Video of veritas smoking meth (with sound) – download now!

veritas smoking meth video

This is a video of veritas smoking methamphetamine in his room at
the tail end of a 3 day meth run. He just doesn’t know when to stop. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, this is actually the first time the video function of the Nikon
5700 is used. I was reading online manuals and set it up and recorded
this. Thus, this is the first video recorded with my digicam.

veritas smoking meth using a glass pipe []
1 minute Quicktime video clip (complete)
(14.8 MB zip file)
Extract (unzip) the .mov file. Requires Quicktime Player.

It’s actually just veritas making a fool of himself while smoking
meth in his KL room. It’s taken recently, slightly before the veritas
confession. He uses meth as a “work drug” – most of the better and
longer posts you see on is powered by methamphetamine.
Oh, and I’ll write in the third person if I want to. :p There are two
reasons why I’m releasing this video (which I’m sure will catch me a
lot of grief):

1. It was already leaked to an individual, and I’ve always thought
that a leak on the net is a full leak so people might as well download
it from the authorative site –!

2. I want to stress test my VPS before I migrate. We’ll see how well
it performs. Ping times are okay and so is tracert, but I want a real
life situation to see how my VPS handles the traffic

3. is not a food blog! :p

Anyway, the soundtrack is a feng tau track that I really love, it’s
not put in post-production, no post production was done on this video –
it’s the raw capture, since I don’t have any video editing software.
The music was on from my headphones while this was taken. This is the
actual first video record of my digicam. πŸ™‚

Oh, and the About me page is updated with recent info.

Well, I won’t be posting tomorrow and I have to be off soon, so
enjoy the video of veritas being silly and here’s my harm reduction
message: Methamphetamine use can cause people to act in a stupid and
socially unacceptable behavior so be careful. πŸ˜‰ Have a nice weekend
everyone, and if my VPS doesn’t die on me (please tell me if you have
problems downloading the video), then the migration will happen on

This will be the last veritas video post.

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