KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy


The SBU (sounds like a firm, but the acronym stands for Sibu Bloggers United) adjourned to the KFC in Delta Mall for lunch after the meetup at Kokoberry Sunday morning. Delta Mall has been our recent stomping grounds due to Mary establishing her business operations there.

kfc chicken chop

The KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy is KFC’s latest promotion. I remember a similar item a couple of years back but my archives are kinda messed up (gonna fix that soon) so I can’t search for the exact entry. The current promotion comes with a chicken chop, coleslaw, crinkle fries, a bun and a Pepsi.

kfc chicken chop gravy

This is the KFC Chicken Chop with the famous deceased (or fictional?) Colonel Sander’s special blend of gravy. It has peas, carrots and corn in a rich, savory sauce on top of the cut of chicken of your choice. I went with a drum, coz the local chicken chop usually means a drumstick over here.

kfc chicken chop macro

The chicken is tender (it’s Original Recipe, not Hot & Spicy) and goes well with the gravy. The coleslaw serves as a contrast to the salty chicken and the bun works well in soaking up excess gravy. True to my notorious clumsiness, splash damage was done on my white shirt while handing my drink. I remember doing the very same thing not 15 minutes ago to Clare’s d-SLR bag. Sorry! πŸ™‚

kfc stare

There was a bit of a staring match beside me – Clare vs BengHui. Clare can be quite the fierce, I’m glad I didn’t spill my drink on her d-SLR, but on the bag instead. I think she would have killed me if I did that. The staring match degenerated into something which I’m unable to put on the blog (unless the bidding goes high enough). πŸ˜‰

kfc group

I thought the KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy tasted alright, but it didn’t go well with Clare and Mary, despite my best attempts to get them to try it. Come on girls, here comes the aeroplane! :p

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23 thoughts on “KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy”

  1. Good morning HB,
    So hw’s the father’s ay celebration….? Always been to KFC too since its near my house…But i always love the nuggets… Nice to see you guys enjoying all the meeting (wish i could)…. maybe someday would really join you guys ya…
    Take care…
    p/s: its good for u too mix more with them u knw… hi hi hi looks healthy… huak huak huak

  2. Where were your fries? That does look good…. I am so sick of the chicken here and the BBQ sauce they slather on almost anything… UGH, please save my taste buds!

  3. There! That’s bengbeng in last pic!! Hahahaha! Clare and benghui conflicting star signs! Owes clash, those 2! LOL! Ok, bengbeng! Must treat us within 14 days or clare will release ur photo 4 public viewing! Hahahahaha!

  4. I wish i could attend the cbu blogger meet up with you guys, but i couldn’t – psychically not in sibu. But FEAR NOT…I WILL DEFINITELY HAVE A MEET UP WHEN I”M IN SIBU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. liquidblackou: Heh! Well, the KFC over here STILL uses metal forks and spoons. Not the disposable plastic ones.
    JW: I’m not a big fan of KFC. I prefer McDonald’s. πŸ™‚
    bubble7866: My dad had to go to a meeting with my mom so we didn’t celebrate. I went to Bintangor with some bloggers. You should join us next time. Email us, we’re going to have regular Sibu blogger meets.
    Skwermy: Hmm…that’s a very good question. I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. I love BBQ sauce, probably coz we don’t get it much over here. But then again, I used to slather everything with A1 BBQ sauce in Australia and I still loved it back then.
    babycicak: bengbeng doesn’t want to be in group photos. πŸ˜‰
    He wants to remain anonymous.
    suituapui: Haha! Right you are. The back shot is bengbeng. He has standing orders not to take photos of his face so that’s about as good as it gets. Clare, what say you?
    Myst3: Do email me when you come back to Sibu and we can all meet up. This should be a regular thing. Kinda like NA (Narcotics Anonymous) but for bloggers. BA?
    Darren: It’s about the same as the previous chicken chop so if you didn’t like that, you’re not gonna like this…

  6. suituapui: Alamak! I didn’t notice that. Don’t blame me ah, bengbeng. It’s too small anyway. πŸ˜‰
    You really do have an eye for detail, my friend.
    bengbeng: Hey, now can put Beng Hui without blurring out the details izzit? Since when? How come I wasn’t informed? :p
    Anyway, you up for another meet this weekend?
    alexallied: Alex, when are you coming back?

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