Tongue Piercing – Photos and videos

tongue piercing today

I had my tongue pierced together with Cherie at Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing on a whim about three weeks ago. I used to have a tongue piercing back in Christchurch, and it was more towards the front of the tongue. I tried to get it done in the same place (there still is a visible hole) but decided against it since I have a career so I went for one towards the back so it isn’t too visible.

This is the second time for Cherie (she has a navel piercing) while I had most of my face pierced in NZ, so I’m used to it. However, we both have a very high threshold for pain so we didn’t feel much at all.

I didn’t want to post about this but since a previous entry depicted my tongue piercing, I might as well put up the photos and videos. πŸ˜‰

You will need QuickTime for the videos (.3gp) and double size it coz I didn’t bring my digicam (it was an impulsive decision) so it was filmed using a cell phone. Check out the background soundtrack – there was a procession…I found it very appropriate. Heh!

hb clamp

Download: Tongue clamping []
This is a video me getting my tongue clamped for the piercing.

hb pierce

Download: Tongue piercing []
This shows the needle going in and piercing through the tongue with the follow through with the bar.

cherie clamp

Download: Cherie tongue clamping []
This is Cherie getting her tongue clamped.

cherie pierce

Download: Cherie piercing []
The needle going through…

cherie barbell

Download: Cherie barbell []
…and the process of screwing in the barbell.

hb piercing

Download: HB tongue piercing aftermath []
This is a video taken right after the tongue piercing.

cherie piercing

Download: Cherie tongue piercing aftermath []
This is a video of Cherie right after the tongue piercing.

tongue gold stud

We used a 14 gauge bar for the piercing. Cherie went for the surgical steel bar while mine is an 18k solid gold barbell

tongue bling bling

…and it’s topped with a jewel.

It’s a bit of an overkill on the bling bling factor, yeah? πŸ˜‰


Download my nosebleed video while it’s still fresh! ;)

nose is bleeding
Nose bleed

Here’s something to entertain you on a slow Saturday morning. πŸ™‚ The
link to download it is at the bottom of the post. It happened just now
– I suddenly felt blood dripping down for no reason and saw that I had
a nosebleed when I reached up to wipe my nose. I quickly grabbed the
digicam – I can’t remember the last time I had a nosebleed…probably
before I reached puberty? I was mildly concerned at first though, coz I
thought it was precipitated by *cough* sheesh, this room needs a good

nosebleed stemming
I love the ones that still drip after you wipe it.

Anyway, I must say though, I have hypertension, which they say makes
me prone to sneeze red. πŸ˜‰ It sure wasn’t the gushers I used to have
while I was young – my mom had to get me to pinch my nose to stop it,
and still it won’t quit. Heh. Memories. How I wish it was one of them
legendary ones just now, those take to motion picture well. I don’t get
them now though so I was mildly surprised at this pleasant occurrence.
It’s something interesting to kick of the day, even though nosebleeds
are really very tame and isn’t anything to shout home about.

nosebleed teeth
Mmm…tastes like chicken!

I still like to take videos of everything though. This was a really
mild one, didn’t last longer than a minute. It makes a nice video
though, eh? πŸ™‚ I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, as inappropriate
as that might sound.


Hey, this is, and for no reason at all…
I found myself getting a nose bleed.
It sucks.
This is…a cause for concern.
I haven’t even touched it, before, ya know, like blood flowing down?
And then I felt it drip on my shirt…and…
I can’t remember the last time I had a nose bleed.
Must be pretty long ago.
I think…er, my teeth is clotted.
Well, anyway. I’m going to clean myself up., out.

My nosebleed []
It’s only around 4 MB, good quality DivX encoded video running for 46 seconds.
Requires DivX 5.11 or XviD codec. – delivering cutting edge entertainment 24/7. πŸ˜‰

Note: This post was made early Saturday morning, but went down
sometime during the afternoon – it’s a configuration issue, and also a
database corruption, which took the whole of this afternoon to rectify.
The post just disappeared and I’m not sure why that happened in the
first place. I remember six comments last time I checked, but I only
received four through email unfortunately, so I can only restore those.
Please feel free to comment again, as I’ve missed your input during
that time frame.

