Quick thoughts on the Tai doping controversy regarding sibutramine

I’ve read with interest that Malaysia’s first gold medal in the 17th Asian Games won by a Tai Cheau Xuen is now under jeopardy as she has tested positive for the stimulant sibutramine.

Source: Tai tests positive for sibutramine and may be stripped of her gold medal from The Star Online

reductil box

Now, I’ve experimented with sibutramine in the past and blogged about the effects of using sibutramine recreationally. It’s not very fun. In the second episode, I actually landed myself in ICU and I’m still not sure if my extensive renal failure is due to intravenous injection of methamphetamine or insufflating sibutramine since I was doing both before I got hospitalized.

sibutramine contents

It’s worthy to note that sibutramine has an high body load (drug culture speak for “it has really bad cardiovascular effects”) and I felt like I’ve run a marathon after doing it each time. I’ve had extensive experience with stimulants and have been prescribed legal amphetamines in the form of Dexamphetamine (pure dextroamphetamine in 5 mg pills) when I was studying in Australia.

meth iv

I’ve also been addicted to injecting and smoking methamphetamine for several years but I’m totally clean now. This is just a little bit of history so new readers will know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to CNS stimulants, legal or otherwise. πŸ˜‰

Sidenote: If you didn’t know the story about veritas, it was a pseudonym I used for writing drug posts – it was more than a little strange how veritas was in Melbourne when I was, in KL when I came back to work, and in Sibu when I came back for the holidays. It was a funny charade but a very open secret – everyone knew I was veritas, the disclaimer was just for fun. I finally (publicly) admitted to the truth in 2004.

This is a very curious case as I’ve met pro athletes before and they’re *VERY* careful about their food and drink. I once met a famous national athlete (who shall remain unnamed) and he was very concerned about this during the lunch we were at. I didn’t know who he was at the time and found it surprising that he won’t touch his drink after he has left the table e.g. he’ll get a new drink everytime his drink has left his direct control.

I found out later that this was to prevent people from slipping him anything since the stakes are so high at his level of competition that saboteurs could be anywhere.

Thus, I’m sure the same applies to Miss Tai, I would expect her to exercise the same amount of care and caution (which looked remarkably like paranoia to me at that time) with regards to her food and drink.

Which leaves what?

Sibutramine has been withdrawn from many markets e.g. Australia and the US since it’s been found out that it is associated with a lot of cardiovascular damage, just like many other similar drugs. Remember phentermine combined with fenfluramine a.k.a. Phen-Fen?

reductil 10

I’m just saying that it’s *very hard* to get a hold of sibutramine nowadays (my experiments with it was before it was banned in most countries after it was discovered to have negative cardiovascular effects) and you really have to make an effort to seek it out.

I’m sure a pro-athlete wouldn’t be stupid enough to take “herbal supplements” with the bad reputation that they have (many of them contains the exact active ingredients of popular drugs for the ailments they claim to improve) so I’m just saying that this entire thing is very…er, puzzling. smirk

I shall leave it at that.

Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass. Pass it on and be on TV!

castrol football crazy hosts

I just went to the ESPN Star Sports launch of Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass campaign in Malaysia yesterday. It was awesome! I got to talk to the legendary Steve McMahon – he’s the former England international and ex-Liverpool player extraordinaire.

Steve McMahon

Someone mentioned that Steve looks really tough and rough but he’s really a nice guy. Heh! I tend to agree – he’s a very affable fellow, with years of experience in playing real football behind him. We all had a wonderful time chatting with him.

steve mcmahon questions

Steve has an amazing record with 200+ matches under his belt, and he’s scored 50 goals altogether. He shared some really interesting insights about the Malaysian football scene in general how it can be better.


Anyway, back to the launch, it was at Bangsar Shopping Center and I saw Mark Ng (Marketing Director for Castrol Malaysia and Singapore) when I walked into the concourse. I’ve met him a number of times in the past and he’s really friendly despite his position. Awesome guy, it’s always a pleasure to bump into him. πŸ™‚

There were two girls donned in the red and green colors of Castrol at the photo wall and we took a photo with them…or rather, we were ushered towards the wall to take a photo with them. smirk

la bodega

La Bodega had a couple of tables reserved for the event so while we were waiting for it to start, we got a couple of healthy shakes inside. That’s Jestina and Mimi in the background, looking through the menu and deciding what to order. I thought it was a rather artistic shot. *self praise

ESPN stage

ESPN’s Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass launch started with the hosts of the program (Adam, Patricia and Jason) introducing Steve McMahon and a local guy who can do AMAZING things with a football. He was on stage, basically dancing to a song with his football.


