Project MISER Month – FAILED

yientao box

Project MISER Month is a failure.
I just opened a bottle of Johnny Walker Swing (RM 300) last night so
it’s over. Thanks to for sending me a care package:

yientao supplies

It’s very much appreciated and I will eat it, but Project MISER
month (I have a tendency to repeat myself) is terminated due to
budgeting issues. It was a fun project though and I would like to try
it again next month.

I need to exercise more financial restrain. No more drinking next
month. I’ll start Project MISER Month again in October with a RM 300
limit. I don’t cheat on my own projects so I have to tell you all that
this month’s attempt was a failure. :(

Remainder: – RM137.80 (RM 0)

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