CareBee Pure Honey + Vinegar bottled drink

restaurant shauiya 24h

I has my breakfast this morning at the 24 hour mamak place downstairs and had my usual mee maggie goreng pedas sotong. I was going to order the usual teh tarik when I saw this poster:

It was advertising an unusual concoction of honey and vinegar (!). CareBee Honey Drink with Vinegar
sounds interesting on the sole basis that it had vinegar in it. I was
wondering what a drink of honey and vinegar would taste like

carebee drink maggie

Thus, I ordered the drink instead of teh tarik.

carebee drink stubbie

CareBee Honey Drink (with vinegar) comes in a small, stubby bottle and claims to be “full of energy” with “no added sugar”.

carebee drink sample

It tastes like a VERY sweet honey drink – I could not discern the vinegar in it (if any) and the URL of the company is invalid.


Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee Christmas Special

starbucks christmas drinks

Starbucks has this sign proclaiming that The Christmas Drinks Are Here
in a nicely decorated chalkboard design full of holiday cheer (Joy to
All) at their Midvalley Megamall franchise just now, and we went in to
sample this year’s seasonal lineup while waiting out the heavy rain
earlier this evening.

starbucks christmas drinks 2005

There are two new offerings for the Christmas season in the
traditional two drink format (one hot drink and one cold one, usually a
frap). There is Crème Brulee Latte for the ones who
prefer hot coffee in sizes of Tall, Grande and Venti for RM 11, RM
12.50 and RM 13.50 respectively. The ice blended offering for this
Christmas is the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee that also comes in sizes of Tall, Grande and Venti for RM 12, RM 13 and RM 14.

starbucks christmas cheer

The Christmas decorations seems to have been put up too, despite
being still a good month (and then some) away from Christmas day, but
that’s pretty standard since consumerism reigns king for the most
profitable holiday season for most retailers. The airwaves were also
filled with Christmas carols, inspiring a yearning for material
oriented spending in this glorious holiday, which has pretty much lost
its significance a long time ago. πŸ˜‰

starbucks peppermint frappe venti

Anyway, being one to contribute positively to the country’s economy
(er…patronizing Starbucks franchises in Malaysia counts as domestic
spending, right?) I ordered a large (Venti) Peppermint Mocha
Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee. It comes with whipped cream and red
sprinkles on top to add more color to the festive cheer.

starbucks peppermint frappe sprinkles

The Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee
tastes surprisingly good, despite my initial impression that Starbucks
didn’t seem to be very innovative with this year’s Christmas lineup.
The mocha based Frappuccino retains a strong chocolate taste, and the
strong peppermint sneaks up on you with a strong minty aftertaste with
each drink.

I don’t know what peppermint has to do with Christmas though, but hey, it only happens once a year… πŸ˜‰

Little Penang Kafe @ Midvalley Megamall

little penang kafe

little penang kafe is a rather large eating
establishment in Midvalley Megamall – which doesn’t lead itself to this
impression at first glace. The place actually has two spacious areas on
the sides (hidden from view) and an elevated eating area with a view
outside the mall, and another dining area on top of that. It can accommodate more people than the first impression gives…

little penang kafe red ruby

This is Red Ruby (RM ?) a dessert I ordered – it’s
concocted of sweet evaporated milk, coconut milk, red colored jelly,
and jackfruit in shaved ice. It’s good stuff…the local tropical fruit
gives this dessert a great twist.

little penang kafe mee

I also ordered Penang Hokkien Mee (RM 9) and was
surprised to see that it came in a SOUP! It seems that Penang Hokkien
Mee is a soup based dish instead of a dry noodle dish like the KL style
Hokkien Mee. This one from little penang kafe has a lot of large prawns
in it and it tastes great! Spicy.

little penang kafe rojak

This is Penang style rojak (again) that we shared. It’s RM 7 and it tastes like rojak.

little penang kafe napkin

Little Penang Kafe is a nice place for hawker style food in a mall
(which defeats the whole concept of hawker food, but I digress). A lot
of people seem to like it anyway, the place was packed when we arrived
there just now and customers kept on streaming in. That’s gotta say
something…and there are photos of the Agong’s wife and Dr. Mahathir
patronizing the outlets and that probably says something as well (or

Anyway, I’m a little bushed today due to waking up at 3:35 am in the
morning to catch my flight to KL. I was sedated, stoned and drunk last
night too, so congrats to Cherie and Valerine on actually managing to
get me drunk. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the beer Cherie and thanks for the Kent MINTEK 1 from Thailand, Val!

