Bling on my tongue

tongue piercing 4

I went and re-pierced my tongue just now. Contrary to popular believe, no, I did not reuse the old stud, although I love it to bits. I’ve been looking to get another black one with a gemstone on top, but alas, the piercing shop does not carry it.

Thus, I decided to go for the bling factor and went gold like the tongue piercing I did in 2006. It cost me RM 130 at 1Utama, which is higher than what the good people at Bukit Bintang charge.

tongue piercing 4 hitomi

Hitomi shot the video, we were at 1U for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This post is to reassure you that I did not reuse the old stud, S. πŸ˜‰

I didn’t even have my tongue piercing on Saturday.

Thanks Charlz for a great weekend! =D

I swallowed my tongue piercing

glistening gem

…and was pleasantly surprised to see it again in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

“I once was lost, but now am found”

I accidentally swallowed my tongue piercing during lunch with my coworkers and I usually don’t see the by-product of this unfortunate event. It’s happened a couple of times before but this is the first time I’ve done my bowel movements, flushed, just to find a shiny gem waiting at the bottom of the toilet bowl. πŸ™‚

hidden gem

It usually goes down with the excrement and TP so I was pleasantly surprised to see it glistening at the bottom, as if it wanted to be found.

I take this as a sign from above, and thus, I retrieved it. πŸ˜‰

Imagine the journey it has gone through, the poor thing!

Tongue Piercing Photos and Video

borneo headhunters

Greetings! I am blogging from Starbucks in Kuching while waiting for my flight back to Sibu. I have been planning to get another tongue piercing and managed to squeeze it into this brief trip – perhaps a more apt word would be a layover – thanks to Irene, who kindly drove us around Kuching.


This is my third tongue piercing in as many years. The first tongue piercing was involved in an unfortunate incident during a routine dental hygiene maintenance procedure where the screw-on ball dropped down the sink. I didn’t have a replacement, considering piercings were not common then so the piercing healed up.

clamp 1

The second piercing was subjected to an accidental ingestion during a particularly delectable feast – again with the screw-on ball – and I couldn’t find the backup stud I had in storage. I wasn’t particularly keen on waiting for it to reappear after a bowel movement and screwing it back on so it healed up on me as well.

clamp 2

This trip to Kuching was meant to be a layover before we went to Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort so I only had the evening to squeeze in a trip to The Spring, get a tongue piercing and go out clubbing before heading for our R&R at the resort. I made an appointment with Ernesto of Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing for 6 pm.

clamp 3

Unfortunately, Ernesto ran out of tongue studs and Irene was kind enough to drive me to Rupert Rage War Store in Centerpoint to get the jewelery for the piercing. I got a standard surgical steel tongue stud plus a more vociferous design for nights out. I reckon it’s better to get two this time just in case any undue ingestion or bathroom incidents affected the first one.

This is the video of my third tongue piercing. I’m pleased with my travel companion’s directing skillz since it turned out pretty well. The tongue piercing is a little off center but I kinda like the way it looks now. It’s a little more interesting than a straight piercing and I have it on good authority that it feels better in this configuration. My travel companion commented that I was quite a cunning linguist after the procedure. πŸ˜‰


It cost me RM 50 for the piercing only (RM 120 if you want a stud to be provided). Thanks Ernesto!

Tongue Piercing – Photos and videos

tongue piercing today

I had my tongue pierced together with Cherie at Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing on a whim about three weeks ago. I used to have a tongue piercing back in Christchurch, and it was more towards the front of the tongue. I tried to get it done in the same place (there still is a visible hole) but decided against it since I have a career so I went for one towards the back so it isn’t too visible.

This is the second time for Cherie (she has a navel piercing) while I had most of my face pierced in NZ, so I’m used to it. However, we both have a very high threshold for pain so we didn’t feel much at all.

I didn’t want to post about this but since a previous entry depicted my tongue piercing, I might as well put up the photos and videos. πŸ˜‰

You will need QuickTime for the videos (.3gp) and double size it coz I didn’t bring my digicam (it was an impulsive decision) so it was filmed using a cell phone. Check out the background soundtrack – there was a procession…I found it very appropriate. Heh!

hb clamp

Download: Tongue clamping []
This is a video me getting my tongue clamped for the piercing.

hb pierce

Download: Tongue piercing []
This shows the needle going in and piercing through the tongue with the follow through with the bar.

cherie clamp

Download: Cherie tongue clamping []
This is Cherie getting her tongue clamped.

cherie pierce

Download: Cherie piercing []
The needle going through…

cherie barbell

Download: Cherie barbell []
…and the process of screwing in the barbell.

hb piercing

Download: HB tongue piercing aftermath []
This is a video taken right after the tongue piercing.

cherie piercing

Download: Cherie tongue piercing aftermath []
This is a video of Cherie right after the tongue piercing.

tongue gold stud

We used a 14 gauge bar for the piercing. Cherie went for the surgical steel bar while mine is an 18k solid gold barbell

tongue bling bling

…and it’s topped with a jewel.

It’s a bit of an overkill on the bling bling factor, yeah? πŸ˜‰


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