Petronas Switch for XTRA Road Challenge


I’ve been following this online – it’s a very fun concept where a 3 local personalities (Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya and Faizal Ismail) and our very own blogger Hanis Zalikha goes on a roadtrip where they complete challenges across the nation.

scha alyahya

It’s a lot like watching TV, which I’ve been doing a bit lately, usually while waiting for hotel checkout time…except this is all available online on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. πŸ™‚

pump gas

The basic concept of the Petronas Switch for XTRA Road Challenge is where the above-mentioned 4 celebrities form a group with 2 other supporters. These two supporters are culled from the top 15 winners from the Switch for XTRA Race (the first phase of the #Switch4XTRA Road Challenge – yup, that’s the Twitter hashtag – campaign).

Now that they’ve move on to the second phase, you can watch video snippets like the one above from each of the 4 teams. It’s quite entertaining to see a reality show online which combines videos from YouTube, photo galleries in Facebook and various tweets from Twitter to form a cohesive whole.

mesra drivethru

Each team is sent on a roadtrip to a location in Malaysia, where they complete challenges which can only be done with the help of the public. That’s done in a large part via social media – when the teams gets the challenges, they send out word through their social media assets to their fans and supporters to chip in and help out.

sell stuff

The interesting part about this is that you get a large part in determining who wins. It’s like a reality show where you’re the judge. πŸ™‚

The videos from each of the 4 teams are posted online and the winning team will be the one with the highest number of collective video views.

The winning team takes home RM 10,000 but it doesn’t go to the celebrity – it’s split into RM 5,000 chunks for the 2 supporters in their team.

tiny bike

I found myself using a lot of bandwidth to watch the show. It’s a bit of a cross between a locally produced travel reality show and a competition reality show (like Supermarket Sweep from my youth – remember that?).

seller helper
Scha Alyahya helping sell..

You can watch all the videos at the PETRONAS Switch 4 XTRA Road Challenge YouTube page.

I’m going to support Team Hanis Zalikha coz I like her on-screen personality – it’s pretty much the same as her real persona. Which team do you support? πŸ˜€

kueh (local pastries) for a stall!

It’s quite entertaining really, after all the locally produced travel shows I’ve been watching on TV. Go check it out, particularly if you’re studying overseas and missing a bit of home. I wish stuff like this was available when I was studying in Melbourne. πŸ™‚

What I would do if I lived in the Olympics Village

Have I ever dreamt about being a world class athlete in the Olympics? Of course.

olympics village rooms

However, for me the experience is not about winning medals and breaking records (although all that is good and well). It’s about living in the Olympics Village and meeting all these people from different countries and cultures.

There will be 204 estimated nations participating in the 2012 London Olympics!

olympics village

I’ll love to pop over to a different country’s living quarters every day – talk to them, eat what they eat, hear stories about life in their home country.

I don’t know if that’s against the rules (it probably is) but wouldn’t it be interesting to hear what they have to say and see what a gymnast eats vs say, a weight lifter?

olympics cultures

That’s what I’ll do if I’m in the Olympics Village – spend some time in each nation’s quarters so I’ll get to know their culture better. I reckon it’ll be the best part and imagine the stuff I’ll be able to write about…

…or make videos about. πŸ˜€

Remember the Samsung Global Blogger contest I blogged about?

It’s closing soon on the 29th April and here’s what they will be looking for in your video audition:

  • Confidence and energy in front of the camera
  • A passion for your subject matter
  • Imagination and originality
  • A good sense of humor
  • A social butterfly – do you use Twitter? Or talk to the world on your own blog?
  • The ability to tell a story well through video and the written word

Here’s Jamie Oliver expounding a bit on it. You might also want to see their tips on making a great video.

I’ll love to be one of the chosen ones. It’ll be so much fun to be able to go there and represent Malaysia in covering the London 2012 Olympics from my own point of view, getting all the interesting bits about this penultimate sports event and the festivities surrounding it.

If you’re interested to apply, get on over to the Samsung Global Blogger contest to find out how you can get a chance to win a trip to London during the Olympics! It’s not too late.