OK, I can’t think straight right now, so I shall consume some DF-118
kindly furnished by the clinic opposite my office in KL and go to
sleep. I have another appointment tomorrow morning. Later…

Ipoh Special Rojak and other rojak stories

ipoh special rojak stall

Ipoh Special Rojak is a stall at Hai Pa Wang,
a popular seafood restaurant in Kuching. I didn’t even remember going
there until I saw the pictures and from that I deduced that the
combination of the remainder of an eighth of Shine On Georgia Moon
together with 4 tablets of Dormicum 15 mg (midazolam) and smoking weed
with Cherie collectively gave me anterograde amnesia.

cherie me

I seriously did not remember anything about going out last night
until I saw that there were images in my digital camera from last night
and then it all flashed back to me (no pun intended). I went out in a
daze at approximately 10 pm in search for nourishment (nutritionists
use the terminology “food”) and dropped by Luconia to meet up with
Cherie before going to Hai Pa Wang. I wanted to eat fish.

ipoh special rojak girl

This person approached our table as we were seated at Hai Pa Wang
and asked us if we wanted to try some “Ipoh Special Rojak”. She said
that it’s totally different from the Sarawak implementation, and having
developed symptoms of a serious case of the muchies, I said alright,
bring it on.

ipoh special rojak

She brought it on…the rojak is stoner’s heaven man, like totally.
Excuse my temporary lapse in linguistics. Anyway, the Ipoh Special
Rojak was topped with sweet rojak sauce and pork floss, creating a
wonderful topping. There were several unusual things in the rojak as
well, which I could not identify in my state of intoxication but there
was something very interesting with a chewy texture. Highly recommended!

…and God damn it, no pun intended. πŸ˜‰

fish feat

Anyway, we ordered quite a lot of seafood, overestimating our
cannabis induced appetites and there was this huge fish (gestures with
hands) that we ordered and NO ONE had room for it anymore. It all boils
down to one person…someone of great testicular fortitude (or
gastronomic fortitude rather) to finish the damn thing. That person
also happens to be me, unfortunately drawing the shortest straw.

fish feat start

I started digging my way into the fish, and it was a bit of a
challenge to finish even one side of the fish, but I was determined to
finish the fucking thing. I started working my way though it…

fish feat half

…and finally managed to get one side of the fish into the deep,
dark bowels of my intestines. I’m very optimistic at that moment and
I’m sure I could finish it with my cannabis induced appetite…even if
I had another half of a large whole fish to eat.

fish feat other side

The fish was flipped over and I was initially overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fish that I still had to eat, but not being one to renegade on my words, I firmly planted my will into consuming the damned fish.

fish feat pwned

…and by the grace of God (or weed), I did it! Jesus Christ, I
can’t believe that I forgot all about that when I woke up this morning
and only remembered my gastronomical feat when I reviewed my digicam
and all the memories came rushing back.

Eating a whole fish is not something to sneeze at. I totally pwned that fish kau kau…

Anyway, I’ve gotta go to the toilet now…I’ll be flying to KL early
tomorrow morning on a business trip and I’ll be there till the weekend
so you know the number to call.

…er, actually, you probably don’t since I changed it. It’s 016 888 3166.

Paralgin Forte – instant relief from your friendly neighborhood pharmacist

paralgin forte mag baggie

Paralgin Forte is a preparation containing 400 mg
of paracetamol (APAP) and 30 mg of codeine per tablet. It’s available
at some pharmacies with the appropriate license to dispense codeine
containing preparations and it’s the most common codeine formulation
around Malaysia. It’s a restricted (quite so, especially in certain
pharmacies) pharmaceutical due to the high codeine content per tablet.

paralgin forte baggies

There is one pharmacy (which doesn’t look dodgy at all, by all outward appearances) who will sell packets of 5 (five) pre-split Paralgin Forte tablets
[] for RM 3 per packet with an enforced maximum purchase
of two such packets per customer. The pharmacy seems to have targeted a
particular segment of the pharmaceuticals market (namely, people like
me) and pre-package two packets of the Paralgin Forte in a little
magazine insert (ironically, Discovery Travel and Adventure) and sells
it for RM 10.

