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I was one of the finalists for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 – quite a mouthful so NAPBAS it shall be henceforth. I was at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 in Singapore too – this is my second time here. It was held at Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya and I was stuck in traffic for almost 1 ½ hours. Nevertheless, here are the photos:


Finalists registration


The nominees all got this flower thingy pinned on by Linda

best lifestyle blog sixthseal

There was a feature wall with all the finalists

nuffnang finalist

That’s mine –

sixthseal nominee


mimi interview

There was an interview done by Mimi too

cindy sixthseal sara

Feeling blue – with Cindy and Sara

napbas board


marriott putrajaya

The Marriott ballroom



pole dancing

Pole dancing!

Here’s a video of the pole dancers. Song: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These). They’ve got muscles on top of muscles to get a grip like that.

Mediterranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dressing

Mediterranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dressing on Crispy Lettuce

Puree of Split Pea Soup

Puree of Split Pea Soup with Herb Twist

Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint

Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint. I like.

Pistachio Crumbed Baked Chicken

Pistachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme with Thyme Gravy. Should have gone with the fish.


Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup with Strawberry and Vanilla Sauce

harith iskandar

Harith Iskandar. I love his performance, had me in stitches.

cheesie ringo

Cheesie – winner of Best Fashion Blog

audrey fourfeetnine


sixthseal ky


xiaxue sixthseal cheesie

Xiaxue and Cheesie – both who won awards

Here’s a video of the Best Lifestyle Blog nominees

vanessa nuffnang

Vanessa from Nuffnang Australia – best table ever ;)

napbas finalists

There’s too many photos will upload the rest on my recently created Facebook page but here’s a final shot of all the nominees on stage.

It was a great night and the after party at Zouk was awesome. Cheers Nuffnang! :)

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36 Responses to “Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards – NAPBAS 2011 recap”

  1. love that shot of u & aud!

  2. Glad to see all the familiar faces there <3333

  3. guys in suit are sexay! LOL

  4. nice to see you again :)

  5. nice fast writeup bro, and it was good seeing you! :) Your photo with me is up on my latest blog post, lol!

    Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011

  6. u look great in suits ;)

  7. Hehe nice to be able to meet u finally :D
    Our photo’s in my blog too but a bit blur. Hope your version is better :)

    • Yup, it’s good to finally meet you in person! :)

      I’ve uploaded the photo to my new Facebook page, was rushing to get this post up on Sunday before I had an early Christmas party. I’ll be in Bali during Christmas. :D


    but glad to hear you had fun! thanks for coming :D

    • I know, you were so busy running around with your clipboard and looking so pale that I was scared to ask. T_T

      It was a lot of fun, catch you next time Fresh! :D

  9. congrats on being nominated and you’ll always have my vote huai bin!

  10. Wow! Real posh affair. You’re looking good, buddy… Putting on weight or is it just your cheeks? ;-)

    • Yeah, black tie event – it’s like the Oscars of blogging, happens once every two years. :)

      I think it’s the cheeks but I have been eating quite a lot of carbs and drinking lots of milk. Swimming a lot too.

      Thanks for voting bro! :)

  11. Ooh vanessa! She’s awesome, isn’t she? :D

  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ~~~

    Too bad you didn’t win =(

    Hope you win it next time ~~~

  13. Looking good! Did you win? :)

  14. Congrats for being the finalist.. :)

    You look great there btw.. ♡

  15. shame u didn’t win – congrats on the nomination anyway ;)

  16. U looked hansem in suit ! Haha.. nice post and videos !

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