Little Penang Kafe @ Midvalley Megamall

little penang kafe

little penang kafe is a rather large eating
establishment in Midvalley Megamall – which doesn’t lead itself to this
impression at first glace. The place actually has two spacious areas on
the sides (hidden from view) and an elevated eating area with a view
outside the mall, and another dining area on top of that. It can accommodate more people than the first impression gives…

little penang kafe red ruby

This is Red Ruby (RM ?) a dessert I ordered – it’s
concocted of sweet evaporated milk, coconut milk, red colored jelly,
and jackfruit in shaved ice. It’s good stuff…the local tropical fruit
gives this dessert a great twist.

little penang kafe mee

I also ordered Penang Hokkien Mee (RM 9) and was
surprised to see that it came in a SOUP! It seems that Penang Hokkien
Mee is a soup based dish instead of a dry noodle dish like the KL style
Hokkien Mee. This one from little penang kafe has a lot of large prawns
in it and it tastes great! Spicy.

little penang kafe rojak

This is Penang style rojak (again) that we shared. It’s RM 7 and it tastes like rojak.

little penang kafe napkin

Little Penang Kafe is a nice place for hawker style food in a mall
(which defeats the whole concept of hawker food, but I digress). A lot
of people seem to like it anyway, the place was packed when we arrived
there just now and customers kept on streaming in. That’s gotta say
something…and there are photos of the Agong’s wife and Dr. Mahathir
patronizing the outlets and that probably says something as well (or

Anyway, I’m a little bushed today due to waking up at 3:35 am in the
morning to catch my flight to KL. I was sedated, stoned and drunk last
night too, so congrats to Cherie and Valerine on actually managing to
get me drunk. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the beer Cherie and thanks for the Kent MINTEK 1 from Thailand, Val!

OK, I can’t think straight right now, so I shall consume some DF-118
kindly furnished by the clinic opposite my office in KL and go to
sleep. I have another appointment tomorrow morning. Later…

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