapui). If he says it’s good, it’s good.

cheese crepe

Mary was kind enough to do a special non-menu item for us – this is the Cheese Crepe. It tastes really good. I like savory fillings more than sweet fillings. I’m not sure if she’ll do it for customers, but perhaps if you ask nicely? It’s amazing, this cheese crepe. It got the thumbs up from all of us.

cheese crepe macro

This is a closer look at the cheese crepe. It’s filled with grated cheese and that goes really well with the crepe.

clare mary

The two leng lui bloggers of Sibu sends their regards. πŸ™‚

KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy


The SBU (sounds like a firm, but the acronym stands for Sibu Bloggers United) adjourned to the KFC in Delta Mall for lunch after the meetup at Kokoberry Sunday morning. Delta Mall has been our recent stomping grounds due to Mary establishing her business operations there.

kfc chicken chop

The KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy is KFC’s latest promotion. I remember a similar item a couple of years back but my archives are kinda messed up (gonna fix that soon) so I can’t search for the exact entry. The current promotion comes with a chicken chop, coleslaw, crinkle fries, a bun and a Pepsi.

kfc chicken chop gravy

This is the KFC Chicken Chop with the famous deceased (or fictional?) Colonel Sander’s special blend of gravy. It has peas, carrots and corn in a rich, savory sauce on top of the cut of chicken of your choice. I went with a drum, coz the local chicken chop usually means a drumstick over here.

kfc chicken chop macro

The chicken is tender (it’s Original Recipe, not Hot & Spicy) and goes well with the gravy. The coleslaw serves as a contrast to the salty chicken and the bun works well in soaking up excess gravy. True to my notorious clumsiness, splash damage was done on my white shirt while handing my drink. I remember doing the very same thing not 15 minutes ago to Clare’s d-SLR bag. Sorry! πŸ™‚

kfc stare

There was a bit of a staring match beside me – Clare vs BengHui. Clare can be quite the fierce, I’m glad I didn’t spill my drink on her d-SLR, but on the bag instead. I think she would have killed me if I did that. The staring match degenerated into something which I’m unable to put on the blog (unless the bidding goes high enough). πŸ˜‰

kfc group

I thought the KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy tasted alright, but it didn’t go well with Clare and Mary, despite my best attempts to get them to try it. Come on girls, here comes the aeroplane! :p

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