Titan Raga Moonlight Collection Launch @ Svago, KLCC

Titan Svago KLCC

I have heard a lot of good things about Titan. They’re one of the largest watch manufacturers in the words (5th largest to be exact) and ranked among the top 100 luxury watch companies. Brought and distributed in Malaysia by Chronosoft Sdn Bhd, I’ve seen their timepieces around and when I heard about the launch of their Moonlight collection, I dropped by Svago in KLCC to check it out.

Titan Raga Moonlight

The Moonlight collection by Titan is inspired by the beauty of objects captured in moonlight. Mr Vijesh Rajan (Business Head International Division, Titan Company Limited) was there to share the stories behind the creation of each of the watches.

The Taj

I was particularly impressed by this one. It’s inspired by the Taj Mahal and features Swarovski crystals. This is called The Taj and is described as “a stunning illustration of the iconic monument, these timepieces draw inspiration from the awe-inspiring silhouette of the Taj Mahal on a full moon night”.

Mystic Luna

Mystic Luna is inspired by the moon goddess Luna and I like the beauty and elegance of the design.

Titan Moonlight Collection

Titan only uses Swarovski crystals exclusively in their Moonlight collection. The range is priced between RM 375 to RM 1,985 and there were models there to showcase the timepieces.

The Moonlight collection is under Titan Raga, which is a range of exquisite watches for the modern women. This leans towards the more mature and luxurious target market and often features precious stones and gems embedded into the timepieces.

Titan Edge

I also managed to examine their Edge range, which is the slimmest quartz watch in the world. You can see just how thin each one is. Amazing.


I also got a limited edition Titan watch!

Titan Watch

Titan creates a range of limited edition watches for the Penang Bridge International Marathon each year and this one retails for RM 525. They’re also one of the sponsors of the event and the official watch for the Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon.


This particular watch has a large face with 100 meter water resistance.

Titan Penang Bridge International Marathon

It has the Penang Bridge International Marathon emblem engraved into the back of the watch.

Titan Watch Design

I like how there is a LCD display with digital timekeeping in addition to the regular chronograph and the day of the week is displayed as well.

Titan Men Watch

The leather strap offers a practical functionality and I personally prefer leather straps for versatility but you can swap it out if you want.


I’ve been using this watch exclusively for almost a month now, both in KL and in my business dealings in Sarawak and I love the way it’s appropriate for both work…


…and play.

Titan Watches

Titan has a range of watches for both men and women and if you’re keen to hear more about it, drop by their website at Titan World or interact with them on the Titan Facebook page.

I touched a dolphin @ Yehliu Ocean World, Taiwan

Dolphin Show

Yup, I got an opportunity to pet a dolphin in Yehliu Ocean World in Taipei, Taiwan. I actually did it twice, once in front of the crowd and the other time during a behind-the-scenes tour. It was a remarkable experience, dolphins are a lot more intelligent than cats and dogs, and they’re one of the few creatures in the world which are self-aware (like us).

Sea Lions

The show started with sea lions. This is a male and female pair trained to perform various tricks.

They can even play basketball!

Sea Lion Show

They called for volunteers to come on stage and I was the first to offer myself.

Sea Lion Tricks

I got a peck on the cheek from the sea lion for my trouble. 😀

Sea Lion Kiss

It felt very nice.

Russian Clowns

The show at Yehliu Ocean World also incorporated clowns (a Russian duo) and synchronized swimmers.

Russian Swimsuit Girls

There was a man who remained resolutely immobile throughout the entire show, even when the sea lions and dolphins came on stage but excitedly clicked away with his smartphone the moment the Russian girls in their swimsuits came on stage. He nearly fell off his seat in his excitement, which I found puzzling. I wonder how his wife (who was sitting beside him) felt about that. smirk

Yehliu Ocean World

The dolphin show was the highlight of the session.


They asked for a volunteer from the crowd to come on stage and interact with the dolphins. Naturally, I was the first to put my hand up (again).

Bottlenose Dolphin

There is a floor mat with disinfectant which you need to step on before you can go on the stage. You have to use liquid hand sanitizer before you can touch the dolphins too. I was also told that dolphins do not have good eyesight (which makes sense considering they use sonar to communicate) so I have to exaggerate my movements.

Fun With Dolphins

I was trained to use my hands to direct the two dolphins to jump – it was quite an unforgettable affair!

Jumping Dolphin

The dolphins are capable of flinging themselves a remarkable distance up from the water.

Kissing Dolphin

One of the dolphins even allowed me to kiss her (!!!).

