The new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap!

KFC Masak Merah

I really love Mission style burritos – a large flour tortilla wrap with rice and a protein inside. I usually can’t finish it in one sitting so it’s good to have as a “backup” meal later in the day too. KFC has been selling wraps for a long time and it’s becoming more and more popular since it’s a wholesome and satisfying meal.

KFC Wrap

I tried the new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap the other day – it’s packaged in a convenient casing, you can just tear off the middle part and have a place for your hand to hold the Masak Merah Rice Wrap. I love it! This makes it easy to eat for busy people, you can even eat it and use your other hand use the mouse to read an article during lunch or work.

The new Masak Merah Rice Wrap is filled with Zinger strips, Colonel Rice, Vegetables (cucumber, onions and tomatoes) all packed into a warmly toasted tortilla wrap.

Open Wrap

The KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap is quite spicy, and that’s a really good thing. I like the pedas factor of the masak merah sauce – it really whets my appetite. The flavor is really there, this wrap makes me think of ayam masak merah. I think it’s awesome for people who are craving for some local food – it’s a taste that reminds me of home and the wonderful Malaysian food scene.

New Masak Merah Wrap

There are a lot of nice Zinger crispy chicken fillet strips and flavored rice inside the new Masak Merah Rice Wrap – it’s basically a giant burrito for the Jumbo version! The serving size is very generous – you might think you won’t get full from this but there’s actually rice inside so it’s very filling and I’ll bet you’ll confirm kenyang!

KFC Masak Merah Wrap

My better half had the new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap for lunch and couldn’t finish it!

Handy KFC Wrap

I had it together with the Combo so I also had a drink and regular fries and it really got me so full that I nearly fell asleep in the afternoon. Food coma. Haha.

Masak Merah Wrap

Yup, the new Masak Merah Rice Wrap is available in Jumbo size which is absolute value for money. The Jumbo version features a 10.5 inch tortilla! The a la carte version goes for RM 6.90 while the Combo served with regular fries and soft drink goes for RM 8.90. It’s available at all KFC outlets for a limited time!

Eating KFC Ayam Masak Merah Wrap

Visit the KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap page for more information.

Ramen burger + short mention

ramen burger

This is a homemade ramen burger that my better half made for me during our anniversary. It’s not burger in ramen but the other way round – the bun in the burger is substituted with ramen noodles! Thus, the patty is encased in ramen noodles instead of a regular burger bun.


I hear it’s all the rage and she managed to do it on her first attempt. You need to cook the ramen noodles, add a bit of the seasoning, and mix an egg inside (once the noodles have cooled) before sealing it in Glad wrap in the fridge overnight for it to set.

ramen burger bun

The ramen burger is delicious! You have to fry the ramen burger after it’s formed and set before using it as a bun replacement. It stayed intact throughout the eating process so I’m very impressed – the “ramen bun” didn’t fall apart. I’ll love to pick her brains and do this again myself during the weekend!

Just writing about it got me hankering for burgers!

Short mention:

It’s difficult to explain. Words just doesn’t do it justice. You’ll be better off watching the video above of two grown men talking in a totally heterosexual manner (one on the porcelain throne, the other submerged in the tub) in an attempt to describe the awesomeness that is the KFC Crazy Crunch. It features Reuben Kang so expect his classic humor to shine through!

There’s a parody out on Facebook by Shaheizy Sam (not sure who this dude is) and I personally don’t think it’s funny but it has gotten a quite a few Likes so maybe different people have a different sense of humor. I apologize in advance for wasting 16 seconds of your time that you’re not going to ever get back (watch the first Germani Network video instead) but it just goes to show – is the KFC Crazy Crunch really that hard to describe?


KFC Zinger Double Down Burger

kfc zinger double down

It’s a burger…with meat patties for buns! In fact, there are no buns in this wonderfully crafted burger. The KFC Zinger Double Down Burger has two pieces of Zinger chicken patties to substitute the bun.

