Bubble Tea Zone

bubble tea zone

Bubble Tea Zone is the newly opened outlet in Wisma Sanyan, Sibu. I
was intrigued by their unusual menu and popped in to check the place

btz stairs

The interior is novel in the sense that it has a small staircase by the side that leads to…

btz upper nook

…a little nook upstairs for more privacy.

btz view

The little level up top also has a great view of the main road down the tallest building in Sibu.

btz staff friendly

The proprietor and staff is a friendly bunch of people. It’s all female owned and operated from what I gather.


The place serves snacks in addition to their wide variety of bubble
tea. They have a great range of Taiwan sausages for RM 2.30 each.

btz snow bubble

I had the Blueberry Snow Bubble, which is bubble tea with sago pearls, ice blended with ice cream.

btz mixed slush

This is the Mixed Fruit Ice Cream Slush. It’s a refreshing blend of
ice cream and fruits and I loved the way the soft serve ice cream is
blended with ice, which sounds like it would taste bad, but instead
synergizes to form a wonderful texture.

btz taiwan sausages

I also ordered two different versions of Taiwan sausages – the Steak Sausage and the Lemon Sausage.

btz taiwan close

It tasted divine – hot from the grill, with a unique flavor. Highly recommended.

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