Dolphins Up Close

I was taught to bring her up using my hands and she used her flippers to balance herself while I came over on her right flank and nuzzled up against her side. She felt wet and smooth and slippery.

I felt very privileged to be part of the dolphin show.

Dolphin Training

We also got a backstage tour after everyone had left. I realized that I shouldn’t have volunteered for the dolphin show since we got *another* chance to touch the dolphins. I didn’t know or I would have let someone else in the audience have the opportunity.

Feeding Dolphins

The practice training session was going on and we were beside the dolphin trainers while they worked.


It was a wonderful chance to see how the dolphins and trainers interacted up close.

Dolphin Food

We also saw the frozen fish food storage where the dolphins are fed frozen fish as a treat during summer. This is also a backdoor for their medication – apparently dolphins don’t like taking pills and thus vitamins, supplements and meds are inserted into the body cavity of small fish before being fed to the dolphins. We recommend to buy on Amazon all kind of supplements.

Dolphin Pharmacy

The guide also led us through the secure on-site pharmacy. You’re lucky I don’t read Chinese. Haha.

Dolphin Anatomy

One of the trainers even gave us a detailed dolphin anatomy lesson.

Training Dolphin

All the dolphins here are bottlenose dolphins – the ones you’ll normally associate with the word “dolphin”.

That’s how the dolphin show is done. It’s very interesting stuff!

Dolphin Kiss

I managed to get a photo taken up close by the Yehliu Ocean World photographer while I was hugging the dolphin. 🙂

Shell #LoveMyRide Festival

Sexy KL Promoters

This has gotta be the most interesting festival I’ve been to. A lot of events are (to be brutally honest) a little dull and I go coz I have to, not coz I want to. This is the total opposite – I was up bright and early on Saturday morning coz I wanted to be at the Shell #LoveMyRide Festival.


There were more than 50 food trucks and stalls, racing simulators, 3D art fixtures, music performances and I got a free engine oil change and a tank of fuel to boot.

Shell LoveMyRide

#LoveMyRide Festival was an outreach to all car enthusiasts (attendance is free) but it appeals to practically everyone. I was particularly intrigued by the gathering of KL’s best food trucks and the ultimate engine rejuvenation experience provided by Shell.


I was allotted the 9:30 am slot and got assigned a number and a car bay to change my engine oil. The kind people of Shell gave this to 500 lucky winners who registered at their website.

Free Oil Change

My car (a Toyota VIOS) was due to have the next engine oil change anyway, so this was great timing. Shell provided the correct oil filter and changed my engine oil to Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology.

Shell Helix Ultra PurePlus

This is Shell’s most advanced motor oil and the first one ever to be designed from natural gas with PurePlus Technology. It’s the best motor oil in the market which also contains Active Cleansing Technology additives to clean my car from inside out!

You can find out more about Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology here. This is the engine oil that was provided gratis to the winners.

Shell Helix Lounge

I could chill out at the Shell Helix Lounge while my car was getting its ultimate engine rejuvenation and I took the time to enjoy the cars, music and food they had on offer.

Shell LoveMyRide Festival

Each visitor was given a limited edition map that can be used to complete fun activities and get stuff like free ice cream and Coke upon completion. You’ll also get a loaded goodie bag if you finish visiting all the attractions and activities.

3D Art

First up was a photo at one of their 3D art installations.

3D Art Me

I chose this one coz it looked really cool. That’s a real automatic screwdriver BTW.

deli2go Memory Game

There was also a deli2go where you can get discount vouchers from a memory game. The people there were kind enough to give me a complimentary iced Americano when they saw my half-asleep countenance. Haha.

Mixology Masterclass

I also participated in the Shell Helix PurePlus Mixology Masterclass. It’s was a live mocktail mixing session to demonstrate Shell Helix Ultra’s patented GTL (gas to liquid) process where you get to play around with various fruit (to represent base oil) and vegetable juices (to represent additives). I sampled my own creation and pronounced it good. smirk

Free Ice Cream

Free ice cream was provided to members of the public, which was awesome coz it was a very hot day.

Shell V-Power F1 Challenge

Next, I went to the Shell V-Power F1 Challenge where I tried to win a Sony PS4 console.

Pumping Gas

This is very interesting and as authentic as you can get without climbing into a multi-billion dollar F1 machine as you have to factor in the gas (fuel) aspect of racing as well. You’re allowed a certain amount of petrol which you have to pump yourself – more means you get to drive longer but your time is penalized.

F1 Simulator

I just made it to the cut-off point and climbed into the F1 cockpit. I tried my best but only came up to #9 at the end of the day. I didn’t get the PS4 but at least it was fun.

