Well, those of you who’ve been following for a few years would know Cherie. For some strange reason, she was the only girlfriend that was accepted, and even embraced by the readers. Anyway, Cherie is one of my ex-girlfriends that I have always maintained strong ties with. We broke up in 2005 but have remained friends. I met up with her again last night and it’s great how two people can not meet for two years, see each other again, and just be comfortable together and enjoy each other’s company, just like old times. πŸ™‚

…and get your mind out of the gutter, not in that way, in a strictly platonic way.

I didn’t bring my dSLR out last night so this was taken with the HTC Touch 3G.

Cherie is Luconia

cherie is luconia group

Cherie has recently left for KL and it is much to our surprise (or maybe not) that we’ve come to think of Cherie as Luconia and the place just doesn’t seem the same without her anymore. I was talking to David the other day and we were talking about finding a new watering hole considering the massive staff resignations and management chance in Luconia (Post-Cherie). This photo is from the good old days of Luconia (Pre-Cherie).

cherie is luconia

I’m only writing about this since there’s a lot of Cherie fans out there. I usually don’t write this much about my personal life.

cherie is luconia crop

Cherie was a good girlfriend and a close friend to me and I’ll always remain her friend. She called and told me to call her up when I’m in KL.

cherie is luconia us

It was fun when we were together, but all good times must pass and we shall find a new watering hole to satiate our appetites for ethanol based drinks soon coz Luconia just isn’t the same without you.

…and like I always said, when it was good, it was great, right? πŸ˜‰

P/S – Here’s a bonus picture of Cherie since you guys like her so much:

cherie is luconia bonus


Project Best Way to a (Wo)man's Heart: Macaroni and Cheese with bacon and caviar

maca cheese ingredients

Project Best Way to a (Wo)man’s Heart was instantiated in the kitchen with the intention to cook macaroni and cheese with bacon and caviar (Super Premium macaroni and cheese) with the ingredients below:

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (two packets)
Lurpak Butter pack
Farmhouse Fresh Milk
Betty Crocker’s BacOs Bacon Bits
Emborg Lumpfish Caviar
Sara Lee Apple Pie
Walls Vanilla Ice Cream
Angove’s NINE VINES Grenache Shiraz Rose wine

Let me introduce the other two cooks in the project:

maca cheese two cooks

Cherie and Joanne. They have come to wreck havoc in my kitchen, much to my dread.

maca cheese cheesiest

The main course in this project is the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner packs. It was pre-made, alas, since we didn’t know how to make bona fide macaroni and cheese. It was appended with “The cheesiest original flavor” which made me very happy.

maca cheese boil

One pot of boiling water was set to boil and the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dumped in with a little McCormick Onion Salt.

maca cheese boil cherie joanne

The other two chefs stirred the mixture constantly while it cooked for 7 minutes…

maca cheese strainer

…and the macaroni was transferred into a strainer once it’s done.

maca cheese butter

The macaroni was put back into the pot after straining and ten (10) packs of individually wrapped butter were added in.

maca cheese butter cheese

The Kraft Macaroni and Cheese cheese powder sachet (we used two packs) was emptied into the same pot.

maca cheese butter cheese milk

Cherie emptied a quarter cup of milk into the mixture as per the instructions.

maca cheese stir

The pot containing the macaroni and cheese mixture was put back on low heat and stirred for three (3) minutes.

maca cheese oregano

The macaroni and cheese were transferred into serving bowls and sprinkled with McCormick Oregano Leaves

maca cheese bacon

…and liberally garnished with Betty Crocker’s BacOs Bacon Bits.

maca cheese ode

Cherie even made an ode to

maca cheese caviar

Caviar was heaped on the macaroni and cheese to add a touch of flair.

maca cheese apple pie

Apple pie a la mode (a pretentious term for apple pie with ice cream) was had for dessert.

maca cheese served

The macaroni and cheese was served with Angove’s NINE VINES Grenache Shiraz Rose wine for the meal.


Fiona and Cherie dancing in Luconia

fiona me

I met Fiona last night in Luconia – well, not actually last night, I’ve met her a while ago but only did take a photo of her last night.

fiona me cherie

Here is a photo of the three of us.

cherie fiona

Download: Cherie and Fiona dancing []

I’m too busy with work to write much now, so download and watch the video taken last night instead. You will need DivX.

cherie hb got weed

Got ****?

The title gives a whole new meaning to literal post titles, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

cherie xmas me

…no, not a partridge in a pear tree. Cherie
(which means “Love” or “dear one”) gave me the black Stussy shirt that
I’m wearing here. I’m not sure what happened to my hair, but according
to witnesses, it was the Santa hat I was wearing previously that
tousled my hair.

cherie xmas me stoned

This is another one taken soon after that (with the hair malfunction
managed). I like this photo; it kinda captures what we are. I swear
that we are not stoned, it’s just how we look all the time. πŸ˜‰

cherie xmas gift

Cherie also gave me two other T-shirts which is great – she knows
the limitations of my wardrobe coz I always turn up in the same
clothes. Thanks Cherie!

cherie xmas drinking

I celebrated Christmas Eve early, perhaps a bit too early from the look on our faces, but it’s all good. πŸ™‚

cherie xmas turkey

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Flaming Lamborghini a.k.a. “I shouldn’t drink all through the night!”

luconia drinks

Note: Videos are in .3gp format which means you need QuickTime. is doing a special on ethanol based drinks this week, coz apparently alcohol is legal.
In a similar vein, I’ve also heard that the sky is blue and that grass
is green, but I cannot confirm the veracity of those claims, unlike the

hb cherie 3gp

Download: Huai Bin and Cherie []
This me and Cherie doing Flaming Lamborghinis in tandem. Jimmy and Ghana were mixing the drinks.

jo 3gp

Download: Jo []
This is Jo doing the Flaming Lamborghini

hb 3gp

Download: Huai Bin []
This is me doing the second flaming for the night (had three in quick succession)

cherie 3gp

Download: Cherie []
This is Cherie doing another one again (she also had three)

Personal drinks count:
2 x Gin and tonics
2 x beers
3 x glass of red wine
3 x Flaming Lamborghinis
1/4 bottle of Korean wine

Totally random and unrelated photos from the previous night:

me jo 1

This is Jo….from the previous night, or last night, or the night before, I can’t remember…

me jo 2

One piece of information which might or might not interest you – Jo
brought me to do my second tattoo on my first week in Melbourne.

me jo photos

“OMG, did we take that many photos?”

luconia me ericka

Ericka turned up at Luconia one day, but I forgot which one, coz my memory is like, totally fucked.

luconia drinking

“I drink to get fucked up”

santa me cherie

This is me with Cherie wearing matching Santa hats. It’s actually Luconia staff issue. πŸ˜‰

More Santa hat pictures:

santa me
Huai Bin

santa irene

santa cherie

I’m doing all this is the name of science – I’m on a personal
research mission to find out exactly how long the average human liver
can take a nightly barrage of alcohol before it shrivels up and dies. πŸ˜‰

Irene, and God Bless Her Soul, managed to wake us up at 6:35 am as promised. She’s amazing, I think she’s superhuman.

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