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I’m in Sibu! I flew back with Ling early this morning and arrived at the airport so I can spend some time with my family (mom is flying back later tonight) before we all go to vote tomorrow. I think we might be voting for different parties but that’s the beauty of democracy ain’t it? :)

chopsticks sibu

Anyway, I noticed that Chopsticks Chicken & Rice now has a new signboard. This is a place that has been around since my childhood! I remember eating the mixed rice there as a kid and chu cha (dai chow in Cantonese) when they moved over to Pedada.

chopsticks pedada

However, what they’re really famous for is their chicken rice. My dad is a huge fan of it. There are scores of Sibu people who loves the chicken rice here. Lunch time will be *packed* with people ordering chicken rice and it’s sold out real soon.

chopsticks chicken rice

They’re doing so well that they dedicated an entire shoplot just for it. That place was previously Peppino’s Pizza (also by the same owner).

roasted chicken

There’s a bunch of things you’ll expect from a chicken rice place – char siew, roasted chicken, duck, innards, siew yoke, braised egg and also some that you won’t.

foochow curry chicken

…like this Foochow style curry chicken.

braised egg

It’s the same thing I’ve eaten as a kid – there used to be three compartments (not including your rice) and I’ll have curry chicken for all of them). Arthur ordered this one for us – he was kind enough to pick us up from the airport. It’s milder (in spiciness rating) than regular curry yet more intense (they put a lot of the curry powder). A peculiarity of Foochow cuisine.

char siew

The signboards are new and there’s a lot of people eating there but what I really crave is kampua mee. Unfortunately, everyone was sold out then (must be the people coming back for elections!!!) so we had lunch here.

chicken rice

It’s not too bad though, I think most people come here for the rice – it’s fragrant and what makes Chopsticks Chicken Rice special! The char siew is also good – glazed with honey and with no color additives that makes it radioactive red.

ling in room

We’ll be staying a night here – she’s already met my grandma and we’ll have dinner together and vote tomorrow! :D

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17 Responses to “I’m back in Sibu to vote! (and Foochow chicken rice)”

  1. I’m also in Sibu! But flying back later!

    I was cramming the past three days! With good food instead of lecture notes!

    • Hello Constance! :D

      Why are you in Sibu? Are you from Sibu? I never knew that!

      Flying back today or tomorrow?

      We’re flying back home after voting tomorrow too.

  2. I must remember to head to this stall if and when I’m in Sibu.

    Let us all stay glued to the TV screen for the results…

    • Yup, it’s in Pedada and if you’re there you might as well buzz me coz I just live around the corner. :)

      It’ll be an exciting election that’s for sure – too bad I can’t stay Sunday night and watch the results and they come out live with my parents but no worries we’ll do it back in KL.

      Cheers Ciana!

  3. The sauce on the chicken looks promising, and why is the rice brown in color? Chicken lard or some sauce? :P

    • It’s the natural chicken stock and oil they mix in with the rice! :)

      That’s what makes the chicken rice so good.

      The pork, chicken, duck etc are all quite average but the rice is very fragrant and nice.

  4. I am also back in Ipoh myself. Selamat berundi HB!

    • Awesome! :)

      Good to hear that bro! Hope you got the results you wanted.

      I was looking at Perak when we got back late last night after midnight.

  5. Hello HB, Happy Voting!! Ling vote in Sibu too?

    • Hey there Brenda! :)

      Nope, this time she’s following me back coz at least she can meet my parents and grandma. Next year, we’ll be voting *together*.

      Thanks! Sibu and Lanang (the two seats in Sibu town itself) went over to DAP. :D

  6. Make sure you have your kampua fix before you leave town. Thanks for the “gold bar”.

    • No worries buddy! :)

      All the kampua places were closed even on voting day (sold out) so we went to Noodle House instead and had some of the kampua, kompia and Mille crepe.

      It’s good, they have a new fusion type of kompia out – cheese with chicken (RM 8.80 for 3 which is expensive but they use a large piece of chicken, not shredded).

  7. All your couple photos are nice and very matching pair!

    • Thanks buddy! :)

      Yup, it was good to go back to Sibu and introduce her to my parents and my grandma.

      I always feel lucky to have her with me.

  8. Glad to see that you’re so happy HB!


    Feel free to LIKE chopstick page :)


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