Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers

boracay phoenix fire dancers

This group of fire dancers were performing along the vibrant night life section of White Beach in Boracay – around Station 2.

boracay white beach fire dancers

They’re called the Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers and I was quite impressed by one of them – she has really good skills.

boracay fire dancers

There were multiple performances – both indoors and outdoors simultaneously, and the latter having no constraints with ceilings and such, could perform aerial tricks.

One of them did an amazing catch after throwing the meteor hammer up in the air – she didn’t catch it the first time, but managed to snag it on the second try. It was the monsoon season so the wind speed was rather fierce, I was amazed she even managed to catch it at all!

fire dancers lighting cigarette

The Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers also lit a lot of cigarettes by spinning the fire dancing apparatus close to the cancer sticks.

…and they also managed to scare a lot of people shitless by spinning the meteor hammers around their faces. smirk

I have seen an equally good fire dancing performance in Penang (of all places) and really wanted to pick it up but the closest I ever got was fire breathing. Heh.

fire dancers boracay

It’s the long weekend everyone! What are your plans? :D

Pyrotechnics – Fire twirling, fire eaters, fire dancers

fire performance

I caught a rather remarkable street performance at Gurney Drive on the first night I was in Penang.

The fire performance by the duo was pretty impressive – they had swirling flames galore and an impressive fire breathing portfolio that had the crowd cheering.

fire twirling

I just can’t figure out how the dude can put so much gasoline in his mouth and not get high.

I could smell the gasoline fumes from a meter away…

fire eater

Oh wait, I know. He was high. ;)

Kame Hame Ha – style!

Here at it has been established – a heritage even – that we go above and beyond the call of duty. ;) These are my Kame Hame Ha videos for the DBZ: Evolution screening. I tried a couple of flammables:

hitomi dbz

This is Zippo lighter fluid, otherwise known as naphtha. It doesn’t burn at all. I found that rather strange, considering I spent RM 6.90 on it. I guess it just evaporates on concrete once it’s been poured out of the receptacle.

…with this Dragonball…I’ll take my vengeance – upon the Earth.

It’s all reverse messed up chronological videos in this post – the first one is the naphtha fluid, which is a massive FAIL since it didn’t ignite.

I promptly used methanol spirits (don’t ask me why I have a spare bottle in my car coz I can’t answer that) and it came up as a blue flame.

We adjourned for dinner and I decided I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I got RON 92 gasoline from the nearest petrol station. I told the attendant my friend ran out of gas in SS 6 and I needed 1.5 liters of the Good Stuff (TM). I don’t think he quite believed me coz he told me if I was gonna Molotov Cocktail a house, I was not to say that I got it from that particular gas station. LOL!


We went back and did it for a third time with RON 92 gasoline and that’s the first video. It’s awesome! =D

Thanks to Hitomi for helping me get the videos done! :)

Ignition! They call it an obsession, but I think it’s kinda bitchin’…I think it’s kinda neat!


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