Pedobear in the flesh!


I was at Tropicana City Mall yesterday, getting some Japanese snacks when suddenly Xinxian pointed out a rather familiar figure.

It’s pedobear!!!


Figured he’ll be there since there was this anime and manga cosplay event going on.

cosplay girls

Guess he couldn’t resist making an appearance with all that action going on. smirk

The Kollective MANGA!

The original photo has been resized and compressed so any resulting artifacts are my fault.

The cast has been inked by Daniel
[]! I say he did a wonderful job, very nice indeed. I
can’t draw at all, and I was impressed that it only took him 2 hours to
sketch this out. You probably need to read the post
[] to know what this is about. This is Daniel’s first
draft, so comment if you want him to make changes for the second draft.
It’s a great first draft though, I like how the characters came out.
Eh, I look too feminine in this sketch, gotta submit a change request
to the artist. Haha! Here’s a photo
[] for the second draft. :) This was taken about two weeks
ago, the pair of jeans that I was talking about isn’t very visible, but
the shirt would be good and it’s nearly a full body length shot. Thanks

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