Frito-Lay: Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ flavored STAX potato crisps

lays stax product range

Lay’s crisps are some of the best potato chips in
the category. I’ve never really cared for crisps – I don’t like
Pringles or other potato chips…perhaps its due to the fact that I was
raised in Malaysia and Malaysian snacks have always been very
salty, compared to the low sodium and minimal (relatively) food
flavoring offerings in other countries – a point I’ve stressed numerous
times while I was in Australia.

lays stax container

Lays crisps is big in the United States – it’s the #1 snack in that
market. Frito-Lay has partnered up with another food condiment company
to produce potato chips flavored with KC Masterpiece Barbeque sauce []. It seems to be a trend in the snack industry as I’ve seen Smith’s crisps in Australia [] partnering up with big names in the food condiment industry like Heinz tomato sauce while I was in Melbourne.

lays stax kc masterpiece

Lay’s came out with a new container called STAX that looks very much
like a standard Pringles can but it’s made of pliable plastic and has
an ergonomic easy grip (the top and bottom is extended out, leaving a
thinner middle portion). It’s a resealable crush-resistant blue
container and it retails for RM 7.65 per can. The range of Lay’s crisps
STAX is filled with a healthy repertoire of flavors – original and
other food condiment partnership flavors.

lays stax bbq crisps

The product is actually made in Mexico instead of the United States
– just a little bit of (useless) trivia. Lays KC Masterpiece BBQ STAX
potato crisps “slides” out from the middle and each crisp is curved
perfectly with a healthy sprinkling of KC Masterpiece Barbecue sauce
seasoning in the middle.

Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ STAX crisp tastes great!
It’s salty and it has that mouth watering smoky BBQ sauce flavor – the
barbecue sauce is replicated perfectly!

Smith’s Great Australian Tastes


This is the Great Australian Tastes edition of Smith’s Potato
Crisps. The first one is Heinz Big Red Tomato Sauce & Meat Pie and
the second one is Ham and Keen’s Mustard. I liked the Heinz tomato
sauce on meat pie one. It really tastes like a meat pie with tomato
sauce on it! The artificial flavoring industry has progressed very far
indeed. πŸ™‚ I didn’t think much of the ham and mustard one though. Too
salty. I don’t even like crisps but I thought the two would look nice
together. Anyway, I have an early 9 am class tomorrow so I should be
sleeping soon. See you all tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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