paralgin forte baggie dose

It’s instant relief for pains real or imaginary, with one hell of an
effect. The packets are sold, no questions asked, at the abovementioned
quota of two packets per customer per visit. I usually take much more
codeine to get off, but without opiate tolerance (or with diminished
opiate tolerance) 300 mg of codeine coupled with benzodiazepines can be
your best friend for about 4 hours. πŸ˜‰

I don’t even bother to do a cold water extraction – I’ve taken 4.4
grams of paracetamol (APAP) routinely without adverse effects and at my
highest (which collaborates with the lowest point of my life) took 8
grams (20 tablets for 600 mg of codeine) without kicking the bucket. It
should be noted that the “ceiling dose” (the dose where you stop
getting anything more from codeine) for codeine is 400 mg – thus, in
hindsight, it wasn’t a very wise thing to do.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for
massive liver damage and/or end organ failure and death resulting from,
or indirectly caused by, taking massive quantities of paracetamol

The official guide is 4 grams per day, maximum, for a healthy adult,
and not in one sitting (staggered dosing), but what do we care, eh? πŸ˜‰

Tuah Baker – Hot from oven

tuah baker

I was walking through Sarawak Plaza half stoned (okay, totally stoned) when I noticed an opening sign for Tuah Baker
with the tantalizingly munchies inducing quote “Good bread is the most
fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh
butter, the greatest of all feasts.”

tuah baker bakery

The sweet aroma of freshly baked bread ala Rotiboy steered my senses
to their booth in the middle of the food court – the smell of the
piping hot baked goods was strong enough to overpower all the other
proprietor’s offerings in the food court. Tuah Baker – Hot from oven is
heavily inspired by Rotiboy’s concept – except instead of the coffee
cream bun, they also have a chocolate cream bun.

tuah baker buns

The buns go for RM 1.60 each and there are no discounts for more
than one purchase, unlike Rotiboy (which I’m comparing this bakery with
due to the remarkable similarity in concept). It was timely on our
behalf that we got there just as the goods came out from the oven, so
we got the only kind of bread one should eat – piping hot, almost
tongue scalding. πŸ˜‰

tuah baker bag

I got one coffee bun and one chocolate bun and would have got more,
except they’ll have gotten cold by the time I’ve gotten around to the
third one. This is what the coffee bun looks like – the buns all come
in a brown paper bag, except this one doesn’t have any bakery insignia
on it. The buns are finally put into the paper bag and “baked” for a
short period – so the paper bag feels toasty as well. πŸ™‚

tuah baker bun

The buns are warm and crispy – there’s nothing like the remarkable
aroma of baked bread smelling of freshly brewed coffee with a crispy
crust around a wonderfully soft and fluffy bun. One of my friends,
being unfamiliar with Rotiboy products, remarked: “This tastes like

Tuah Baker only sells the fresh from the oven coffee and chocolate
buns and it’s best to get them while a fresh batch is out of the oven.

Shine On Georgia Moon

shine on georgia moon corn whiskey

Shine On Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey is a popular
distilled liquor made of corn with roots in moonshine production. Shine
On Georgia Moon does not pretend to be anything except whiskey
distilled from corn and one of its selling points is that it comes in a
unique mason jar with a HUGE opening.

shine on georgia moon bottle

Shine On Georgia Moon is produced by Johnson Distillery Co. in Bardstown, Kentucky and it claims to be “Less than 30 days old”.
This is not a holier-than-thou premium aged whiskey and it’s proud of
that. I like the unpretentious mason jar bottle with the simple, yet
artistic cardboard slap on label. Shine On Georgia Moon is an obvious
reference to the moonshine history of the US.

shine on mason jar

The impression I got from Shine On Georgia Moon brand corn whiskey
is that it’s meant to be chugged, based on the size of the mason jar
opening. It comes courtesy of cooknengr
[] who kindly sent it all the way from the United States.
Thanks Eddie! It’s always a pleasure to sample the delights that you
generously send my way.

shine on open

Shine On Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey opens up to reveal a completely
translucent liquid – there is no colorization of the corn based liquor
at all. I expected it to taste like moonshine and tentatively took a
drink from the huge jar. The results knocked me off my feet – Shine On
Georgia Moon not only tastes great, it beats most “premium” bourbons
and whiskeys from Kentucky like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels!

shine on open jar

The taste of Shine On Georgia Moon has a strong hint of corn and it
goes down surprisingly well, with not much of a bite to speak of.
There’s a sweet corn like aftertaste to the liquor and for a 40%
alcohol liquor, it’s surprisingly easy to drink neat. I’ll recommend
that to anyone who has their hands on this particular corn whiskey –
drink it neat and savor the taste of this unique corn liquor. It tastes
so good I wish I kept the bottle here so I can have a nip right now.
That’s how good it is…

shine on georgia moon

Shine On, Georgia Moon!

