Cherie is Luconia

cherie is luconia group

Cherie has recently left for KL and it is much to our surprise (or maybe not) that we’ve come to think of Cherie as Luconia and the place just doesn’t seem the same without her anymore. I was talking to David the other day and we were talking about finding a new watering hole considering the massive staff resignations and management chance in Luconia (Post-Cherie). This photo is from the good old days of Luconia (Pre-Cherie).

cherie is luconia

I’m only writing about this since there’s a lot of Cherie fans out there. I usually don’t write this much about my personal life.

cherie is luconia crop

Cherie was a good girlfriend and a close friend to me and I’ll always remain her friend. She called and told me to call her up when I’m in KL.

cherie is luconia us

It was fun when we were together, but all good times must pass and we shall find a new watering hole to satiate our appetites for ethanol based drinks soon coz Luconia just isn’t the same without you.

…and like I always said, when it was good, it was great, right? πŸ˜‰

P/S – Here’s a bonus picture of Cherie since you guys like her so much:

cherie is luconia bonus


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