2015 Chinese New Year Fireworks Roundup in Kuala Lumpur

2015 Fireworks Collection

Yup, I’m going to do two fireworks roundups this year – one in KL where I work and one in Sibu where I come back for the Chinese New Year holidays. Truth be told, there isn’t a lot of fireworks in Kuala Lumpur compared to Sibu, the stock is pretty meagre and the large firework cakes are twice the price of what we pay here.

Fireworks Stall

However, I did want to put on a nice little show for the kids and my better half so here’s what I got:

25 Shot “Your Wish in Flowers” Fireworks Cake

25 Shot Fireworks Cake

This is a 25 shot compact fireworks cake called Lu Yi Zhi Hua which translates to “Your Wish in Flowers” – very apt considering Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Chinese New Year is coming up.

It’s a pretty decent multi effect cake, heavy with a nice mixture of crackling willow, whistles and beautiful pearl breaks. I thought it was worth the RM 40 I paid.

100 Meteor Shots Shots Crossfire

100 Meteor Shots

This is a Saturn missile battery with 100 shots. I got it for RM 20 coz I combined this purchase with another fireworks cake. I wanted to show the kids what a classic firework from my youth looks like – this can actually be fired during daylight or at night since it doesn’t make much difference.

100 Shot Saturn

It really has 100 shot but it’s just a whistling effect with a comet tail streaking up into the skies – you can see the array here.

Here’s the video of the 100 Meteor Shots Shots Crossfire Cake.

5 Minute Horseshoe Fountain

Fontana Ferro di Cavallo

I actually reviewed this in another separate post which I put up last week. I had to do a bit of research to find out what this new firework was and why it was called this so check out my writeup on the new Italian horseshoe fountain fireworks this year.

Single Shot Mine

Single Shot Mine

This is sold in a package of six (6) and has six different effects. It’s a non-reloadable pre-packaged single use mine and as you can see, the diameter is quite large (around 1.25”) which can be larger than most high-shot-count firework cakes. What this translates to is a bigger and better aerial break.

This one is a triple effect with report – there’s a comet tail, sparks and a double bloom with crackling willow which is really quite nice for the price. A mine is the same thing as a single/multi shot aerial shell but the effects packed into it are released all at once instead of in sequence. Mines are not that popular nowadays coz it finishes in 3-5 seconds max. I remember having one in 2006 in a mine cake format.

This is just RM 10 each or RM 50 for a six-pack and I thought it’s the best firework you can purchase this year. It’s not chained together like a fireworks cake so there’s no “display-in-a-box” but for the price, the shell is beautiful and the aerial break is quite remarkable. I would get this again if I see it! 🙂

Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots review

cny06 firecrackers box

This is a box of assorted firecrackers and fireworks that somehow appeared in my room in Sibu in a mysterious and somewhat nefarious manner. 😉 I gave most of it away since I prefer loud and large fireworks and firecrackers. There were a lot of assorted fireworks (and more will mysteriously appear again tonight) in the box with a couple of larger scale firecrackers.

cny06 colorpeony twins

This is 48 Colorpeony placed next to a 16 Colorpeony for scale. The number represents the amount of shots inside the fireworks. Mysterious mysteries. Colorpeony is a popular Chinese New Year firework and again, it somehow appeared incriminatingly in my room. I love loud firecrackers and huge fireworks boxes that produce the pyrotechnics I crave. 🙂

I got up at 7 am this morning (“got up” not “woke up”, haven’t slept in two days) feeling extremely irritable for no reason at all so I decided to wake up the neighbours with the 48 Colorpeony firecrackers. It’s supposed to be lit at night so the flaming balls and sparks that shoots up into the sky isn’t overpowered by the sun, but I wanted to cheer myself up.

cny06 colorpeony light

Thus, I set the 48 Colorpeony fireworks on the ground near the auto gate and prepared to light it up. The size of Colorpeony fireworks is huge if you haven’t seen one – it has a footprint as large as a notebook (larger than the mini laptops) and it’s about one foot in height and girth. I asked my mom (who was conveniently there) to take a video of the pyrotechnics.

cny06 colorpeony spent

She did…at least all that aiming and panning stuff, but she forgot to press the shutter button! Arrrggghhh…I would have killed her if it wasn’t Chinese New Year coz it was a really good scene coz I was being stupid. I just lit the fuse, stood there looking down INTO the fireworks, gave a running commentary on my favourite firework and got hit by one of the shots coz I stood right beside it. Jesus Christ, I wish that was recorded…

dragons playing pearl fireworks

Thus, I went up and grabbed this new firecracker that I bought – it’s called Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots which is a damn long name. It’s smaller than the Colorpeony fireworks but I didn’t want to waste another Colorpeony so I decided to check out this new firework. It sounds intriguing enough. Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots. Mines. Shots. Mmm…

dragons fireworks

Download: Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots [sixthseal.com]

I gave my mom a 30 minute tutorial on how to use the video function of my digicam and taught her the basics of panning correctly (she doesn’t know which scenes should be focused on at what time, so I had to give her audio cues…loud ones, in the video, and she had to use zoom coz she thinks fireworks are dangerous in close proximity) and lit the Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots.

cny06 morning sibu

The Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots are surprisingly captivating. It alternates coloured balls of fire and shots of explosions in a standard 30 tube box firecracker format. It doesn’t have the sheer intense exit velocity of Colorpeony (which is loud and shoots up a good 200 meters into the stratosphere) but the Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots holds its own for a firecracker in its class.

cny06 morning fireworks

It’s very therapeutic to light fireworks in the morning. I went to bed straight after that and just woke up for the reunion dinner. I’ve only had half a sandwich in two days so I’m a little hungry. I’ll light more of the Dragon Playing Pearl Fireworks tonight when it’s dark so it would look better…

…or should I do it now? Hmm…

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P/S – I love Sibu, practically everyone is letting off firecrackers (which was what woke me up just now) in the neighbourhoods. There’s always a constant sound of various fireworks and firecrackers, distant and near, and that, my friends, is the true spirit of Chinese New Year. There’s more to come tonight – that’s when the Chinese New Year Eve celebrations really goes off large scale. I have more boxes of interesting fireworks and firecrackers for tonight, so stay tuned!

Happy New Year to all of sixthseal.com readers!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!


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