Fashion Bazaar

There was a fashion bazaar there was well. Like I said, this caters to everyone, not just car enthusiasts.

BMW 428i Gran Coupe

BMW was also there and featured some of their cars like the BMW 428i Gran Coupe.

BMW 328i Gran Turismo

The 328i Gran Turismo made an appearance too…


…as well as the new Mazda 6 SKYACTIV 2.5L.


iamNEETA got on stage at 12 pm to perform. I’ve seen their videos online before and I thought they were great. Diandra and Reza Salleh also did sessions on the stage.

Malaysian Book of Records

You can also go on test drives by Mazda and BMW if you want. I registered but unfortunately the nice people at Shell called to tell me my car was ready so I told the people at the test drive center to give it to the waiting list (there was a long one).

Shell Oil Change

I collected my car after the Shell Ultimate Engine Rejuvenation session and found out that I was part of a Malaysian Book of Records for the most number of cars to do an oil change under 12 hours. In total, 500 cars underwent the oil change during the two days #LoveMyRide was on. Pretty neat, huh?

Free Gas

I was given a voucher for a full tank of Shell V-Power Racing, the top-of-the-line fuel from Shell. I didn’t know I was going to have this so I actually filled my tank just the day before – nevertheless, they managed to get 4.45 liters inside.


The people attending the pump were nice enough to squeeze in all that they could. I was quite impressed they could get that much inside.

Shell V-Power Racing

I’ll fill it up with more Shell V-Power Racing soon so I can do a proper review about the fuel. It comes with Friction Modification Technology which allows the engine to turn more freely.

Food Truck KL

I went back to the festival and checked out all the food trucks there. The Pisang Cheese, Little Fat Duck, La Churreria, Sangkaya and more were there. My better half couldn’t attend due to a prior commitment so I bought a lot of food back for her.


I think I spent more than RM 90 on food and drinks alone!

BMW Z4 sDrive20i

Shell #LoveMyRide was so awesome that we actually turned up the next day again. They had a “Kiddies Den” section where you can draw and do sand art activities. I have to say that this is one of the best festivals I’ve ever attended and will definitely look forward to the next similar event by Shell!

A trip to a Caribbean island getaway with a supermodel just for you!

me shin

Wait, before that, let me just prep you just in case you win. *pretends to be an expert

You want to be a suave guy right? The one that gets all the girls, instantly attracts women, and has a badge for Player Please on foursquare?

Okay, maybe not that last one. 😉

From my years of experience and…er, social experiments (cough), I have heard that girls are attracted to three things.

  1. Power
  2. Money
  3. Fame

Call it evolution or whatever you will, it’s true to a certain extent but it would be sexist not to explain further. There’s also two other attributes which attracts females.

  • Good looks
  • Sense of humor

Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but if you have just one of the 5 attributes above, you’re basically sorted. The most important thing is actually confidence.

life greek

It’s tied to the “classic three attributes” and it’s the reason why people in that category always gets the girls. Confidence and a zest for life turns women on, the power, money, fame is just what gives those men confidence.

I know I’m grossly oversimplifying it but confidence along with a healthy respect for women while being charming and romantic hasn’t quite failed me yet. You can also hack the system if you’re (un)lucky enough to be born with the dark triad of personality traits. It’s surprisingly effective for what Wikipedia diplomatically calls an “accelerated mating strategy”. Of course, there are a lot of other factors I don’t know, take this as you will. 😉

Back to the contest!

Excuse my very real excitement. This is the best contest prize I’ve ever seen, bar none! There is only one grand prize so it’s extremely exclusive. How would you like to go at a secret island retreat with a supermodel by your side just for you?


This could be you!

Okay, I’m not the winner, she’s a friend of mine and we’re not on a island but imagine:

  1. The guy being you
  2. A hot supermodel by your side
  3. Partying at a secret Caribbean island getaway with the sun, sea and surf all day long and partying all night long with said supermodel

The island is not some shabby island near Malaysia but one that’s internationally recognized as one of the best beach vacation spots! The supermodel will be accompanying you and only you. It’s the ultimate dream! 😀

fay hokulani

Travel. An exclusive Caribbean island with white sandy beaches with hot celebs and single women from all over the world. A supermodel by your side during the entire trip.

Guess who the supermodel is?

Fay Hokulani

You’ll be the envy of everyone!

Okay, here’s how the contest works. It’s done in conjunction with the new deodorant from AXE and here’s how you go about it.

axe anarchy

1. AXE Malaysia Facebook contest

There is only *one* grand prize and here is where you win it! It’s the 4D/3N trip to the Caribbean with Fay Hokulani! By the way, you get to bring 1 guy friend along too!