You’ll be in the thick of all the action!

My video is coming up soon…wish me luck! πŸ™‚

I wanna go for the London Olympics!

Dominique Moceanu

I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics. My first experience with the Olympics was when I was 14 and watched every artistic gymnastics event to see if Dominique Moceanu was performing during the 1996 Atlanta Games. It was just on television but I had a *huge* crush on her.

I taped her feats and cheered when she won. I watched and re-watched her floor exercise – the one that she did with the background song The Devil Came Down to Georgia. I even joined her fan club. I was a card holding t-shirt wearing Dominique Moceanu fan!

I’m mildly embarrassed to admit this now, but I even wrote her letters.


Funny story, there was this feature going on at The Star at the same time asking teenagers to submit what they think of the Olympics and I did. The editor cut out most of my putting-her-on-a-pedestal stuff but some of it got in and I received RM 50 for my efforts.

I didn’t even know they had a prize if you get published. It was, in effect, my first paid writing assignment.

Anyway, as I grew up, I was more interested in track and field but I still watch gymnastics and the best part for me was always the opening ceremony.


When I was 24, I was mesmerized by the archer shooting a flaming arrow to light up the Olympics flame in the opening ceremony when the Games returned to Athens, Greece. I swore I’ll be in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. I went to Guilin two years later instead. I promised myself I’ll make it for the London 2012 Olympics and this time I did go to Londontwice!

I went in 2010 and 2011. 😑


Alas, it looks like I’ll have to wait another 4 years before I can attend the Olympics in person since it’s so late in the game (pun intended) that all the tickets and accommodations for the Olympics would be all sold out. T_T

…and then I received this tasty morsel of news.

Samsung is running a contest where you can win a trip to London during the Olympic Games. All you need to do is to submit a 30 second video in English of you telling them why you would be great at hunting out all the best stories London has to tell during the Olympics.

There’s a list of criteria that they’re looking for and the contest ends on 29th April but I’m here to proclaim that:

It is not too late!!!

Read about the Samsung Global Blogger contest for more details and go grab your digicams everyone! I’ll be doing one too. πŸ˜€

FML moments in life

I have been recognized and talked to at the most unexpected and weirdest places since I’ve started blogging in 2002.


I remember one guy who thought it was perfectly normal to talk to me while I was in the middle of taking a leak with him doing the same at the next stand up cubicle.

There was no privacy barrier in that toilet.

He said he has always wanted to meet me and finally managed to. I thanked him and we shook hands. I don’t remember if the shaking hands part was before or after we washed our hands.

I have a strong suspicion it was right after we respectively relieved ourselves.

I appreciate everyone that reads my blog, I just thought it was really funny.

Since then I have learned not to wear my tatty, comfortable clothes out and always brush my teeth even if it’s a short walk to the corner grocery shop to get some milk.

I once bumped into someone eating at the restaurant downstairs right before the convenience store. I just woke up and thought I’ll just change and brush my teeth later.

tatty shirt

I literally froze and was tempted to run away when I saw this hot girl waving enthusiastically at me and calling out β€œHey, you’re the Sixthseal guy right?”

(This reminds me of how everyone can manage to remember my blog name but not my real name but that’s another story)

Anyway, I reluctantly walked over coz I was very self-conscious with my two day old body odor (didn’t shower the night before after partying right after work) and said hello. I had bak jui sai (eye gunk), bad breath and I stink all over.

I’m quite sure I made a really bad first impression.


It’s quite normal to be recognized by readers and photographed while out and about if you’re a public blogger. I’ve had anything from bank tellers to flight attendants to cinema ticket booking counter clerks saying hello and telling me how they like my reading my blog.

I thank everyone who comes up to me and says that, it’s nice to feel appreciated. It has also made me more conscious about my appearance so I dress properly, brush my teeth and put on deodorant before I head out.

