Shine On Georgia Moon

shine on georgia moon corn whiskey

Shine On Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey is a popular
distilled liquor made of corn with roots in moonshine production. Shine
On Georgia Moon does not pretend to be anything except whiskey
distilled from corn and one of its selling points is that it comes in a
unique mason jar with a HUGE opening.

shine on georgia moon bottle

Shine On Georgia Moon is produced by Johnson Distillery Co. in Bardstown, Kentucky and it claims to be “Less than 30 days old”.
This is not a holier-than-thou premium aged whiskey and it’s proud of
that. I like the unpretentious mason jar bottle with the simple, yet
artistic cardboard slap on label. Shine On Georgia Moon is an obvious
reference to the moonshine history of the US.

shine on mason jar

The impression I got from Shine On Georgia Moon brand corn whiskey
is that it’s meant to be chugged, based on the size of the mason jar
opening. It comes courtesy of cooknengr
[] who kindly sent it all the way from the United States.
Thanks Eddie! It’s always a pleasure to sample the delights that you
generously send my way.

shine on open

Shine On Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey opens up to reveal a completely
translucent liquid – there is no colorization of the corn based liquor
at all. I expected it to taste like moonshine and tentatively took a
drink from the huge jar. The results knocked me off my feet – Shine On
Georgia Moon not only tastes great, it beats most “premium” bourbons
and whiskeys from Kentucky like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels!

shine on open jar

The taste of Shine On Georgia Moon has a strong hint of corn and it
goes down surprisingly well, with not much of a bite to speak of.
There’s a sweet corn like aftertaste to the liquor and for a 40%
alcohol liquor, it’s surprisingly easy to drink neat. I’ll recommend
that to anyone who has their hands on this particular corn whiskey –
drink it neat and savor the taste of this unique corn liquor. It tastes
so good I wish I kept the bottle here so I can have a nip right now.
That’s how good it is…

shine on georgia moon

Shine On, Georgia Moon!

I do not have a problem with alcohol consumption. Just in case you’re wondering.

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