Minoru Japanese Restaurant review

minoru japanese restaurant

Minoru Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese
cuisine eating establishment in Kuching. It is supposed to be the best
place to go for authentic Japanese food. It’s located in Rubber Road
and it’s a cozy corner lot, relatively unknown, but a gem of a place if
you find it.

minoru interior

The interior of Minoru Japanese restaurant is furnished in classic
Japanese decor and there are various seating arrangements to
accommodate patrons as well as a sushi bar area where you can watch the
sushi chef prepare the orders.

minoru service

The service at Minoru Japanese restaurant is excellent – the
waitresses are accommodating, friendly and attentive…probably coz we
were the only ones there. ;)

japanese menu

There is a menu plastered on the wall with Japanese writing which I
can’t make sense of and I don’t know why it’s there since probably
0.0035% of the population here actually can read Japanese.

fish tank

I went there with Cherie before she left for Melbourne in the
afternoon and the place exudes an ambience of serenity. There is a fish
tank at the bar seating area (which used to have piranhas) – it’s very
tranquil, perfect for a quiet afternoon lunch.


There are various condiments interspaced with sake place cards every
meter or so on the bar seating area. The condiments are all imported
from Japan, unlike other “Japanese” eating establishments.

paper lanterns

The view from the sushi bar into the area is decorated with lighted
paper lanterns and the area behind it is full of Japanese paraphernalia.

sake selection

There is a wide selection of sake and shochu (including the ones in
the cardboard boxes – love them) and naturally, Asahi beer in bottles,
cans and mini cans.

fresh sashimi

The sushi bar has a transparent glass counter at eye level with the
fresh tuna and octopus as well as other provisions…all air flown in
from Japan.

sushi chef

This is the sushi chef behind the counter. Minoru Japanese restaurant also serves fugu (puffer fish) but the dish is seasonal.


I ordered Hon Nama sake (RM 35) which can be served
either at room temperature, chilled or warmed. It comes with a shot
glass so I decided to take shots instead of savoring the sake coz I have an alcohol problem I didn’t want to be pretentious.

california rolls

This is the California Roll (RM 20) which Cherie
recommended. It’s really good! Unlike other establishments, the Temaki
is filled with all sorts of premium ingredients right down to the
bottom of the roll. It’s a must have if you’re going to Minoru.

sashimi platter

This is the sashimi platter that we had. There is salmon sashimi (RM 25), shrimp sashimi (RM 22), octopus sashimi (RM 15), Ikura (RM 30) and Tobiko (RM 14).

exotic sushi

We also ordered Akagai sushi (RM 30) which is rare in Kuching. It’s fresh ark shell. The other one is Kazunoko sushi (RM 25) which is herring roe.

unagi eel

The Unagi (RM 25) with rice topped with seasoning
(RM 2) tastes great as well. I can’t resist eel with rice; it’s what I
used to eat in Melbourne.

chawan mushi

The Chawan Mushi (RM 6) in Minoru Japanese restaurant is good as well…it’s full of ingredients inside.

soft shelled crab

This is the soft shelled crab (RM 16) which we did not manage to finish coz it’s obvious that we ordered too much food. :)


The most interesting décor in Minoru Japanese restaurant is this
glass encased selection of miniature dishes that the establishment
offers. The bill came to about RM 300+ which is reasonable for
authentic Japanese cuisine.



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