Peppino’s Pizza

peppinos pizza

Peppino’s Pizza is a hole in the wall located in the Pedada area in Sibu. Peppino’s Pizza serves semi-authentic Italian pizzas (about as authentic you can get over here) and there’s a neon sign showcasing their product. It is easy to be put off by the garish fittings, but it’s actually a very nice place to eat, if you don’t mind al fresco seating arrangements.

peppinos pizza seating

Peppino’s Pizza only serves pizza but they are good at what they do. The menu is somewhat limited with just 10 choices, but they also serve Calzone – which is not a Pizza Hut trademark, contrary to popular belief, but a type of pizza which is folded over.

peppinos pizza oven

Peppino’s Pizza puts their pizza in a huge electric oven and it’s about a 15-20 minute wait for each pizza to be ready.

peppinos pizza girl

This is one of the staff with a peel (the paddle thing) when our pizzas were done – baked to perfection.

4 seasons pizza

This is the 4 Seasons pizza that the proprietor recommended. The pizzas are served on a wooden block and pre-sliced into four (4) slices. It’s RM 19 for a small 8″ pizza, RM 28 for a medium sized 10″ pizza and RM 36 for the big 12″ sized pizza.

4 seasons slice

The 4 Seasons pizza (RM 19) comes with toppings that include sweet peppers, mushrooms, ham and tuna. It tastes pretty good, it’s kinda like a fusion between a seafood pizza with the tuna and a regular meat pizza with the ham.

peppinos special pizza

We also had the flagship Peppino’s Special pizza. This is their premier offering and is priced at RM 20 for the 8″, RM 28 for the 10″ and RM 34 for the 12″ pizza. I don’t know why the pricing structure is different from the 4 Seasons pizza, with the largest size ending up cheaper than the 4 Seasons, which contradictorily starts out cheaper for the smallest size.

peppinos special slice

Peppino’s Special is topped with tuna, ham, mushrooms and pineapple and tastes kinda like a Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple topping. I like this one more than the 4 Seasons pizza, it’s juicier with the addition of the mushrooms and pineapple and I like pineapples in my pizza. I like eggs as well, which is an Australian style pizza, but we don’t get that over here.

peppinos pizza us

Peppino’s Pizza serves their pizza on a thin crust, and it’s been around for quite a while and doing brisk business with the overseas students currently working in Sibu. I think that is their target market with their pricing structure (which is similar to Pizza Hut) and the owner has a daughter studying in Australia or New Zealand. I have gotten a lot of good feedback about the quality of their pizzas compared to commercial franchises like Pizza Hut.

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20 thoughts on “Peppino’s Pizza”

  1. The pizzas look cheesy and more authentic than those at pizza hut. When you are in Kuching, do check out Pizza Junction at Jalan Song, it serves better pizza at much lower price than PH.

  2. That Pizza looks Awesome. Man this site is practically a travel brochure for Sibu and Malaysia/Borneo, it’s brilliant.
    You said you are going to Philippines maybe this year?
    Bela is a cool person, ya might want to hang out with her!
    I’ve heard laughing is incredibly good for digestion.
    Someday GOJI BERRY pizza…..mmmmmmmmm…….aaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Peace and plenty of Pizza

  3. The place was started by a Mat Salleh seaman (No wise cracks now!) – the in-law of the Chopsticks chicken rice guy. He’s from some Euro country, can’t remember which but not ltaly. I prefer Pizza Hut’s though.

  4. Nicole: Hahaha! You came to the right place when you are hungry. LOL
    Hey this pizza place is so near my place and the nearest I’ve been is the kopitiam nextdoor, Chopsticks. Like suituapui said, it was started by some ang moh (I saw before) related to the Chopsticks guy.

  5. sharoning: I’m going to Pizza Hut tomorrow. They have a new pizza out, some sausage thing. Worth checking out.
    Skwermy: Speaking of Pizza Hut, we used to have buffets here but it didn’t do well. There’s a lot of new items out from time to time though. I’m gonna check out the sausage pizza (sausage inside the crust).
    harry: Yeah, I’ve tried that before. Pizza Ria is another favorite. I like their pancakes with an egg on top. πŸ™‚
    Nicole: I, on the other hand, love you. You’ll make a good travel companion and all since we both share the same interest. πŸ™‚
    suituapui: I should have asked you for information. You’re the resident Sibu expert. I heard the Chopsticks people took over the place though. Don’t know about the reliability of the source though.
    Hey, you going to BCF tomorrow?
    al’sera: Exactly! Not very common, huh? Pizza kopitiam. πŸ™‚
    Clare: I see, I didn’t notice the place before coz I usually eat in town. I go to Chopsticks pretty often too, at least I used to, coz of their kung pao beef. Delicious and tender and spicy.
    clementwpy: It’s open every single night. You need glasses gua. πŸ˜‰

  6. e ang moh (austrian i think) taught e recipe 2 chopsticks. chopsticks then opened tis.
    i love these pizzas. not those thick crust from pizzahut. u feel as if u r basically eating bread 2 make urself full. authentic italian pizzas r closer 2 e thin crust types. i tried some prepared by real italian chefs.
    pizzahut pizzas nowadays have more n more bread than ingredients. dun u notice it lately? sometimes e amount of bread at the surroundings r even more! not making sense anymore since u r paying e same n more.

  7. clementwpy: I think it’s open for lunch during the weekends too (or every day, but definitely weekends).
    DieHardX: Yeah, these pizzas are good, thin crust, like it should be. I’ve even very thin crust pizzas which doesn’t have the usual meat toppings but just stuff like tomatoes.
    Some people love thick crust pizzas though, and chewy crusts. It’s okay with me once in a while but it’s too filling.

  8. ooh man this looks really good with all the cheese practically melting off it. and i love thin crust pizzas, not the thick crust type pizza hut’s serving – it’s too filling for me.
    if i ever drop by sibu, PLEASE bring me there!

  9. Irene: I will, when you come over to Sibu. There’s a place in Kuching that serves thin crust pizzas too, run by Bosnians (?) near Mojo.

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