Flaming Lamborghini a.k.a. “I shouldn’t drink all through the night!”

luconia drinks

Note: Videos are in .3gp format which means you need QuickTime.

sixthseal.com is doing a special on ethanol based drinks this week, coz apparently alcohol is legal.
In a similar vein, I’ve also heard that the sky is blue and that grass
is green, but I cannot confirm the veracity of those claims, unlike the

hb cherie 3gp

Download: Huai Bin and Cherie [sixthseal.com]
This me and Cherie doing Flaming Lamborghinis in tandem. Jimmy and Ghana were mixing the drinks.

jo 3gp

Download: Jo [sixthseal.com]
This is Jo doing the Flaming Lamborghini

hb 3gp

Download: Huai Bin [sixthseal.com]
This is me doing the second flaming for the night (had three in quick succession)

cherie 3gp

Download: Cherie [sixthseal.com]
This is Cherie doing another one again (she also had three)

Personal drinks count:
2 x Gin and tonics
2 x beers
3 x glass of red wine
3 x Flaming Lamborghinis
1/4 bottle of Korean wine

Totally random and unrelated photos from the previous night:

me jo 1

This is Jo….from the previous night, or last night, or the night before, I can’t remember…

me jo 2

One piece of information which might or might not interest you – Jo
brought me to do my second tattoo on my first week in Melbourne.

me jo photos

“OMG, did we take that many photos?”

luconia me ericka

Ericka turned up at Luconia one day, but I forgot which one, coz my memory is like, totally fucked.

luconia drinking

“I drink to get fucked up”

santa me cherie

This is me with Cherie wearing matching Santa hats. It’s actually Luconia staff issue. πŸ˜‰

More Santa hat pictures:

santa me
Huai Bin

santa irene

santa cherie

I’m doing all this is the name of science – I’m on a personal
research mission to find out exactly how long the average human liver
can take a nightly barrage of alcohol before it shrivels up and dies. πŸ˜‰

Irene, and God Bless Her Soul, managed to wake us up at 6:35 am as promised. She’s amazing, I think she’s superhuman.

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