Poverty: It’s the shiznit, yo!


I am going on a frugality drive this month due to a shortage of funds. I am only left with RM 200 for the remainder of the month (!). Ginny tells me she can survive on RM 2 per day on food (WTF?) and my coworker Karen taught me some sound financial tips to conserve money so that’s what I’m going to do this month.

I dropped by Giant to purchase some groceries to tide me through the month. I will be eating bread for breakfast and dinner this month. Let’s see a breakdown of the items I got:

Sandwich bread 500 grams (store brand):
RM 2.29
Nescafe 3-in-1 instant coffee x 2: RM 17.78 (purchase first pack at RM 10.29, second pack goes for RM 7.49)
F&N Rose Cordial 2L: RM 5.49 (it was the same price as the store brand)
Marmalade (store brand): RM 2.99
JW Chocolate & Banana spread: RM 9.89 (it’s the cheapest I could find, Nutella is almost double the price)

I’ve been going for the cheapest products and purchase store brands if I can. However, I was (un)pleasantly surprised when I went to the cashier – I had to fork out RM 38.44. Money doesn’t go that far nowadays…

I’ve calculated the cost per day though, and it’s still cheaper than what I usually spend so it’s worth it.

My breakfast: RM 2.20 (from the bakery across the road where I work)
My lunch: RM 5 – RM 15 (will be cutting down on this starting tomorrow)
My dinner: RM 5.20 – RM 14.50 (depending on whether it’s burgers or nasi kandar)

With my new frugality drive (somewhat related to Project MISER) I have assessed my current spending as such:
Breakfast: RM 0.27 (based on two slices of bread with marmalade with 17 slices in the loaf – inclusive of crust)
Lunch: RM 5 max (will drink air suam)
Dinner: RM 0.54 (four slices of bread with banana Chocolate & Banana spread)

I’m hoping to get through this month with just RM 200 to my name.

Project MISER Month – FAILED

yientao box

Project MISER Month is a failure. I just opened a bottle of Johnny Walker Swing (RM 300) last night so it’s over. Thanks to yientao.com for sending me a care package:

yientao supplies

It’s very much appreciated and I will eat it, but Project MISER month (I have a tendency to repeat myself) is terminated due to budgeting issues. It was a fun project though and I would like to try it again next month.

I need to exercise more financial restrain. No more drinking next month. I’ll start Project MISER Month again in October with a RM 300 limit. I don’t cheat on my own projects so I have to tell you all that this month’s attempt was a failure. πŸ™

Remainder: – RM137.80 (RM 0)


Project MISER DAY 9: Groceries


I went grocery shopping at Ngiu Kee just now with my dad so the financial impact on Project MISER month is non-existent due to the kind patronage of said dad:

Kellogg’s Frosties (RM 7.70)
Devondale Skim Milk (RM 3.39)
Aquarius Mineral Water x 3 (RM 3.90)
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk (RM 4.50)
Nestle Low Fat Milk (RM 3.70)
Nescafe Coffee Ice (RM 1.40)
Nescafe Coffee Ice (RM 1.40)
Darlie toothpaste (RM 6.50)
LP Cloth Peg (RM 2.70)
Shirt Hanger x 2 (RM 7.80)
Eagle Steel Mug (RM 14.90)
Total: RM 57.89

I got some groceries including essentials like a mug, clothes pegs and shirt hangers since I’ve moved into a new apartment and I need a receptacle of some sort to eat my cereal anyway. πŸ™‚

I ate it for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Frosties rock.

Remainder: RM 162.20


Project MISER DAYS 3-8: Psychotic episode

warded again

I was warded after a little psychotic episode on Sunday and was kept in until Friday (just now) before the psychiatrist deemed me fit for discharge. I’m on lamotrigine now as a mood stabilizer in addition to my existing repertoire of drugs [sixthseal.com]. I’m on 4 mg of Risperdal and 60 mg of Remeron daily though, that’s the changes to the older post.

warded again scar

The picture above shows the scar from the previous hospitalization [sixthseal.com] which has its stitches removed and is now nice and comfy.

warded again hospital food

Mmm…hospital food.

warded again hospital food macro

Mmm…a closer look at hospital food.

warded again mcdonalds

Mmm…McDonald’s McDelivery delivered to not just my ward, but my bed!

warded again mcdonalds happy meal

Happy Meals makes me happy.

warded again mc

I am slightly retarded. Just FYI.

warded again tax

Your taxpayer’s money hard at work! It cost me just RM 12 for my entire stay! Yes! I am certified insane!