It’s so simple! Just submit your most creative beachwear photo and comment away to woo the lovely Fay by 31st August!

Wet & Wild Facebook Contest.


This is where you can win the exclusive trip to Anarchy Island with Fay Hokulani as your travel companion so submit your entries and get more details at the AXE Malaysia Facebook page now!

You’ll have bragging rights for all eternity! Heck, your grandchildren will *still* be talking about this way after you’re six feet under.

2. Exclusive contest for bloggers

Nuffnang will be organizing another contest exclusively for bloggers. The aim is to choose two of the most suave and charming bloggers to represent Malaysia at Anarchy Island!

You just need to write a blog post about your best efforts to attract members of the opposite sex. Playa playa, come out with your best pickup lines and tell us how good you are at the game.

axe roadshow

Showcase how you approach people, attract attention and ultimately get the girl or guy of your dreams!

Create a video to better flaunt your flirting skills to go together with your blog post for more points. The two best blog posts will each win a trip to Anarchy Island!

There will also be 10 consolation prizes of 1 year’s worth of AXE products worth RM 200 each.

Get more information about how to participate and win on the Nuffnang contest page!

axe anarchy line

AXE Anarchy is the new deodorant for both sexes – AXE Anarchy for Him smells fresh and fruity with sweet woods for an irresistible and addictive finish while AXE Anarchy for Her has soft florals and a light finish that screams delicate and fun. You can win an entire set of deodorant just by predicting the final 24 contestants! 🙂


I’m joining the contest to Anarchy Island – it’ll be awesome to win a trip there with Fay Hokulani eh?

Miss Malaysian Chinese (Borneo Cultural Festival, Sibu) – Miss Photogenic photo shoot


I headed down to Rejang Esplanade for this early this morning. It
was supposed to be at 8 am but I forgot that Sibu is running at GMT + 9
(+1 is Tardy Savings Time) instead of GMT + 8 like the rest of
Malaysia. 🙂 The photographers and subjects (12 girls – finalists of a
local pageant) only started trickling in when it was nearly 9 am. This
is supposed to serve the dual function of providing photos for the Miss
Photogenic judges and a photography contest. There is no charge unless
you want to enter the contest (RM 10) but that requires negatives +
prints so digicams would not qualify. I think I managed to get shots of
all the girls before my battery ran out. I had to use fast flash in a
lot of the photos due to a strong backlight (the sun). To tell you the
truth, it became hard to differentiate which ones I’ve taken and which
ones I haven’t – it didn’t help that most of them were wearing similar
colored outfits so I had to go “red w/ black spots – done”, “red w/ boa
– done” etc etc. It was fun nevertheless – there was a low photographer
to subject ratio so you could get a lot of one on one time with the
candidates, it’s pretty versatile. Anyway, here are the shots from

Girl #1



Girl #2



Girl #3



Girl #4



Girl #5




Girl #6



Girl #7



Girl #8



Girl #9



Girl #10



Girl #11



Girl #12


Couples #1


Couples #2


Couples #3


Candid #1


Candid #2


This is going to be a bandwidth killer.

SEXPO 2002 Melbourne

The best photo I took today. Thanks, Cherie, for being a good sport!

I just came back from SEXPO and it was great. I came in just as the
first stage show was starting. It’s a devil themed striptease by
Brianna from Club X.

Gotta love the cape

She did a very good job, lots of eye contact with the audience and
her set was full of energy too. From her set, she looks like one of
those girls who looks real innocent but can be nasty too.
Unfortunately, she didn’t get much of a response from the crowd, it was
still early at that time and alcohol induced rowdiness was still at a
minimum then. 🙂 I didn’t get many photos though, coz the stage shows
cannot be photographed unless you have a media pass (SEXPO policy). I
only managed to take a couple of photos before a security guard waved
at me and mouthed “no photos”.

Brianna has a nice smile too

Anyway, the next stage show is a male striptease and hmm…I wish I
could perform like that guy. Heh. The stripper is Donny from Crystal
T’s and he was doing a cowboy themed number. It was really good, even
from a guy’s point of view. I also got a G-string rose from the
presenters. They were throwing bunches of them from the stage and I got
one. It’s a G-string hidden in a plastic rose.

The expo started getting crowded at around noon

There wasn’t any more stage shows until 1 pm, so I browsed around
the booths for a while. I got myself a T-shirt with “RELEASE SARAH
TONIN” printed in front for A$25. That just works on so many levels,
and I couldn’t resist. It’s a play on all the Release Kevin
Mitnick/Dmitry Sklyarov/whoever T-shirts. Sarah Tonin, who is in jail
for being too er..ecstatic, can be released by posting bail at your
friendly neighbourhood drug dealer. Bail is set at A$35.

