Someone please wipe the drool off my chin




I’ve just watched this NTU (Nanyang Technological University,
Singapore) Halls of Residence cheerleading video from last year that
Daniel kindly FTPed to me. The pictures are pretty blur because I had
to photograph the monitor. I can’t seem to grab screenshots of MPEGs in
Windows XP. It’s some kind of interhalls competition and I was
surprised that some of the routines are really good. There was one that
particularly stood out, I can’t remember which stairway it was but they
had the Moulin Rouge Can Can snippet which lead into Offspring’s
Original Prankster. I liked the intro where they lifted this girl high
up and she waves and did the arms-folded-trust-drop that cheerleaders
do. It’s a really good video, if you’re inside the Monash network I’ve
got it shared under killuminati in Direct Connect (Hub: davo).
Otherwise, bug Daniel [mailto:] to send a copy to you. πŸ™‚

Anyway, as I was walking to the dining hall today, I passed by a
possum rummaging around in a rubbish bin. I didn’t see the little guy
until I was right beside him and in a caffeine induced jitter, I jumped
a little. Well, I think I scared the possum more than he did me,
because he jumped even higher and scrambled over several rubbish bins
and flinged himself into a wall! Ouch.

Link of the Day: A Frightened Boy []

I’ll have two of whatever he’s having. Oh, and if anyone knows the
title of the song used in the flash animation, give me a holler. Thanks!

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