Harian Metro
[Image from Harian Metro Ahad]

I have been contacted by the authorities and I’ve agreed to delete
all drug and pharmaceutical related posts in two days (before this
Saturday – GMT +8). I will not write about drugs and pharmaceuticals in
the future on this blog.

I hope that all of you understand why I have to do this – the alternative is very
unsavory. I will still continue to write about other things (alcohol
and tobacco is still okay, as is all legal things) on sixthseal.com and
I hope that you can understand and accept the decision I’ve made.

RIP to the first drug blog in Malaysia with photos and videos.

2002 – 2005

It was good while it lasted…

Thanks to:
Sashi [sashiweb.com]
Lainie [tabulas.com]
John Kuan [johnkuan.com]
mahagurusia [blogspot.com]
Shaolin Tiger [shaolintiger.com]
mmulibra [blogspot.com]
annabella [xanga.com]
Applegal [blogspot.com]
asiapundit [asiapundit.com]
cyber-red [blogspot.com]
laineylashes [laineylashes.com]
Lainie [tabulas.com]
loquterz [msn.com]
kimberlycun [kimberlycun.com]
Terenceg [terenceg.com]
Silly Wabbit [sstwo.net]

and everyone else who showed their support during this difficult
time. Thank you everyone – from the bottom of my heart, as always.

Viva la veritas!

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