Late night KFC raid

kfc plaza walk

I was out clubbing with Phoenix and Irene last Saturday when we were hit by a late night craving for solid food. We had gotten cup noodles at 7-11 for the Batang Ai trip but we didn’t want to dig into those supplies since there would be no time for replenishing said supplies before the shuttle departs for Batang Ai early next morning. It was 2:30 am in the morning and there were no eating establishments in sight for post-alcohol indulgence.

kfc game

Thus, we ended up roaming the Kuching CBD on foot and I remembered a KFC outlet at Plaza Walk outside Sarawak Plaza that is probably open 24 hours. They had a promotion going on where you can purchase a handheld game for RM 9.90 with any order of KFC chicken. I’m a sucker for these things – even though I never do play the game itself for any significant amount of time, I still like to collect them. I’m not even sure where they end up half the time!

kfc snack plate

Phoenix and I shared a snack plate with a drumstick and a piece of thigh.

kfc fighter

The handheld game is called X-Fighters. Batteries not included.

Eh, terbalik (upside down) some more…I don’t have AA batteries around my house.

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26 thoughts on “Late night KFC raid”

  1. We use to have good KFC chicken where I live. Now it’s just wet, oily and gross. No crispy goodness what so ever! :/

  2. Irene: I wrote all three of the posts in about an hour and then just posted it. I have slowed down considerably in my blogging speed though, mostly coz of the photos. I usually take several and spend MINUTES choosing between two almost similar ones.
    jess: I’m not a big fan of KFC chicken either. I don’t know why some people enjoy it. I always feel like I’m eating more bread than chicken (due to the crispy skin). Original Recipe is always wet and oily over here, it’s the local Hot & Spicy varient that slathered with a lot of batter.

  3. Irene: Haha! Yeah, it’s a compulsive behavior…but one with a reason. Sometimes the first shot just doesn’t come out well for a variety of factors (shaky hands, lighting etc) so it’s better to take at least two photos of everything. 🙂
    suituapui: It must be the lighting at KFC, Plaza Walk. It’s in the middle of the night and we were sitting to the side near the streetlights.

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