I do not have a problem with alcohol consumption. Just in case you’re wondering.

Calendar cannabis – Marijuana for every day of the year!

calendar cannabis

I picked up my regular supply of cannabis last night and it came in
the most interesting wrapper I’ve seen to date (and I’ve seen a lot) –
it’s a page detailing the date from a tear-off Chinese style calendar. It’s simular to one that came in a package I ordered off These are the calendars that come in a thick Yellow Pages type book
(except it’s smaller) and each page gets torn off to reveal the new
day. It creates a lot of waste paper and it’s been falling out of vogue
in recent years but you can still find them around. Learn more about prosper wellness cbd – dailywellnesspro here!

calendar cannabis paper

The cannabis came in a plastic baggie inside the Chinese paper
calendar wrap – it’s been uncompressed from the usual compressed weed
that we get here in Malaysia and it’s supposed to be 10 grams
worth of the stuff, although my contact warned me that it might be a
bit of the light side and offered to reduce the price to RM 90 per 10
grams instead of the usual RM 120 for 10 grams in brick (compressed
cube) form.

calendar cannabis compare

This is a size comparison to give perspective to the dimensions of
the baggie of cannabis, pictured here next to a regular box of
cigarettes. It’s been “uncompressed”, mind, so there’s perceived bulk
at the expense of actual weight. I’ve seen smaller packages that’s been
highly compressed and yet weighs in more that this but I’m getting my
cannabis from another contact now, and I like the guy, so I don’t
really mind (coz he delivers, that’s the key ;)).

Are you trying to find the purest form on cbd oil adviser for the right price?

calendar cannabis macro

Here’s a closer look at the cannabis that’s commonly available in
MalaysiaΒ  Then check out kΓΈb CBD olie til en god pris.- This is about the same quantity you would need if you were to ask me, how much maeng da to take for pain? I won’t pretend to know what strain this is, but it’s what
we get over here. Granted, we’re not a city in Amsterdam and we don’t
have a large community of hobby horticulturists due to the legalities
involved (horticulturists gets hanged over here) so we don’t have much
in the way of choice.

Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs VS Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs in brine

plumrose vs ye olde oak

It’s a face-off of massive proportions, the sausage event of the century – is proud to bring to you: Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs vs. Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs. It’s an evaluation between the two different brands of canned hot dogs (sausages) in brine. I hate this stuff. :p

plumrose premium giant hotdogs

This is the first contender – Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs
(RM 9.95) a tall and sturdy built cylindrical shaped can containing 6
(six) “Premium Giant Hotdog” (it’s not really that big, to be honest).

plumrose premium giant hotdogs can

Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs has an image of a football player at
the back to emphasize the Americana in the product. It’s made primarily
of turkey (mechanically recovered turkey, that is, which isn’t exactly
people per se, but it’s turkey parts) and comes with a serving
suggestion of a conventional hot dog (in a bun).

ye olde oak hotdogs

The second contender is the Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs
(RM 7.80) a conventional can also holding 6 (six) “American Style Hot
Dogs” in the can. These are the common size hot dogs you see in the
freezers of supermarkets in both length and girth.

ye olde oak can

Now, the thing about Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs is that it actually has a mascot to go with it. No shit. It’s called Captain Hot Dog
and it’s a sausage dressed in Lincoln-era colors that’s partially
naked. There’s just something very wrong about this, but I can’t put my
finger on it (no pun intended).

captain hot dog

It is apparently UK’s favorite hot dog. Hmm…

Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs

ye olde oak hotdogs can open

The can is an EZ-open container with a snap off lid, that’s a major
thumbs up for Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs. I don’t want to use
a can opener unless I have to. The brine looks mighty oily though and
it’s like liquid fat, that’s how vicious the brine solution is…

Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs

plumrose premium giant hotdogs can open

The Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs requires a can opener to open up
the container. The brine looks more appetizing in this one – there’s no
large “oil slicks” or sudden bobs of fatty material – this one is
brine, and just brine, thank you very much. However, there are two
disturbing patches of brown colored froth at the sides of the can…

Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs vs. Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs

plumrose vs ye olde oak compare

Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs wins in both girth and length but is size really the deciding factor? We’ll see…

The Taste Test

Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs

ye olde oak hotdogs single

The Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs looks like what the normal
sized sausages looks like. There are wrinkly textures to the side of
the sausage, much like the ones out of the freezer. Bonus points for
getting the look right.

ye olde oak hotdogs bite

It tastes like what “real” sausages should taste like – the skin and
filling is firm and biting into the hot dog doesn’t cause any bursts in
brine (an all too common occurrence with sausages in brine) and it
actually tastes like a sausage. It’s good.

Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs

plumrose premium giant hotdogs single

The Plumrose Premium Giant Hotdogs looks like oversized sausages or
gourmet sausages (except we can’t really call sausages in brine gourmet
sausages, can we?). It has a slightly pink exterior and it looks like
its prime. It does look a little limp, but other than that, everything
is peachy.

plumrose premium giant hotdogs bite

This hotdog has one major flaw – the skin instantly slides off and
practically disintegrates when bitten into and the filling comes
pouring out in your mouth like an obscene…er, ejaculation. I did not
like that feeling. No, not at all…

“Who let the dogs out?”

hotdogs german shepherds

Captain Hot Dog, I’ll like you to meet the German Shepherds.

poor hotdog

I’m afraid they like you. I’m afraid they like you a lot…

Ye Olde Oak American Style Hot Dogs wins.

I realized with much regret that I’ve just taught the dogs to go after a weenie, er…I mean, wiener.

Note to self: Start wearing jockstraps.

Pizza Hut Mystical Moroccan Pizza

mystical moroccan pizza door

Pizza Hut came out with another new pizza in commemoration of the Muslim celebration with the Mystical Moroccan Pizza. The Mystical Moroccan Pizza is a unique square pizza (instead of the usual round ones) that comes with the tagline – Discover the Exotic Flavors of Morocco.

The Mystical Moroccan Pizza comes with a similarly themed Pizza Hut
“spinner” game which is now standard with all new promotional pizzas.
The spinner games give the patrons who order the promotional pizza
incentives in the form of free food and drink, depending on the luck of
the spin.

mystical spin

This one is called The Mystical Spin and plays on the
square shape of the pizza. The two spinners are called the “Destination
Spinner” and “Number Spinner” and the first one directs the player into
one of the four quadrants which depicts holy sites in the Islam faith.
The prime prize is always another promotional pizza. I got the
Breadstix and asked to change that to a Pepsi instead (coz I was

puff pastry soup

There is also an option to upgrade the Soup of the Day to Puff Pastry Soup
for RM 1 which I highly recommend. The Puff Pastry Soup is actually
baked in the kitchen and not from the (admittedly) slightly disgusting
container where the communal Soup of the Day is located. It comes with
a pastry top and the entire soup container is piping hot!

puff pastry soup tomato

The Puff Pastry Soup comes with an option of tomato soup or mushroom
soup and it’s made to order, with the pastry baked WITH the soup and
that makes all the difference. The soup comes out scalding hot and the
puff pastry on top works very well when dunked into the soup and let to
soak for a bit. Tabasco sauce goes very well with the soup that Pizza
Hut serves (Campbell).

mystical moroccan pizza square

This is the Mystical Moroccan Pizza – it’s a square (!) pizza that
comes with the pitch “The new Mystical Moroccan Pizza is a culinary
adventure! Enjoy golden slices of dried apricots, roasted onions,
olives, and chicken or beef marinated with exotic herbs. All topped on
a spread of savory and sweet Moroccan sauce. Get a taste of Morocco
with every bite!”

mystical moroccan pizza closer

The advertising hyperbole aside, the Mystical Moroccan Pizza really
does taste good. The Pizza Hut attendant came over and asked us to do a
customer survey for the Puff Pastry Soup and the Mystical Moroccan
Pizza and I told her that they’re both good, and that all we needed was
a shisha for an authentic experience. πŸ˜‰

mystical moroccan pizza slice

Here’s a closer look at the Mystical Moroccan Pizza – it has beef
pieces and olives as well as dried apricots and I like the square shape
of the pizza, which allows for even slices of pizza that’s easy to
hold. It’s a great pizza, much better than the usual promotional Pizza
Hut fare. I told Ericka that all I needed was some hashish and I’ll
think I’m in Morocco, that’s how good the pizza is…

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