Project MISER DAYS 3-8: Psychotic episode

warded again

I was warded after a little psychotic episode on Sunday and was kept in until Friday (just now) before the psychiatrist deemed me fit for discharge. I’m on lamotrigine now as a mood stabilizer in addition to my existing repertoire of drugs []. I’m on 4 mg of Risperdal and 60 mg of Remeron daily though, that’s the changes to the older post.

warded again scar

The picture above shows the scar from the previous hospitalization [] which has its stitches removed and is now nice and comfy.

warded again hospital food

Mmm…hospital food.

warded again hospital food macro

Mmm…a closer look at hospital food.

warded again mcdonalds

Mmm…McDonald’s McDelivery delivered to not just my ward, but my bed!

warded again mcdonalds happy meal

Happy Meals makes me happy.

warded again mc

I am slightly retarded. Just FYI.

warded again tax

Your taxpayer’s money hard at work! It cost me just RM 12 for my entire stay! Yes! I am certified insane!

P/S – The hospital bills were footed by my dad so he’s the sponsor of this post and the days ranging from the 3rd to the 8th of Project MISER Month on the account that I’m in the hospital. The project will continue as normal but without accounting for the impulsive tattoo done (next post) coz that tattoo cost RM 500 and it’s not a monthly expense but more of an impulsive event so I’m not including that. Future posts will not have Project MISER RM 250 appended to it but will be normal post titles. The post body will still include Remainder details and expenses though.

Remainder: RM 162.20


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