P/S – The hospital bills were footed by my dad so he’s the sponsor of this post and the days ranging from the 3rd to the 8th of Project MISER Month on the account that I’m in the hospital. The project will continue as normal but without accounting for the impulsive tattoo done (next post) coz that tattoo cost RM 500 and it’s not a monthly expense but more of an impulsive event so I’m not including that. Future posts will not have Project MISER RM 250 appended to it but will be normal post titles. The post body will still include Remainder details and expenses though.

Remainder: RM 162.20


Project MISER DAY 2: Saturday night

guinness stout joanne

I didn’t spend a single cent on Saturday night, thanks to Joanne.

guinness stout promo

She bought me the 5 Guinness Stout for RM 50 special, which would have put a huge dent into the project rationing if I were the one who got it.

guinness stout

I still have two bottles left in bottle keep at Luconia from last month so 7 Guinness Stouts and a couple of Dormicums was about right to get me there.

Thanks Joanne, for getting the drinks!

Remainder: RM 162.20


Project MISER DAY 2: RM 50 reload

digi reload

I just got a RM 50 DiGi reload coupon for my 014 680 2348 number. I’m sorry I lost it just now, I haven’t taken my benzos and it was an honest mistake on my part and I just couldn’t let it lie that it wasn’t my intention to cause you any grief. I’m sad and angry right now, but strangely at peace at last.

Remainder: RM 162.20

Goodbye *x, if you can’t find it in your heart to forgive me. I will always love you and have good memories of you.


Project MISER Day 2: KFC Meltz and Chick'n Fingers


I went to KFC just now with Cherie and Joanne to get dinner. KFC is having a dual promotion – the KFC Meltz and Chick’n Fingers.

kfc meltz

KFC Meltz is being heavily promoted by print and other media and is a tortilla based wrap with BBQ chicken meat which is similar in concept and taste to the KFC Chick’n Fingers.

kfc meltz promo

The KFC Meltz meal comes with:
1 Cheesy BBQ Meltz
1 Fun Fries (R)
1 Carbonated Drink (R)
and costs RM 8.39

kfc chickn fingers promo

The KFC Chick’n Fingers comes in sets of 4 and 8 and goes for RM 4.10 for the set of 4. It is described as “Try new chick’n fingers in BBQ flavor! So crunchy, yummy and easy to eat!”

kfc total

The entire meal I ordered cost RM 13.12 but it’s not counted since this post (and meal) is proudly sponsored by:

kfc cherie

Cherie! She paid for my meal after hearing about Project MISER month.

kfc meltz box

The KFC Meltz comes in a custom designed box…

kfc meltz inside

…which reveals the sliced wrap.

kfc meltz look

This is what it looks like inside.

kfc meltz cherie

This is what it looks like after Cherie customized it.

kfc chickn fingers

The KFC Chick’n Fingers came in a set of four (4)…

kfc chickn fingers bite

…and tastes like chicken (seriously though, what did you think it’s going to taste like? Lamb?)

Thanks for sponsoring dinner and thanks for being there for me when I needed it Cherie.

Remainder: RM 212.20


Project MISER Day 2: Morning Coffee

morning coffee

I got black coffee without sugar (RM 1.10) this morning to wake me up. I usually get one with Alex but I came in early today so I paid myself. I work on Saturdays so it’s necessary to kick start the day. I average about 3-4 coffees a day and that comes up to RM 4.40 per day or RM 132 per month, nearly half of the allocated RM 250 for this month so I’m thinking of ways to reduce this expenditure.

Any ideas?

Remainder: RM 212.20


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