Do you do this in your car?

smoking car

I do it all the time. It’s quite paradoxical since I imposed a strict no-smoking rule in my studio apartment – I step out to the balcony if I feel like I need a nicotine infusion instead. However, I do smoke in my car and I usually have to leave the window down while driving to make the smell dissipate.

This creates more problems in itself since the haze and pollution in KL, combined with the emission from other vehicle exhausts enters your car.

Well you know how bad it can be but first let me tell you about this interesting workshop I attended.

It had me smelling ammonia voluntarily.


Haha. Read on.

It was the Sharp Plasmacluster Beauty Care event held at A Cut Above. The academy actually has a very interesting project by its students. Check it out:


It’s completely fictional of course, and it’s not Photoshopped – everything is done on set and photographed. I thought it was quite intriguing.

spraying ammonia

Back to the Sharp Plasmacluster Beauty Care range, they have six new products from the huge Plasmacluster Ion Generator to progressively more portable devices which you can fit on your desk, car and even your own body (Mobile Ion Generator) which you can hang on your neck via a lanyard.

plasmacutter range

Left to right:
Plasmacluster Ion Generator – perfect for coverage up to 10m2 and you can tilt it and put it anywhere you want.
Bedside Ion Generator – get quality sleep with 25,000 ions/cc. It also helps retain skin and hair moisture! It’s the tall device beside the black Plasmacluster Ion Generator.
Desktop Ion Generator with Humidifying Function – this one comes with a water tank so it’ll release additional moisture. It can use a USB or AC adapter – well suited to your office or home desk I reckon.
Ion Generator for Cars – this is what I’m using! It connects to the cigarette lighter socket in your car and deodorizes 30% faster when you boost it to Turbo mode. No more lingering tobacco smell!
Mobile Ion Generator – this baby is small but powerful. It uses AC, USB or even a lithium ion battery and works for 4 hours!
Hair Conditioning Dryer – moisturizes hair and removes static electricity. It also keeps moisture in and split ends out. Some discerning customers bring their own to hair salons!

plasma ion hairdryer

The basics behind all this is explained to us by Mr Chew, which I found rather interesting. The bit that really caught my attention is the fact that people are naturally attracted to high ion concentration places in nature like waterfalls coz they induce serotonin production!

You know how much I love talking about serotonin. Heh.

plasmacutter ion technology

Anyway, the principles behind Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Generators has been refined since 2000 to the device they have today which is capable of producing 25,000 ions/cc!

This is important as research has shown that cities like KL and other urban areas has only about 300 positively charged ions/cc and 100 negatively charged ions/cc while the nature which our healthier ancestors lived in has 4,000 positive and negative charged ions/cc. This is still evident in places like forests nowadays but we all know that’s a dwindling commodity.

Cheesie’s hair being violated. Demonstration of Cheesie’s hair after the hairdryer treatment.

The entire range of Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Generators is meant to restore that balance…and improve on it! Plasmacluster Ion Technology releases the very same ions that occurs in nature, which is then bonded with water molecules and delivered all over the place. Thus it not only produces massive amounts of ions, but also hydrates the skin and hair!


The ions turns into hydroxide when it comes into contact with contaminants, which effectively destroys it. It also removed bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, odors and other pollutants and contaminants. It’s been tested and proven by various institutions around the world – from the US to Japan.

This is a perfect example which I luckily managed to film. Mr Chew demonstrated the effectiveness of Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology by soaking a tissue with pure ammonia and asking if anyone wants to smell it.


I naturally volunteered! 😀

I smelled the tissue soaked with ammonia tentatively…

It smelled like a very popular public toilet frequented by renal failure patients that hasn’t been cleaned for a DECADE.

I was polite enough to say it smelled like hair bleach though. HAHAHA

ion treatment

The ammonia appears blue in color when exposed to the tissue. He then put it under the Plasmacluster Ion Generator for just a few seconds and the blue color turned into orange – thus removing the ammonia, and not only that, the odor disappeared as well!


Check it out! The process of the ammonia turning from blue to orange (clean). I know coz I smelled it after it was treated. Heh! 🙂


It’s magical! The smell of pure concentrated ammonia magically disappears after a few seconds under the ionizer.

That’s the wonderful odor busting properties it has, in addition to the moisturizing effects. It looks orange but that’s not coz of the ammonia – the ammonia stains it blue, and the blue has been removed by just a few seconds of the ion treatment. Awesome right?


I would even use it to wipe my face….IF I didn’t know it had been soaked in ammonia before the ionizer treatment. 😉

car ion generator

I figured that the best product for me is the Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Cars. I smoke in my car so I figured that I’ll take it for a test drive (no pun intended).


