Project MISER Day 2: KFC Meltz and Chick'n Fingers


I went to KFC just now with Cherie and Joanne to get dinner. KFC is having a dual promotion – the KFC Meltz and Chick’n Fingers.

kfc meltz

KFC Meltz is being heavily promoted by print and other media and is a tortilla based wrap with BBQ chicken meat which is similar in concept and taste to the KFC Chick’n Fingers.

kfc meltz promo

The KFC Meltz meal comes with:
1 Cheesy BBQ Meltz
1 Fun Fries (R)
1 Carbonated Drink (R)
and costs RM 8.39

kfc chickn fingers promo

The KFC Chick’n Fingers comes in sets of 4 and 8 and goes for RM 4.10 for the set of 4. It is described as “Try new chick’n fingers in BBQ flavor! So crunchy, yummy and easy to eat!”

kfc total

The entire meal I ordered cost RM 13.12 but it’s not counted since this post (and meal) is proudly sponsored by:

kfc cherie

Cherie! She paid for my meal after hearing about Project MISER month.

kfc meltz box

The KFC Meltz comes in a custom designed box…

kfc meltz inside

…which reveals the sliced wrap.

kfc meltz look

This is what it looks like inside.

kfc meltz cherie

This is what it looks like after Cherie customized it.

kfc chickn fingers

The KFC Chick’n Fingers came in a set of four (4)…

kfc chickn fingers bite

…and tastes like chicken (seriously though, what did you think it’s going to taste like? Lamb?)

Thanks for sponsoring dinner and thanks for being there for me when I needed it Cherie.

Remainder: RM 212.20


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