I will fix the rest of the server problems tomorrow – I’ve gone for
too long without sleep and I’m getting the hardcore constant visual
hallucinations now (tiny worms are infesting and crawling across my
screen, the box in the corner is flapping at me, you know the drill)
and I have to rest even though I’m not sleepy per se (an amazing 35 mg
of clonazepam could not put me down, not just due to tolerance but
*cough* damn, there’s some nasty weather coming up, I reckon).

I will also reply all the comments tomorrow – thanks for your
patience. My apologies for the glitch that affected Apache and MySQL
this afternoon…

Thanks goes out to Rebecca (Beckie) from Hamilton, NZ and Jason Tan
from SF, US for taking the time to notify me. Cheers! I’m still looking
into what’s going on here…

Video of veritas smoking meth (with sound) – download now!

veritas smoking meth video

This is a video of veritas smoking methamphetamine in his room at
the tail end of a 3 day meth run. He just doesn’t know when to stop. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, this is actually the first time the video function of the Nikon
5700 is used. I was reading online manuals and set it up and recorded
this. Thus, this is the first video recorded with my digicam.

veritas smoking meth using a glass pipe []
1 minute Quicktime video clip (complete)
(14.8 MB zip file)
Extract (unzip) the .mov file. Requires Quicktime Player.

It’s actually just veritas making a fool of himself while smoking
meth in his KL room. It’s taken recently, slightly before the veritas
confession. He uses meth as a “work drug” – most of the better and
longer posts you see on is powered by methamphetamine.
Oh, and I’ll write in the third person if I want to. :p There are two
reasons why I’m releasing this video (which I’m sure will catch me a
lot of grief):

1. It was already leaked to an individual, and I’ve always thought
that a leak on the net is a full leak so people might as well download
it from the authorative site –!

2. I want to stress test my VPS before I migrate. We’ll see how well
it performs. Ping times are okay and so is tracert, but I want a real
life situation to see how my VPS handles the traffic

3. is not a food blog! :p

Anyway, the soundtrack is a feng tau track that I really love, it’s
not put in post-production, no post production was done on this video –
it’s the raw capture, since I don’t have any video editing software.
The music was on from my headphones while this was taken. This is the
actual first video record of my digicam. πŸ™‚

Oh, and the About me page is updated with recent info.

Well, I won’t be posting tomorrow and I have to be off soon, so
enjoy the video of veritas being silly and here’s my harm reduction
message: Methamphetamine use can cause people to act in a stupid and
socially unacceptable behavior so be careful. πŸ˜‰ Have a nice weekend
everyone, and if my VPS doesn’t die on me (please tell me if you have
problems downloading the video), then the migration will happen on

This will be the last veritas video post.

Someone please wipe the drool off my chin




I’ve just watched this NTU (Nanyang Technological University,
Singapore) Halls of Residence cheerleading video from last year that
Daniel kindly FTPed to me. The pictures are pretty blur because I had
to photograph the monitor. I can’t seem to grab screenshots of MPEGs in
Windows XP. It’s some kind of interhalls competition and I was
surprised that some of the routines are really good. There was one that
particularly stood out, I can’t remember which stairway it was but they
had the Moulin Rouge Can Can snippet which lead into Offspring’s
Original Prankster. I liked the intro where they lifted this girl high
up and she waves and did the arms-folded-trust-drop that cheerleaders
do. It’s a really good video, if you’re inside the Monash network I’ve
got it shared under killuminati in Direct Connect (Hub: davo).
Otherwise, bug Daniel [mailto:] to send a copy to you. πŸ™‚

Anyway, as I was walking to the dining hall today, I passed by a
possum rummaging around in a rubbish bin. I didn’t see the little guy
until I was right beside him and in a caffeine induced jitter, I jumped
a little. Well, I think I scared the possum more than he did me,
because he jumped even higher and scrambled over several rubbish bins
and flinged himself into a wall! Ouch.

Link of the Day: A Frightened Boy []

I’ll have two of whatever he’s having. Oh, and if anyone knows the
title of the song used in the flash animation, give me a holler. Thanks!

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