The Spring

the spring

The Spring is one of the newest shopping centers in Kuching. The mall was still under construction when I left Kuching about two years ago and it’s almost fully occupied now. The Spring reminds me of Chadstone Mall in Melbourne, Australia with its sprawling two (three including the basement) story layout.

spring interior

tHe Spring – that’s the official capitalization policy of the enterprise – is billed as a lifestyle mall offering retail experiences. The term “retail experience” seem to be replacing the more common vernacular of “shopping” in marketing lingo. I was aflutter with delirious exuberance in anticipation of the sojourn to this new retail experience establishment!


Sarcasm aside, I really did want to see what it’s like coz I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Irene picked us up from the airport and sent us to our hotel to check in before driving us to tHe Spring. It’s located at Jalan Simpang Tiga and it just opened on 10th of January 2008.

spring coins

Irene told us that people have been throwing coins into this water feature in The Spring, perhaps mistaking it for some kind of wishing well (wishing umbrella?). The management of The Spring actually had to sand blast a sign into the glass perimeter on all floors reminding visitors not to throw coins into the water feature. 🙂

spring gawai

The Spring had a feature for the upcoming Gawai (Harvest Festival) celebrations with a replica longhouse complete with traditional Iban musical instruments on display and not-so-traditional piped music from hidden speakers on loop for ambiance.

quiksilver girl

Quiksilver is represented at The Spring, as well as their female line Roxy. I went in and found a tag (I seriously don’t know what this thing is actually called) that I purchased back in 2003 and lost somewhere during a particularly excessive drinking session. It’s supposed to be worn around the neck for name tags/smart cards and such but I use it for aesthetic purposes.

quiksilver tag

There is a hook on the tag that can be attached (to a name tag/smart card) but the hook can also be attached to the belt loop on a pair of jeans. I just like the way it looks hanging down from the belt loop on a pair of jeans. It’s a bit garish, I know, but I like it. 🙂

spring irene

Irene sends her regards.

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20 thoughts on “The Spring”

  1. Wonder why the H is written in capital letter in “tHe Spring”, as you notice.
    Or it stands for “H”uaiBin since you may have some shares in it (again, gien by your papa)…

  2. Oh you mean the Lanyard (the tag holder thingy-majig)…. yes, we have tons of them here too…I looped mine around a hook coming out of a post once and almost killed myself…but I am kind of a dork (when I am not on my ADHD meds) My mom told me she wants to bring me by tHe Spring as well…..does it live up to all the hoopla?

  3. When I was in Fortaleza Brazil 5 years ago there was a mall like this. It was really nice. It kind of reminds me a cross between the Brazilian mall I went to and the mall my german friend went to when he was in Thailand.

  4. Wilson: I’m not sure…perhaps it’s just a design decision. I don’t own shares in The Spring or the developer – it’s not listed on the stock exchange. 🙂
    Skwermy: Yeah! That’s the word I’m looking for. Lanyard. Jesus Christ, I totally forgot some of the words I used to know. Yeah, the lanyard cord can catch on some things on the street, have to be careful with it. I got hooked on something too and was kinda pulled back a little coz I usually tend to walk quite fast.
    The Spring is alright but it doesn’t live up to the hype. Nice addition to the Kuching shopping malls though.
    Irene: It was alright but I was kinda expecting more considering the hype that went with it. I was thinking more like a cross between Mid Valley and Berjaya Times Square and it turned out more like Ikano Power Center.
    jess: Bangkok has a lot of world class malls nowadays. Siam Paragon is one of them, I checked the place out when I was still dating that pharmacist ex-girlfriend of mine. 🙂

  5. I didn’t have time to pop over at the place. Will be going again Gawai weekend anyway. Looks kinda deserted for a Saturday cum long weekend. Haiz! Economy must be bad!!!

  6. suituapui: I’ll probably be heading to Miri/Mulu/Labuan during the Gawai holidays. It’s a bit too short to be heading out of the country or I’ll be wanting to go to Hong Kong or Macau for 4 days 3 nights. I’ve been working out the costs involved and I’m surprised that a tour package to these packages actually work out to be cheaper than going to a local resort and staying in upscale hotels and eating at upmarket restaurants!
    cynthia: Really? I have checked the comments management and didn’t see any stray comments (besides spam). What was the error message? Did it get through as in “Comment Submitted”?
    Oh yeah, a lanyard, I remember that but benzo memory made me forget again. BTW, I just found out (er…I mean I found out before I went to rehab, I have since quit these things ;)) that Erimin (nimetazepam) produces INSANE anterograde amnesia for a couple of days after consumption. The residual memory effects can last for quite a number of days too. I’ve never experienced that even on flunitrazepam (Hypnodorm – legal prescription from Melbourne) and nitrazepam (doctor shopping in Malaysia) which are both benzos noted for their anterograde amnesia (along with Dormicum – midazolam, which never really affected my memory that much either). Interesting, huh?
    Darren: It’ll be worth it to spend a couple of hours there, just to see what it’s like. 🙂
    Check it out when you’re in Kuching.

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