The problem with the last bit is that it tends to leave an ugly stain on your clothes. Even most of the ones who claim not to stain your clothing does. I want to be confident and be my usual self while I’m out, not trying to hide my deodorant stain while pretending to listen to the conversation when in actual fact I’m trying to think of ways to explain why I’m shifting around and keeping my hands around my body to hide the stain.

I’m not trying to act cool okay. I’m actually a very nice and friendly person in real life. Really. πŸ™‚

The problem with using deodorants
(below is an over-the-top reenactment ;))

white stains

Deodorants produces white marks on dark clothes (directly after application) and yellow stains on light colored clothes over time. The latter will never wash off. You should see the amount of my white shirts that has a yellow patch under my armpits!

This happens because deodorants creates a coat on the skin that does not absorb instantly. Thus, when it is mixed with sweat, it stains white and black clothes. However, the new NIVEA For Men Invisible For Black & White Deodorant has a formulation that allows for quick absorption so it does not stain black OR white clothes! πŸ˜€

Thus, I’ve found a solution to the deodorant problem and its name is NIVEA For Men Invisible For Black & White Deodorant. It’s a new product and the only one that can prevent white stains on black tops and reduce yellow stains on white or light colored shirts.

I have seen people scrutinize photos at blogger parties and laugh in offices while they gather their coworkers, with everyone looking at that stain in your armpit. It’s very visible in flash photography. You don’t want to be one of the people in the photos. I’ve heard very mean things said about them. πŸ˜‰

What is your first car?


My first car was a second hand vehicle I picked up during my university years in Melbourne, Australia. The cars are cheap over there, especially used cars, and it’s served me well during my time there. I was rather sad to see it go.

However, it does make me wonder – if I were in Malaysia at that time, what car would I choose as my first car?

Well, if I used the same selection criteria, it would have to be economical, fuel efficient and yet look awesome. I can really only see one possible selection here.


Did you know that the Myvi is the bestselling car in Malaysia for 4 years running? I can see why it’s so popular – it’s priced cheaper than most other cars in the market and unlike other Malaysian made cars, this one actually looks great!

The Myvi is a result of a collaboration between Perodua with Toyota and Daihatsu and even Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) praised the Perodua Myvi. I know a lot of people who owned Myvi’s as their first car – some of them still drive them. It is a rather neat car and the size and engine makes it very practical for use in Malaysia with our traffic congestion and parking problems.


On another related matter (you’ll see), the song Marry You by Bruno Mars has been stuck in my head for ages. I saw the glee version of it first and I didn’t know who the original artists were. I was a bit appalled when I found out it was Bruno Mars coz I don’t listen to pop music so I decided this would be my secret guilty pleasure. πŸ˜‰

I’ve always liked how the cast of glee can break into song and dance at the drop of a hat and pull it off so well. I can’t sing to save my life. People PAY me to stay out of their karaokes. πŸ˜‰

Okay, I’m exaggerating there but you get the point. I’m basically tone deaf but I like to sing anyway. I love singing in the shower, when I work, and I occasionally also inflict my horrible singing upon all and sundry. This is one of those times. smirk


I made a video with my own version of Marry You – I totally butchered the lyrics, of course. It’s meant to be a bit of a parody, like the fun and quirky Singaporean β€œremakes” of popular songs back in the ’90s, and most importantly, leave a happy vibe. Don’t let my singing put you off, check out the video that I made:

This video is for The Perodua Auditions in conjunction with the launch of the Perodua Facebook page. They’re running a contest where you can win RM 10,000 by making a video and sharing it with your friends. The video can be about anything – sing, dance, act, jump, scream or just show why you’re Perodua’s biggest fan and upload it. Don’t forget to include the line β€œPerodua, lagi best” as part of your video – it’s the only requirement. πŸ™‚


Feel free to submit as many videos as you want as this contest does not require proof of purchase or anything ridiculous like that to enter. You can get a better chance at winning the RM 10,000 grand prize if by sharing it with your friends and getting them to vote for you. There will be also 5 consolation prizes of an iPad 2!


Well, not this one, this is the custom engraved iPad 2 that I just got, but a new iPad 2.