ALL MEAT. ALL MAN. It’s perfection!

eating double down burger

I’ve read about this bun-less burger on a US snack site a while ago and was very intrigued. I wanted to try it. My exact words were:


double down

It was unfortunately unavailable in Malaysia…until now!

kfc double down tasting session

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to eat this deliciously crafted “burger” at an exclusive tasting session for KFC Malaysia Facebook fans at KFC in Pavilion, KL on the 22nd of September. I nicked two photos from that page (the ones without the watermark). Heh.

double down malaysia

There was a cordoned off area and I can practically feel the envy of the others as the Double Down burger was served to our tables. We had this a good 4 days ahead of the public release.

double down tasting session

The tasting session started out with some fun and games – I joined the first one, it was a slow number where I had to face-off with another volunteer. I didn’t think I did so well coz the song was very slow but KFC was kind enough to award both of us with prizes.

gangnam style

Throughout the tasting session, there were fun spirited competitions like this – here’s one of Shah doing it Gangnam style. Heh.

balloon competition

Rachel was also called (actually we volunteered her haha) on stage for a balloon blowing competition. She gave me the bright yellow balloon and I passed it to a kid as I was walking back. Made his day, by the look of his face. 🙂

kfc double down burger

Anyway, back to the burger, it’s aptly tag-lined All Meat, All Man. It’s targeted towards the male demographic and I can really see the appeal of the KFC Zinger Double Down Burger. Heck, I’ve been waiting for it to come to our shores after seeing it on the website. This has gotta be the best burger bun substitute I’ve ever come across.

dd burger

Forgive my enthusiasm, I have been following the progress of this since it’s introduction in the US and I have been hoping to taste this beautiful burger. It’s targeted towards men, the amount of calories and huge portion means that the male demographic would be the primary consumer. I’m a guy, I don’t care how much calories it has, I want meat and I want it now! 🙂

double down burger

The KFC Zinger Double Down Burger has two pieces of Zinger fillet (as the “buns”) and sandwiched between it is a crispy chicken strip, sliced cheese, mayo and cheese sauce. It’s packed with chicken meat!

zinger double down

I loved it! It’s very satisfying to *bite* into a burger made with Zinger fillets – it’s delicious and I pronounce myself SATISFIED. Heh! I was full the entire day! It’ll be perfect for people with big appetites and those who don’t eat carbs. I was surprised at the pricing too – it’s only RM 8.40 a la carte and RM 10.50 if you want a regular drink to go with it. The combo set with wedges or fries and a large drink is just RM 12.50.

kfc double down malaysia

I really liked the idea of the KFC Zinger Double Down Burger. The tender, breaded Zinger fillets are juicy and biting into a pure chicken burger is an awesome experience you just have to try for yourself. It not only has novelty value, it’s sinfully delicious and filling!

kfc double down

The KFC Zinger Double Down Burger is available now! This is a limited time offer and you don’t want to miss this unique and sinfully delicious burger! Check out and for more details. It’s an epic burger worthy of a trip to your nearest KFC.

You know you want to try it! 😀

KFC O.R. Chicken Chop with mushroom gravy


I passed by the newly relocated KFC at KLCC with Jeanie a few days ago. I haven’t eaten for 24 hours prior to this (we were down with a bug) and was quite keen to get started. I noticed they have a new promotion going on – the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop with mushroom gravy.

chicken chop
The latest version!

I remember having KFC’s O.R. Chicken Chop back in 2006 so I was keen to check out the new and improved version. We both ordered it and this seems to be a whole different incarnation. The platter of the good stuff came with a chicken chop, some potato wedges, sweet corn kernels and mushroom sauce served on the side.

kfc chicken chop plate
This is KFC’s ’06 varient – you can tell by the smaller photo – that was the standard size in my blog back then. 🙂

Chicken chop is a uniquely Malaysian dish – created by Hainanese cooks back when the British ruled the lands. However, it has become a standard feature in a lot of places now. KFC’s variant is slightly better – it’s also de-boned so you can eat the entire drumstick (chicken chop is always made with a drumstick) but it’s battered and fried in the tradition of KFC’s Original Recipe.

kfc or chicken chop

The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop (circa 2011) is very crispy on the outside and retains the tender chicken juices on the inside. The have also improved on the mushroom sauce this time around. I like how it’s served on the side so you can decide how much you want on your chicken chop.


