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I seem to have earned (?) myself a reputation for being something of a playboy, from the feedback I have been receiving from friends and coworkers as of late. It seems that this is solely due to the amount of photos of different chicks, I’m sorry, I mean females I have on the blog. I’ve been asked not to put up certain photos from girls with boyfriends for fear of being tarred and feathered by their boyfriends and from being labeled a “ chick”,

I should be quick to claim that most of the girls are my friends and the arm over the shoulder thing is just a manifestation of the “buddy buddy” thing. I do it with both guys and girls, and no one comments about the male photos. I had a discussion about this with my boss just now and the case of Tony Fernandez with his arms around two flight attendants came into play.

Now, since he has his arms around them, he’s obviously fucking them, or that’s what the general public thinks (over here in this small town anyway). I think it’s nice of him to do the “chummy” thing with his cabin crew. It’s just how people look at things.

I have had a lot of comments that I must be a player due to the number of chicks that are featured on my blog, but it should be noted that most are just friends.

What do you think?

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28 thoughts on “Blogger reputations”

  1. Can’t help to give you a bad impression cos no matter how hard you try to be a nice guy ,theres always a devil inside you.Regarding Tony F, my colleague also mentioned about his arms around the shoulder of the flight attendant. Anyway when the 13th richest person in Malaysia doing that, its OK ha..ha…

  2. Does help one bit that u’re good looking and seem like a potential lady-killer!!! If stp does that, people will say, “Nah! Not possible! Who would want sumbody like him? Not unless he is the 12th richest person in Malaysia!” Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. anyway u probably are the blogger with the hand on most i wonder if u r indeed the 14th richest man in the country… u hiding yr money some where?

  4. I think depending on the culture you grew up in and have experienced, you will have different degrees of convertasim and understanding on human gestures. I think people get too fired up about these things. In some European countries, like Italy say, when men greet one another they KISS each other on the cheeks. Doesn’t mean there’s anything to it.
    Just my two cent πŸ™‚

  5. Glad that you are blogging again. Always entertaining. As for what people think? Who cares? (I have a feeling you dont’ – blog on!)
    – David

  6. So far, Ithink Faye is your gf but since you insist that you guys are merely ‘friend’. Ok lor… very special special friend. But the rest of the chicks… should be just friend nia. hahahahaha… knowing you as a one gf at one time.

  7. We trust you. Most of the chicks are just your friends, your “personal” friends like what our Dtk ChuaSoiLeg used to have.

  8. fernandez’s case is different, he needs to convince people that now everyone can fly.
    probably it’s too late and i just re-watched austin powers. but i was thinking maybe it’s fernandez wid his arms wrapped around two flight attendants… and a mini fernandez behind him.. wid his arms wrapped around.. u know where πŸ™‚

  9. I have to admit, many people warns me, don’t get so close with HB!!! but they never know you in person, just assuming your characteristic by the way you blog, and your histories. You are too DARING.. till other people cannot follow yr steps.
    If i nvr meet u and talk to u, perhaps i also thinks that way. Even until today, i still keep in my mouth, HB sot de.. HB siao eh…
    Since you are in Sibu, its expected people will start gossip, and can be the hot topic of anywhere.. *u r one of the topic among me and my friend oso*
    Hey.. “buddybuddy”, know you won’t simply eat la, even if you are hungry.. also find stg taste better. So next time, cut those sensitive words la.. –> “you don’t like me when i am hungry”
    OMG the longest comment i’ve ever made! Grrrr!

  10. LOL I think I know the real answer. πŸ˜‰
    Oh, I don’t remember having your hands on my shoulder when we were taking photos. But I was the one having my hands on 2 guys that time, one was you. Oops!

  11. LMAO I think I will catch hell then when I meet up with you and I am all over you! LOL…. Kidding…. I am really chummy and I think sometimes I forget my boundaries. I have tons of guy friends here and I get all “buddy buddy” with them all the time… it’s just something I do. When you meet me you will see… do you hug on the first meeting? πŸ™‚

  12. I have to agree with JW. In the U.S. it seems when a guy is seen with a girl they are automatically boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a lot of friends who are guys and people ask “Are you two going out?” *rolls eyes*

  13. Dude, you know that you can’t stop your readers from giving all sorts of comment. Who are they to judge you anyway? Only you are clear of your intention or your conscience for what you did.

  14. It’s because of the culture you grew up in and have experienced. That’s why you think it’s okay to have your arm around the chicks featured here. But you ever wonder how they feel or not? It’s okay if they’re kinda open minded. What if they are those who will ‘perasan’ and think that you like her? =P

  15. When you’re popular, your reputation is often not yours anymore. It becomes what others would like to think you are… perhaps out of envy or jealousy. So it’s easy to get a sleazier than life reputation.
    While I haven’t met you in person, I can tell that your personality gains friends’ trust easily. That explains the loads of photographs with them. If you are indeed a playboy in person, I doubt you’d find photos of yourself next to decent looking girls.
    So it’s all a compliment.

