Project MISER DAY 9: Groceries


I went grocery shopping at Ngiu Kee just now with my dad so the financial impact on Project MISER month is non-existent due to the kind patronage of said dad:

Kellogg’s Frosties (RM 7.70)
Devondale Skim Milk (RM 3.39)
Aquarius Mineral Water x 3 (RM 3.90)
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk (RM 4.50)
Nestle Low Fat Milk (RM 3.70)
Nescafe Coffee Ice (RM 1.40)
Nescafe Coffee Ice (RM 1.40)
Darlie toothpaste (RM 6.50)
LP Cloth Peg (RM 2.70)
Shirt Hanger x 2 (RM 7.80)
Eagle Steel Mug (RM 14.90)
Total: RM 57.89

I got some groceries including essentials like a mug, clothes pegs and shirt hangers since I’ve moved into a new apartment and I need a receptacle of some sort to eat my cereal anyway. πŸ™‚

I ate it for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Frosties rock.

Remainder: RM 162.20


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