However, the best part about the KFC O.R. Chicken Chop is the addition of sweet corn kernels. I love sweet corn and this provides a whole new dimension to the dish – there’s a sweet component when you shovel some of the corn into your mouth and it goes very well with the chicken chop – a very nice touch!

chicken chop promo

The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop with mushroom gravy combo retails for RM 9.90 with all of the above and a drink of Mountain Dew. It was so good we finished everything except for the potato wedges (my stomach has shrunk during the 24 hours without food).

kfc chicken chop

The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop with mushroom gravy is a wonderful option when you pass by a KFC outlet the next time. It’s quite different from their 2006 incarnation and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…


…it’s great comfort food! 🙂 KFC ad on MSN Live Messenger


I finally managed to get the MSN Live Messenger Blogger gets Twister-fied KFC ad that has the inbound link to It took a lot of clicking on the close button and double clicking it from the task bar again to reload the MSN ad though…


Wah, can get OCD like that wei…


Anyway, the animated ad is at the bottom of MSN Live Messenger and it expands into a larger ad with text from my entry on the KFC Toasted Twister.


The cursor is changed to a Toasted Twister wrap and it warps the letters around the text excerpt. There are excepts from two blogs, with the top one being mine and a photo of me eating the KFC Toasted Twister.


Warp is an anagram for wrap. There’s a mini-game where you find all the words – I think it’s supposed to be “Try me now”.


I clicked on the link in the advertisement and it really links back to the KFC Toasted Twister entry that I did. Nifty. 😉

Toasted Twister = KFC toasted chicken wrap
Twisted Toaster = Home appliance that enjoys toasting your fingers


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2005: Writer’s block (blogger’s block?). There’s no post for today in this year. It seems seasonal around this time, I can feel it now. 😉
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Blogger gets Twister-fied

kfc the star

I was approached by a media company for permission to use my photos in an online ad campaign for KFC a few weeks back. It was meant to be non-monetary (e.g. free) but with an inbound link to the post in question about the KFC Toasted Twister entry I did a few weeks ago. It came out in The Star (pictured above), MSN Malaysia and MSN Live Messenger this week.

kfc msn ad

I’ve seen it also on the Today screen of MSN Live Messenger. There seem to be two (2) versions of the ads:

kfc SS

Skyscraper unit

kfc LR

Large rectangle unit

The two versions above does not have the inbound link but I’ve heard from a friend that there’s another splash page version that comes out occasionally with an inbound link if you click on the headline (other parts of the ad will direct you to the KFC website).

Has anyone seen that version around? Cheers! 🙂

KFC Toasted Twister

kfc toasted twister

KFC is having a new variant of their popular Twister Wrap. The KFC Toasted Twister is basically a toasted version of their Twister with the tagline “Great Taste On The Go”.

kfc twisted toaster colonel

I spoke to the good Colonel himself and he was promoting the KFC Toasted Twister combo with the toasted twister with honey pickled sauce, flavored fries, 7Up Revive, and a mini radio for RM 14.90.

kfc toasted twister combo

The a la carte Toasted Twister goes for RM 5.90 and my dining companion, not being a big fan of drinking fluids in general, opted for that instead.

kfc toasted twister phallic

I shall refrain from making any phallic jokes.

kfc toasted twister inside

The Toasted Twister tastes much better than the previous wrap. The honey pickled sauce is sweet and offsets the saltiness of the chicken inside the wrap. The toasting process also imparts a nice charcoal flavor to the wrap, which tantalizes the taste buds but probably wrecks havoc on your antioxidant diet. 😉

kfc radio

The combo meal also comes with a free KFC miniature radio that looks suspiciously like an iPod. This radio can also be purchased separately for RM 9.90.

kfc radio batteries

Batteries not included. I have mastered the art of camwhoring.

kfc oral

Please, no references to acts falling under crimes against nature laws.

KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy


The SBU (sounds like a firm, but the acronym stands for Sibu Bloggers United) adjourned to the KFC in Delta Mall for lunch after the meetup at Kokoberry Sunday morning. Delta Mall has been our recent stomping grounds due to Mary establishing her business operations there.

kfc chicken chop

The KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy is KFC’s latest promotion. I remember a similar item a couple of years back but my archives are kinda messed up (gonna fix that soon) so I can’t search for the exact entry. The current promotion comes with a chicken chop, coleslaw, crinkle fries, a bun and a Pepsi.

kfc chicken chop gravy

This is the KFC Chicken Chop with the famous deceased (or fictional?) Colonel Sander’s special blend of gravy. It has peas, carrots and corn in a rich, savory sauce on top of the cut of chicken of your choice. I went with a drum, coz the local chicken chop usually means a drumstick over here.

kfc chicken chop macro

The chicken is tender (it’s Original Recipe, not Hot & Spicy) and goes well with the gravy. The coleslaw serves as a contrast to the salty chicken and the bun works well in soaking up excess gravy. True to my notorious clumsiness, splash damage was done on my white shirt while handing my drink. I remember doing the very same thing not 15 minutes ago to Clare’s d-SLR bag. Sorry! 🙂

kfc stare

There was a bit of a staring match beside me – Clare vs BengHui. Clare can be quite the fierce, I’m glad I didn’t spill my drink on her d-SLR, but on the bag instead. I think she would have killed me if I did that. The staring match degenerated into something which I’m unable to put on the blog (unless the bidding goes high enough). 😉

kfc group

I thought the KFC Chicken Chop with Colonel’s Gravy tasted alright, but it didn’t go well with Clare and Mary, despite my best attempts to get them to try it. Come on girls, here comes the aeroplane! :p

Late night KFC raid

kfc plaza walk

I was out clubbing with Phoenix and Irene last Saturday when we were hit by a late night craving for solid food. We had gotten cup noodles at 7-11 for the Batang Ai trip but we didn’t want to dig into those supplies since there would be no time for replenishing said supplies before the shuttle departs for Batang Ai early next morning. It was 2:30 am in the morning and there were no eating establishments in sight for post-alcohol indulgence.

kfc game

Thus, we ended up roaming the Kuching CBD on foot and I remembered a KFC outlet at Plaza Walk outside Sarawak Plaza that is probably open 24 hours. They had a promotion going on where you can purchase a handheld game for RM 9.90 with any order of KFC chicken. I’m a sucker for these things – even though I never do play the game itself for any significant amount of time, I still like to collect them. I’m not even sure where they end up half the time!

kfc snack plate

Phoenix and I shared a snack plate with a drumstick and a piece of thigh.

kfc fighter

The handheld game is called X-Fighters. Batteries not included.

Eh, terbalik (upside down) some more…I don’t have AA batteries around my house.

Project MISER Day 2: KFC Meltz and Chick'n Fingers


I went to KFC just now with Cherie and Joanne to get dinner. KFC is having a dual promotion – the KFC Meltz and Chick’n Fingers.

kfc meltz

KFC Meltz is being heavily promoted by print and other media and is a tortilla based wrap with BBQ chicken meat which is similar in concept and taste to the KFC Chick’n Fingers.

kfc meltz promo

The KFC Meltz meal comes with:
1 Cheesy BBQ Meltz
1 Fun Fries (R)
1 Carbonated Drink (R)
and costs RM 8.39

kfc chickn fingers promo

The KFC Chick’n Fingers comes in sets of 4 and 8 and goes for RM 4.10 for the set of 4. It is described as “Try new chick’n fingers in BBQ flavor! So crunchy, yummy and easy to eat!”

kfc total

The entire meal I ordered cost RM 13.12 but it’s not counted since this post (and meal) is proudly sponsored by:

kfc cherie

Cherie! She paid for my meal after hearing about Project MISER month.

kfc meltz box

The KFC Meltz comes in a custom designed box…

kfc meltz inside

…which reveals the sliced wrap.

kfc meltz look

This is what it looks like inside.

kfc meltz cherie

This is what it looks like after Cherie customized it.

kfc chickn fingers

The KFC Chick’n Fingers came in a set of four (4)…

kfc chickn fingers bite

…and tastes like chicken (seriously though, what did you think it’s going to taste like? Lamb?)

Thanks for sponsoring dinner and thanks for being there for me when I needed it Cherie.

Remainder: RM 212.20


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