It’s very easy to use, just connect the device to the cigarette lighter socket in your car, and it’s ready to go.

You can set power levels too – from low to a mode called Turbo, which I immediately went for.


It actually emits moisturized air and ions – I was smelling it straight and got a good dose of nice clean ionized air.

I have put it in my car for several days now – it’s particularly nice at night since the illuminated LEDs allows you to see what the settings are and you can change the mode and levels if you want, just via a simple press of a button.


Did it work? I was already convinced when I watched and filmed that demonstration in the Sharp workshop but I wanted to try it out for myself.

I also have a bad tendency of eating in my car, and that emits odors as well. I did just that and smoked while driving back home with the Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Cars on Turbo mode.

There was no smell at all after 1 minute with the windows rolled up!


It’s not just for smokers too, the Sharp Plasmacluster technology purifies the air by:

  • Suppressing the effects of airborne viruses
  • Breaking down and removing airborne mold
  • Breaking down and removing allergens
  • Removing odors

…which creates fresh clean air and lock-in skin moisture! It’s something that every car needs so you won’t have to jump in fright when someone else sneezes just in case another outbreak of H1N1 occurs. It also makes your car environment a healthier place.


The design is awesome too – the Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Cars is shaped like a pint glass so you can put it in the drinks holder of your car. It’s aesthetically pleasing as as mentioned the illuminated LEDs are very useful at night.

Check out the Sharp Plasmacluster Beauty Care range for something that suits you – there’s even a model for your bedside so you can sleep in peace:


ion car generator

My Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Cars really works in quickly reducing odors – forget about car fragrances, those only mask the smell of tobacco, it doesn’t actually remove it. I love it! It’s perfect for my lifestyle. 🙂

A trip to a Caribbean island getaway with a supermodel just for you!

me shin

Wait, before that, let me just prep you just in case you win. *pretends to be an expert

You want to be a suave guy right? The one that gets all the girls, instantly attracts women, and has a badge for Player Please on foursquare?

Okay, maybe not that last one. 😉

From my years of experience and…er, social experiments (cough), I have heard that girls are attracted to three things.

  1. Power
  2. Money
  3. Fame

Call it evolution or whatever you will, it’s true to a certain extent but it would be sexist not to explain further. There’s also two other attributes which attracts females.

  • Good looks
  • Sense of humor

Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but if you have just one of the 5 attributes above, you’re basically sorted. The most important thing is actually confidence.

life greek

It’s tied to the “classic three attributes” and it’s the reason why people in that category always gets the girls. Confidence and a zest for life turns women on, the power, money, fame is just what gives those men confidence.

I know I’m grossly oversimplifying it but confidence along with a healthy respect for women while being charming and romantic hasn’t quite failed me yet. You can also hack the system if you’re (un)lucky enough to be born with the dark triad of personality traits. It’s surprisingly effective for what Wikipedia diplomatically calls an “accelerated mating strategy”. Of course, there are a lot of other factors I don’t know, take this as you will. 😉

Back to the contest!

Excuse my very real excitement. This is the best contest prize I’ve ever seen, bar none! There is only one grand prize so it’s extremely exclusive. How would you like to go at a secret island retreat with a supermodel by your side just for you?


This could be you!

Okay, I’m not the winner, she’s a friend of mine and we’re not on a island but imagine:

  1. The guy being you
  2. A hot supermodel by your side
  3. Partying at a secret Caribbean island getaway with the sun, sea and surf all day long and partying all night long with said supermodel

The island is not some shabby island near Malaysia but one that’s internationally recognized as one of the best beach vacation spots! The supermodel will be accompanying you and only you. It’s the ultimate dream! 😀

fay hokulani

Travel. An exclusive Caribbean island with white sandy beaches with hot celebs and single women from all over the world. A supermodel by your side during the entire trip.

Guess who the supermodel is?

Fay Hokulani

You’ll be the envy of everyone!

Okay, here’s how the contest works. It’s done in conjunction with the new deodorant from AXE and here’s how you go about it.

axe anarchy

1. AXE Malaysia Facebook contest

There is only *one* grand prize and here is where you win it! It’s the 4D/3N trip to the Caribbean with Fay Hokulani! By the way, you get to bring 1 guy friend along too!

It’s so simple! Just submit your most creative beachwear photo and comment away to woo the lovely Fay by 31st August!

Wet & Wild Facebook Contest.


This is where you can win the exclusive trip to Anarchy Island with Fay Hokulani as your travel companion so submit your entries and get more details at the AXE Malaysia Facebook page now!

