Tuah Baker – Hot from oven

tuah baker

I was walking through Sarawak Plaza half stoned (okay, totally stoned) when I noticed an opening sign for Tuah Baker
with the tantalizingly munchies inducing quote “Good bread is the most
fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh
butter, the greatest of all feasts.”

tuah baker bakery

The sweet aroma of freshly baked bread ala Rotiboy steered my senses
to their booth in the middle of the food court – the smell of the
piping hot baked goods was strong enough to overpower all the other
proprietor’s offerings in the food court. Tuah Baker – Hot from oven is
heavily inspired by Rotiboy’s concept – except instead of the coffee
cream bun, they also have a chocolate cream bun.

tuah baker buns

The buns go for RM 1.60 each and there are no discounts for more
than one purchase, unlike Rotiboy (which I’m comparing this bakery with
due to the remarkable similarity in concept). It was timely on our
behalf that we got there just as the goods came out from the oven, so
we got the only kind of bread one should eat – piping hot, almost
tongue scalding. πŸ˜‰

tuah baker bag

I got one coffee bun and one chocolate bun and would have got more,
except they’ll have gotten cold by the time I’ve gotten around to the
third one. This is what the coffee bun looks like – the buns all come
in a brown paper bag, except this one doesn’t have any bakery insignia
on it. The buns are finally put into the paper bag and “baked” for a
short period – so the paper bag feels toasty as well. πŸ™‚

tuah baker bun

The buns are warm and crispy – there’s nothing like the remarkable
aroma of baked bread smelling of freshly brewed coffee with a crispy
crust around a wonderfully soft and fluffy bun. One of my friends,
being unfamiliar with Rotiboy products, remarked: “This tastes like

Tuah Baker only sells the fresh from the oven coffee and chocolate
buns and it’s best to get them while a fresh batch is out of the oven.

Sin Chua Huat bakery

sin chua huat

Sin Chua Huat bakery is about as old skool as they come…this
establishment has been around for over three decades! It’s a permanent
fixture in the old Jalan Padungan section…this Chinese bakery dates
way back. The bakery has bags of flour lining the entrance and all the
preparation is all done in full view of the public…and this was way
before it was chic to have the visible chef concept. πŸ˜‰ Old school, all
the way.

sch interior

The bread that this place offers are all oven baked…as in hot coal
brick oven. It’s the traditional method of baking and this place has
retained the method over the years. The picture below shows the first
section selling full loaves and half loaves of bread.

sch loaf bread

The half-loaf is meant for families who do not have the gastronomic
fortitude to eat through a full loaf and this practice of selling half
loaves has been marginalized to the point of extinction…except in old
Chinese bakeries.

sch generations

Sin Chua Huat bakery has been passed down from generation to
generation and you can see the wide age gap here – everyone chips in to
help in the bakery. It’s family owned and it’s said that the original
proprietor still comes out to help from time to time. Notice the butter
filling to the left and the coconut filling to the right?

sch empty buns

Sin Chua Huat sells four things and four things only – loaves of
freshly baked bread, empty buns and two types of filled buns. The
picture above shows the empty buns…it’s just bread made into buns.
The place sells home made kaya too, for complimenting their products.

sch filled buns

This is what this place is famous for – filled buns. They only have
two varieties – butter and coconut. The long ones are the butter buns
and the round ones are the coconut buns. We bought five of each for the
office. It costs 40 cents each.

sch tapau

The buns are baked twice a day…it’s best to go either very early
in the morning or mid afternoon. That’s when the buns come out warm and

sch coconut bun

This is the coconut bun. It round and the filling is made of shredded coconut and brown sugar.

sch butter bun

Here’s the butter bun. It’s the longer one and the filling is made of butter.

Sin Chua Huat is a must try if you’ve got a hankering for old skool Chinese pastries, done the traditional way.

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