Chocz is located in Suria KLCC and the place has a very good
reputation, from the various reviews that other bloggers did. I was
very keen on checking out this all chocolate specialty establishment,
particularly the much lauded chocolate nectar drinking ceremony.

chocz display 1

chocz display 2

Chocz. (with a period, it seems) is unique in the sense that it
offers a wide variety of almost exclusively chocolate products. They
offer a wide range of chocolate and chocolate based products from
drinks to moon cakes.

chocz strawberry fantasy

There was also a promotion going on when we went there – Strawberry
Fantasy. Chocz had a mini table selling pre-dipped strawberries at RM 2
each for regular sized ones and RM 4 for large ones. There are also
pre-bagged options at RM 10.

chocz seating

The establishment also has seating arrangements for the ones who
want to indulge in chocolate at the premises. There are comfy sofas and
chairs for groups as well as couples. The seating area isn’t exactly
private, but it’s nice to watch the world go by.

chocz nectar para

The flagship drinks are the chocolate nectar drinking ceremony and
tchocolat1 and we ordered both. The photo above shows the paraphernalia
used in The Ultimate Drinking Chocolate. It comes with a quote from the
Aztec Emperor Montezuma extolling the virtues of this nectar chocolate
drinking ceremony.

chocz nectar

It is served in a special hand made burner, each set with a special
stainless steel spoon straw, metal cup, ceremonial tea light, chocolate
chunks and a serving of warm milk. There are three options for the
chocolate chunks – dark, milk and white. We opted for dark chocolate.

chocz nectar chunks

The 5 Steps to Chocolate Heaven literature describes how to make the drinking chocolate nectar:
Step 1 Begin the ceremony by lighting the flame.
Step 2 Fill half of the metal cup with warm milk.
Step 3 Add chocolate chunks until desired density.
Step 4 Stir constantly with the spoon until smooth dense chocolate is achieved.
Step 5 Relax…now you are ready to suck the sweet nectar through the straw.

Thus, we added all the dark chocolate chunks into the warm milk
(heat comes from a candle beneath the burner) since we wanted a very
dense and thick nectar. We stirred until the white milk turned into
dark chocolate. I tried sipping it through the spoon straw hybrid and
nearly scalded my tongue.

chocz nectar stir

It was indeed very nice, worthy of being called nectar…it’s like
drinking pure chocolate with just enough liquidity to be sucked into a
straw. My girlfriend didn’t like it though…she’s generally not very
big on chocolate but I did get her to drink the tchocolat1, which is
the other flagship drink of Chocz.

chocz tchocolat1

Tchocolat1 is described in the menu as a powerful concoction
regarded as the drink of the gods. It is served in a ceremonial
drinking mug and there are several variations, of which we chose the
Aztec version, which is “dark bittersweet chocolate with a dash of red
chili spice”. I immediately took a big gulp from it while it was still
hot and I pronounce it GOOD! The chili was very discernable and
provides a unique kick to the drink.

chocz strawberry choc

We also ordered from the Strawberry Fantasy promotion. There is the
set option of Strawberries & cream for RM 15++ and Strawberries
with hot chocolate for RM 18++. We chose the latter, and it came in the
form of a bowl of fresh strawberries and a burner with a lit candle on
the side providing hot chocolate for dipping the strawberries in. It
was nice, but the Aztec tchocolat1 overshadows this comparatively
simple offering.

chocz water

Chocz is a great place, but there is too much of a good thing. I was
craving for water, just plain water, please, by the time we finished
the chocolate based cuisine. ;)

Suria KLCC Santas


There were two Santa Clauses (that doesn’t sound right to me too) at
Suria KLCC today. I think there have scheduled appearances several
times each day to hand out balloons (with the Suria logo, what else) to
anyone who wanted them. This was taken at around 6:45 pm while I
walking to the KLCC LRT station to get back after work. They were two
of them, one female and one male and the Christmas tree has been strung
with er…strands of lights. It looks good, and the tall tree is topped
by a pink glowing Suria KLCC decor.

How to cook with a monitor.

I have a lot of photos and things to write about today, but there’s
not much time left before I have to sleep, so this will be a shorter
one. See that photo up there? I just took it, the nasi kandar was
bought at around 7:30 pm in Bangsar (where I get off the LRT and take
the bus for the final leg) and the food is getting cold, and it’s been
sitting there since I got back. I’ll try to reply all the comments
before eating and going to sleep.

If anyone is wondering, my monitor produces an obscene amount of
heat (I think it’s faulty) even at the lowest gamma setting and with
all tweaks to reduce possible causes. It will keep the food somewhat
warm, if I overturn it once every 15 minutes. :) It’s very useful in
colder climates, turning it on for more than an hour in your room would
make it seem like an oven. Thus, you have a monitor AND a heater at the
same time. This unique monitor/heater combo can be YOURS for the low,
low price of RM 1000. And if you call within the next 30 minutes, we’ll
even throw in the packet of nasi kandar (it has a drumstick, sotong and
meat inside) JUST FOR YOU! Yes, that’s the monitor/heater combo and a
nice pack of RM 6.20 nasi kandar, what a bargain! So act now before
it’s sold out, you wouldn’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime!

What do you think? Should I change my career into telemarketing and annoy the shit out of everyone who watches late night TV? ;)

The purple christmas tree at Suria KLCC

Purple haze.

I noticed this new decor at the central court of Suria KLCC today.
I was there to meet HB, he’s passing the cherry tobacco to me.
I’m veritas [] btw, and I can’t remember the last time I posted here…

I went up and down taking this photo.
It’s a large Christmas tree with a smaller one beside it.
It’s beautiful…just like you.
and it’s attached, just like you…

I don’t know what this feeling I have is…
I’m not infatuated…I don’t think of you all the time…
It’s not a crush, I’ve felt this way for a while.
I don’t harbor any thoughts of being with you.


The best I can describe it is affection…
I like your eyes, the way you smile and the way you talk to me
It reminds me of something in my past

It’s certainly not love, and this feeling is purely platonic
It’s strange though, I hardly talk to you
I hardly even think about you, unless I notice you
But the fondness is always there when that happens.

That makes me happy. :)
You’re a purple christmas tree in a faceless crowd.

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