You’ll have bragging rights for all eternity! Heck, your grandchildren will *still* be talking about this way after you’re six feet under.

2. Exclusive contest for bloggers

Nuffnang will be organizing another contest exclusively for bloggers. The aim is to choose two of the most suave and charming bloggers to represent Malaysia at Anarchy Island!

You just need to write a blog post about your best efforts to attract members of the opposite sex. Playa playa, come out with your best pickup lines and tell us how good you are at the game.

axe roadshow

Showcase how you approach people, attract attention and ultimately get the girl or guy of your dreams!

Create a video to better flaunt your flirting skills to go together with your blog post for more points. The two best blog posts will each win a trip to Anarchy Island!

There will also be 10 consolation prizes of 1 year’s worth of AXE products worth RM 200 each.

Get more information about how to participate and win on the Nuffnang contest page!

axe anarchy line

AXE Anarchy is the new deodorant for both sexes – AXE Anarchy for Him smells fresh and fruity with sweet woods for an irresistible and addictive finish while AXE Anarchy for Her has soft florals and a light finish that screams delicate and fun. You can win an entire set of deodorant just by predicting the final 24 contestants! 🙂


I’m joining the contest to Anarchy Island – it’ll be awesome to win a trip there with Fay Hokulani eh?

FML moments in life

I have been recognized and talked to at the most unexpected and weirdest places since I’ve started blogging in 2002.


I remember one guy who thought it was perfectly normal to talk to me while I was in the middle of taking a leak with him doing the same at the next stand up cubicle.

There was no privacy barrier in that toilet.

He said he has always wanted to meet me and finally managed to. I thanked him and we shook hands. I don’t remember if the shaking hands part was before or after we washed our hands.

I have a strong suspicion it was right after we respectively relieved ourselves.

I appreciate everyone that reads my blog, I just thought it was really funny.

Since then I have learned not to wear my tatty, comfortable clothes out and always brush my teeth even if it’s a short walk to the corner grocery shop to get some milk.

I once bumped into someone eating at the restaurant downstairs right before the convenience store. I just woke up and thought I’ll just change and brush my teeth later.

tatty shirt

I literally froze and was tempted to run away when I saw this hot girl waving enthusiastically at me and calling out “Hey, you’re the Sixthseal guy right?

(This reminds me of how everyone can manage to remember my blog name but not my real name but that’s another story)

Anyway, I reluctantly walked over coz I was very self-conscious with my two day old body odor (didn’t shower the night before after partying right after work) and said hello. I had bak jui sai (eye gunk), bad breath and I stink all over.

I’m quite sure I made a really bad first impression.


It’s quite normal to be recognized by readers and photographed while out and about if you’re a public blogger. I’ve had anything from bank tellers to flight attendants to cinema ticket booking counter clerks saying hello and telling me how they like my reading my blog.

I thank everyone who comes up to me and says that, it’s nice to feel appreciated. It has also made me more conscious about my appearance so I dress properly, brush my teeth and put on deodorant before I head out.

The problem with the last bit is that it tends to leave an ugly stain on your clothes. Even most of the ones who claim not to stain your clothing does. I want to be confident and be my usual self while I’m out, not trying to hide my deodorant stain while pretending to listen to the conversation when in actual fact I’m trying to think of ways to explain why I’m shifting around and keeping my hands around my body to hide the stain.

I’m not trying to act cool okay. I’m actually a very nice and friendly person in real life. Really. 🙂

The problem with using deodorants
(below is an over-the-top reenactment ;))

white stains

Deodorants produces white marks on dark clothes (directly after application) and yellow stains on light colored clothes over time. The latter will never wash off. You should see the amount of my white shirts that has a yellow patch under my armpits!

This happens because deodorants creates a coat on the skin that does not absorb instantly. Thus, when it is mixed with sweat, it stains white and black clothes. However, the new NIVEA For Men Invisible For Black & White Deodorant has a formulation that allows for quick absorption so it does not stain black OR white clothes! 😀

Thus, I’ve found a solution to the deodorant problem and its name is NIVEA For Men Invisible For Black & White Deodorant. It’s a new product and the only one that can prevent white stains on black tops and reduce yellow stains on white or light colored shirts.

I have seen people scrutinize photos at blogger parties and laugh in offices while they gather their coworkers, with everyone looking at that stain in your armpit. It’s very visible in flash photography. You don’t want to be one of the people in the photos. I’ve heard very mean things said about them. 😉

I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair


I have very fond memories of carnivals and fun fairs. It just brings you right back to when you were a little kid with no worries at all. The good ol’ times when your father and mother is nothing less than deities in their own right. I remember my dad bringing me to a circus when I was a wee one – they were sold out but I sulked (it was in Kuching so I was younger than 7 then) and my dad managed to hustle a couple of tickets. It was the best night ever.