Saints and Sinners

There was a lot of exhibitors there, mostly adult shops, brothels
and alternative culture booths. The biggest exhibitors were
adultshop.com and Club X. I browsed around for a while before catching
the next stage show – a Body Bitz presentation of their body moulding
thingy. It’s some sort of cement type stuff which solidifies in 45
seconds. Basically you pour the stuff into a bucket or some other
receptacle and immerse any part of your anatomy in it. It then sets and
you’ll have a mold of the said piece of anatomy. Andy from Big Brother
(Australia) was demonstrating how it works.

Andy topless, but you’ve already seen that before in Big Brother: Uncut

The mold was then auctioned off to the highest bidder. It is
supposed to be one of only two casts of her breasts. The picture didn’t
turn out too well, coz I had to take it from far back. I arrived too
late to get a good spot. However, I could take as many pictures as I
wanted coz the security is only in front.

It’s hard to get shots of the booths in crowded conditions

I walked around some more after that and got another freebie – a
video of The Making of “The Private Gladiator” by Private Gold.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a VCR, in fact, I’ve never even owned one.
Anyway, there was also a rally simulator there and it was pretty good

Not your grampa’s motion simulator

A$5 for entry and it’s a 3 minute ride in a motion simulator. It
rocks, the motions are not your standard run of the mill movements, but
really “hold on to your hats” ones. I was not expecting that and nearly
fell headfirst into the screen. Apparently, the hand holds are not just
for decoration but actually serve a function here. This thing here puts

Kages on King

There was also a lot of booths offering nude pictures with their
girls. A good place to cop a feel if you’re into that sort of thing.
The girls are pretty easy going too, within reason. Gallery
Entertainment had one where you can pose with two fully nude girls.
Club X has two, one is a topless one and the other is with a
dominatrix. Kages on King’s has the best variety of girls and most of
them are pretty hot. Not that I went to any, of course.

Being disabled doesn’t mean your sex life is over as this woman dressed only in sheer netting attests.You can check out an article from PlugLust relating to this one.

There was also a small part dedicated to health and the disabled.

I love this car, it’s made for one driver and the passenger seat is occupied by tank of N20

Anyway, there was also non-sex industry stuff on display. There was
a big car show at the back with vintage and souped up cars. There was
also an F1 boat dealer (like the ones seen in Tomorrow Never Dies).
Those cockpits are really small. I squeezed into it and felt
claustrophobic once the hatch was closed. It could barely hold me.

A different kind of sexy

There was also a light plane dealer. It costs A$16,000, which isn’t a lot considering it’s a aeroplane.

The girls were painted using body paint

The next stage show I managed to catch was a body painting competition with the girls from Kages on King.

The painters then pressed against the girls to get the imprints on their white T-shirts

There was also a shadow theatre running where two couples simulate
sex behind a piece of cloth. This was also done on a highway somewhere
a couple of days back to promote SEXPO. The police have yet to release
the road fatalities statistics from that day.

Shadow theatre. Wayang kulit never looked so good

Other interesting things of note are:

Off Ya Tree having a glass pipe making demonstration

The car show girls taking a break by going into the demostration spas

The walking dick

Crystal T’s girls. I give them best of show. Quality.

Anyway, I did manage to catch Ron Jeremy [ronjeremy.com] after all. He came in with Jacklyn Lick [jacklynlick.com] to do autographs together. Unfortunately, the other US porn star who is slated to appear – Serenity
[serenity.net] did not come with them. I got a signed photo taken with
Ron and Jacklyn. The most commonly heard comments around their booth
were “that dude is a porn star??”, usually said in incredulous tones.
Heh. Ron Jeremy is one of the most recognized male porn stars in the
world, and he has 1600 (!!!) films under his belt, no pun intended.
Jacklyn looks older in real life than in her films, but she’s friendly
and eager to talk. The photo came out pretty good. I was actually
respecting her personal space and just put an arm around her, but she
pulled down her top and put my hand on her breast. For the record, I
moved it to the side, and not just because I didn’t want to obscure her
breasts from the photo, but also coz I’m in a relationship and I don’t
think my girlfriend will appreciate me posting a photo of me grabbing a
porn star’s boobs in my blog. 🙂 So there you go, if you want to touch
a porn star’s boobs, go to SEXPO tomorrow, it’s the last day. Between
you and me, now there’s one less thing on my list of things to do
before I die. 😉

Autographed photo taken with Ron Jeremy and Jacklyn Lick

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