  16. one question, do you have a gf???? i m very curious. cos i m pretty too (:p) abuthen, i don’t mind guy friends put their arms around my shoulders. i love the feeling and the attention like that. not more than that. πŸ™‚

  17. hmmm, u know e best solution 2 tis problem? put ur hand over e shoulders of not just good looking chicks but ugly chicks too. tis will surely give e conclusion dat u r friendly 2 ‘everybody’, not just hot chicks.

  18. I think it’s actually normal and it doesn’t mean a lot thing, i always do that when it comes to taking picture will my female friends. Unless they request not to then i wouldn’t or someone whom i am not close to. But if ppl think like that? *Sigh* sad! I get those comments too

  19. PHB, I don’t think much with the hand over shoulder thing, but one thing for sure! I know u do have lots of scandalicious matters which were not disclosed on the blog sphere. Hey I don’t blame you, we human are built polygamy, it’s the responsibility and the society value β€œforcing” us to be monogamy! For me it’s all part of LIFE! Who doesn’t want to have β€œfun” and β€œnaughty” every now and then huh? Rock on..HB! or should i say “RIDE” on!!! Lolz

  20. ι£ŸεΎ—ε’Έι±ΌοΌŒζŠ΅εΎ—ζΈ΄~ =) (Bad translation: If u want to eat salty fish you got to be able to take the thirst~!) LOL
    I thought at the beginning u would have already expected they will have ppl putting all these words behind you. Just do whatever u thinh is right for u~ It doesn’t really matter what other ppl trying to say right?~ Keep Going~ I like all the foods review that you have done so far~~ ^__^

  21. Roland: The devil in me, huh? πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, we were talking about how it’s not even okay for him to do that according to some people’s perceptions.
    suituapui: Thank you, STP. Please remind me to chia you dinner. πŸ™‚
    bengbeng: Shh…please don’t tell anyone about my bank account in the Cayman Islands. πŸ˜‰
    JW: True, that. It’s how you grew up, and also within a society, how your family is e.g. are they openly affectionate towards each other etc and the relationship with your siblings.
    Clare: I know, one of the people who told me, is you. πŸ˜‰
    Dr. Tan: Hola, my friend. πŸ™‚ I totally agree with that.
    neurol23: Haha! That made my Monday morning, friend.
    David: Thanks, buddy. Yeah, you know me, I don’t care what others think. Just ranting a bit. πŸ™‚
    Choonie: I don’t have a gf, seriously, I am not the type to deny stuff like this. We’re just friends. πŸ™‚
    wilson: Haha! My defination of friend is different from the good doctor’s. πŸ˜‰
    Alex: Haha! I think that’s the official creed of too – With chemicals, now everyone can FLY. πŸ˜‰
    goolooloo: Sigh. I was just talking to my boss about this. Unfortunately, I have a self destructive streak in me – common sense, I never really had any and I don’t think about consequences. It’s entertaining to watch, but probably not so good for myself. Oh well. It’s very hard to change a personality, especially one as reckless as mine. I wish I could be ordinary, and live a common life, but knowing me, that would never be enough and isn’t the life I really want inside me. I can pretend for a while, but it won’t be me. Depressing Monday morning thoughts, huh.
    fish fish: Haha! fish fish is the best. πŸ™‚
    Skwermy: Same here. I have the same problem about boundaries but have been more careful ever since coming out of rehab. Yeah, I hug people. I like hugs more than kisses for some reason. It’s more comforting. πŸ™‚
    clementwpy: Thanks, buddy. πŸ™‚
    jessy: Yeah, and if you’re seen with different girls everytime, it is automatically assumed that you’re a player and not a single guy looking for options.
    Anak Pak Lah: Yeah buddy, that’s true. When friends starts giving them though, I will give it a thought. I sleep well at night, but maybe that’s only coz I drink and pass out. πŸ˜‰
    Eryn: Hmm…that’s a good question. Shouldn’t be a problem if they see me doing that to other people too, including guys. πŸ™‚
    al’sera: I know what you mean. My reputation (or rather, notoriety) precedes me, and that’s not always a good thing (I hesitate to use the word never).
    Thanks mate, for the vote of confidence.
    (=’.’=): Nope, I am single and unattached. You interested? πŸ˜‰
    Yeah, most people don’t mind, except for the really traditional types.
    DieHardX: I do that too! You know I do that to guys as well, grabbed your thing during our trip to Mukah (or was it Sarikei), remember? πŸ˜‰
    Darren: Yeah, it’s unfortunate, this perception people have about photos. Posing for a photo doesn’t equal intimacy.
    Myst3: I quote from The Portrait of Dorian Grey, “I’m not interested in scandals about myself. I know all too well what they are already, and thus, it doesn’t interest me. I’m more interested in scandals about other people.” πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing, my friend and we were all wondering who you are coz you seem to know a lot about quite a number of Sibu bloggers. πŸ˜‰
    cynthia: Yeah, but it gets harder as you grow older. I don’t know. It’s too much thinking for a Monday morning. πŸ™‚
    essentric: will always be keeping it real. =D
    Thank you my friend.
    miumiu: Consequence is always lost on me. I don’t think about consequences, though I tend to think more about it, lately. I don’t know, it’s a side effect of growing older I think.

  22. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the the majority of important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly. My best regards, Elenora.


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