Like the new Perodua Facebook page now and start uploading your videos and sharing them in The Perodua Auditions to be a winner! RM 10,000 and iPad 2’s are up for grabs, so it’s nothing to sneeze at, and it’s just so easy to join. πŸ™‚

My ESPN Star Sports Castrol Football Crazy video!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Do you happen to be a king of the football field or the futsal center? Well, you don’t need to be that good actually, you can be the master of the foosball table for all intents and purposes…just as long as you can kick a football.

Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen

Hey, remember the ESPN Star Sports Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass launch that I went too? I finally got the video that’s going to be compiled into a long football pass video spanning Asia from them! I’ve just uploaded it and you can see it here:

This clip is actually from one of the outtakes where I messed up a bit. Heh! I would have thought they would have chosen a different one since I didn’t pull this off quite well. I think I did about 5-6 takes. T_T

Anyway, if you want to be part of Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass video, just follow the steps below:

espn star sports castrol football crazy longest pass

You’ll be featured across ESPN Star Sports’ TV networks and also on the Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page if your video gets selected! πŸ™‚

It’ll be nice to appear on TV on this scale so if you want the chance, submit your video to be a part of it!

Has anyone here ever been on TV before?

Tell me about it, I’ll love to hear your experiences! I’ve been on air several times but never across the whole of Asia so it’ll be a first for me! Come on, join in the fun! πŸ™‚

Altogether now – Look ma! I’m on TV! πŸ˜€

Full videos of Rain Live in Sepang, Malaysia 2011

rain concert sepang 2011

Here’s another two full videos of Rain performing live in his Rain Live @ Sepang, 2011 concert. I recorded several of his set songs that day but since I don’t actually listen to him I’ll just call it β€œthe fast song” and β€œthe ballad” coz that’s just what it sounds like. Heh!

The fast dance music tempo song

The songs are in Korean – I don’t know the titles of them but the crowd went wild for both so I’m guessing they’re either fluent in the language or just too awed by his muscular pecs and brilliant mane of hair. smirk

The ballad

Speaking of hair, Rain only registers to someone like me (who doesn’t listen to K-pop) coz he was endorsing shampoo in a series of ads on TV a while back. I’m not sure if you can make girls go all weak kneed if you have his hair (remember Aaron Kwok and his popular haircut back in the 90’s?) but having a full crown of hair always helps. πŸ˜‰

rain concert sepang 2011 pyrotechnics

Svenson’s Save My Hair Facebook contest is ending on the 16th of April – that’s just in a couple of days! Click over for your chance to win a full hair treatment session. You can also get a free hair consultation just by submitting a photo of your current hair problem(s) to their Facebook application! πŸ˜€

Kame Hame Ha – style!

Here at it has been established – a heritage even – that we go above and beyond the call of duty. πŸ˜‰ These are my Kame Hame Ha videos for the DBZ: Evolution screening. I tried a couple of flammables:

hitomi dbz

This is Zippo lighter fluid, otherwise known as naphtha. It doesn’t burn at all. I found that rather strange, considering I spent RM 6.90 on it. I guess it just evaporates on concrete once it’s been poured out of the receptacle.

…with this Dragonball…I’ll take my vengeance – upon the Earth.

It’s all reverse messed up chronological videos in this post – the first one is the naphtha fluid, which is a massive FAIL since it didn’t ignite.

I promptly used methanol spirits (don’t ask me why I have a spare bottle in my car coz I can’t answer that) and it came up as a blue flame.

We adjourned for dinner and I decided I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I got RON 92 gasoline from the nearest petrol station. I told the attendant my friend ran out of gas in SS 6 and I needed 1.5 liters of the Good Stuff (TM). I don’t think he quite believed me coz he told me if I was gonna Molotov Cocktail a house, I was not to say that I got it from that particular gas station. LOL!


We went back and did it for a third time with RON 92 gasoline and that’s the first video. It’s awesome! =D

Thanks to Hitomi for helping me get the videos done! πŸ™‚

Ignition! They call it an obsession, but I think it’s kinda bitchin’…I think it’s kinda neat!


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