I’m 29 now but I like to think that I’m young at heart. I love carnival games and going to theme parks. It just evokes nostalgia through rose tinted glasses – a better time, a safe period, the sanctuary of youthful folly.


Walking through street fairs while taking in the scents of food is one of the best things in life.

However, sometimes the scents are more accurately described as odors. Human traffic, crowded conditions and our fine Malaysian weather is a recipe for BO.

…and my friends, that recipe can rival even Martha Stewart’s best cooking. 😉

I’m sure you’ve had unwelcome smells invading your olfactory senses while out and about. Heck, sometimes I can even smell the very same on myself. >.<

gatsby clear ocean

I use a lot of Gatsby products – look at the mousse, gel and wax that I have in my bathroom. I heard Gatsby came out with a new deodorant and I popped into the local friendly Guardian (against bad BO) to check it out.

There is a wide range of roll-on and spray deodorants and after the smell test I settled on the Clear Ocean Gatsby Deodorant Spray.

gatsby spray

Who doesn’t want to smell like the beach? A surfer boy scent which rates high on Fresh, Sweet and Sporty. It’s a clean and fresh fragrance that lasts throughout the day so you won’t have to worry about raising your arms to snap your fingers at the waiter during lunch. I know, damn CINA right?

gatsby range

The best thing about the Gatsby deodorant spray is that it smells fresh and it’s affordable to boot. You won’t even have to shell out RM 200+ for eau de toilette to smell nice.

Anyway, back to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair – it’s happening on the 17th of April from 10 am to 5 pm at Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. *blocks calender*


I’m excited coz there will be lots of fun fair games that day and lucky draws featuring prizes worth up to RM 15,000 up for grabs! There’s also Sumo wrestling (remember that?), gladiator battles (w00t!) and various other carnival games – something for everyone!

Unfortunately, this event is not an open invite…you have to earn your way in. Blog about the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair with the title “I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair” and send your full name, IC number and permalink to to get your tickets!

You’ll also have to include in your blogpost:
1. The date, time and location of the event.
2. There are going to be lucky draws and we have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs!
3. Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day – Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair!
4. Lastly, share this link with your readers :

(Gatsby Deodorant Clear Ocean Spray) surf on over to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair site to find out what’s going on that day. Don’t miss out – I’ll be there with the rest of the Nuffnangers and Nuffies and it’ll be a blast, so get your entries in now.

Not a blogger? No worries! Just log on to the site and play the games there. The top score of each week from any game will win a pair of invites to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

playing ping pong

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Armpit psychology: How to tell someone they have bad BO

bad bo

I have a friend who has really bad body odor. Let’s just call him Harry for the sake of this post. The worst thing about it is that he seems completely oblivious to the fact.


One day, Harry found a bottle of deodorant on his desk. Harry was naturally puzzled by the sudden appearance of an anti-perspirant on his desk. He did not recall buying it. He’s a firm believer in not using body hygiene products, not even soap. He’s not a big fan of showering too, for that matter.


He went and asked everyone in the office. Did anyone accidentally misplace their deodorant? Has anyone dropped a bottle of anti-perspirant somewhere?

armpit odor

All he got was averted gazes and downcast eyes.


Flummoxed by this response, he went back and thought for a bit before the proverbial light bulb went off over his head.


It did not belong to anyone else in the office. People got distinctly uncomfortable when he waltzed around asking if anyone lost their bottle of anti-perspirant. He also recalled a few incidences (it was actually more than a few, but he had selective memory) where people complained about odiferous smells but stopped when he got within earshot.

bad bo oblivious

Come to think of it, he also remembered people discreetly breathing out through their mouths, innocently putting a finger over their nostrils as if concentrating on his words and generally trying very hard to stay upwind of him whenever he was around, usually with greater intensity strongly correlated to his distance to the people in question.

sanex deodorant

He got the hint. He quickly slipped the bottle of Sanex dermo invisible Anti-Perspirant Deodorant into his bag and started using it every the morning. It was better than other deodorants as it respects and protects his skin instead of just deodorizing it. It minimizes white marks on his clothes too so no one would know he’s using it.


It was a happy ending.

sanex end

People stopped having sudden bouts of sinus problems and stuffing tissue into their nostrils and all’s well that ends well. Harry says the truth is out there.



Ending credits:


sniff armpit

Harry             Poh Huai Bin

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