His control is impeccable – the football was on his neck and he somehow got it between his legs in a rapid twisting motion.

You’ve got to see it to believe it. I hear he’s the best freestylist in Malaysia.

The other thing that really impressed me was the neat trick they pulled off with Jason. Adam and Patricia were on stage, trying to find the missing Jason (word was he went to the toilet) when the TV came on.

football crazy hosts

It turns out that Jason wasn’t anywhere in bsc at all. It was a pre-recorded feed which syncs perfectly with the other two Castrol Football Crazy hosts. The banter went on and Jason kicked a ball from the TV (remember he’s not actually in bsc), which appeared on stage and Adam and Pat took the ball from there.

Jason Desmond

What can I say? I’m a sucker for nifty launch gimmicks. smirk


…and that is what ESPN’s Castrol Football Crazy Longest Pass is all about! It involves all of us (yes, including YOU way at the back) making the longest pass in Asia. Just record a scene of you kicking a football to someone else off-screen and upload it!

Adam Carruthers

The best videos will then be chosen and edited to make a seamless football pass throughout Asia! Imagine your kick going to someone in the Philippines and then to Japan etc etc – you’ll get the drift. I watched the promo commercial and it’s set to be an amazing campaign!

The ESPN people recorded us making football passes on stage and I had to do several takes coz I kept wanting to do something fancy but failed. T_T

hot girls

I’ll be getting the video after they’re done with post-production and I’ll upload it for you all to see what it’s like. It was a lot of fun to be part of the Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass campaign!


In the meantime, why don’t you record a video of you doing the same, upload it and send it to cfclongestpass@espnstar.com with your full name and country details? Just use anything – even a phone cam would do, and if your entry is good enough, you’ll be featured on TV across ESPN Star Sports’ network as well as on the Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page. πŸ™‚

Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen

You’ll basically be in a video featuring a never-ending football pass throughout Asia! Find out more and be a part of this campaign by surfing over to the Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page.


Look ma! I’m on TV! πŸ˜€

KL Dragons rocked my socks off at MABA Stadium

kl dragons

When I was a little kid, I was fat and short. I still am, but that’s digressing. One of the things I couldn’t do was basketball. I would watch with envy while the cool kids shoot hoops and perhaps subconsciously held on to the idea that basketball players in Malaysia are third rate at best while resentfully sitting beside the court. *sour grapes* 


Basketball. Malaysia. You seldom here those two words together without condescending references. It reminds me of the Chinese phrase Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which means “talented or dangerous people hidden from view” and that’s exactly what the local basketball scene is like. 


I went to MABA stadium last weekend to catch the KL Dragons vs. Thailand Tigers. The atmosphere was charged and I could hear the chanting of the fans while walking in. It was electrifying! 


Let’s go Dragons, let’s go! 


Defense! Defense!

free throw

There were a couple of rough and tumble incidences (as all contact sports SHOULD have) which resulted in free throws.

It’s exciting to watch the players strut their stuff on the court. It’s just one of the things which you need to see so I’m putting the video of the game here just to show you what the ambience is like. 

half time throw

The half time saw people trying their luck/skill/homage-to-whatever-deities-they-believe-in to get a shot in. It’s just like the NBA games, hell, if I know .my has such a vibrant basketball scene I would have watched one of their matches earlier! 

dragons half time

Hot sweaty guys (as I told my companion) and cheerleaders galore, you just can’t beat that. 


Dunk it! 

half time

It was getting so close in the end that I nearly tripped into the court while taking photos. 


Guess what? The KL Dragons won 88-69 against the Thailand Tigers. Go Dragons!

I was surprised at the ability of Malaysian’s finest to (more than) hold their own. I didn’t even know there was much of a basketball scene in Malaysia!  You can check out the KL Dragons site or be a fan on their Facebook page for their upcoming matches. It’s definitely something to be experienced! 

kl dragons cheerleaders

…and the best thing about the game? They have cheerleaders! πŸ˜‰

Hash run – Babysitting

ksp hhh

I went for the Hash Run organized by the Sibu chapter yesterday afternoon, this time in the capacity of a babysitter. In an effort to boost attendance rates, I rallied two of my friends to the event. This is the first hash run for the both of them, so I played the role of the trip sitter.

ksp me cf

Due to the unavailability of alcohol in the Sibu HHH chapter, I decided to preload myself with some of the amber fluid before going for the run. I’m actually not a very patient person and can be prone to irritability at acts of perceived tardiness and I figured the combined GABA agonists (old readers would catch this reference ;)) would make me more amiable.

ksp route

This route was more difficult than the previous hash run, and that makes things a little more challenging since I had to carry a backpack (not mine) and the hilly terrain and longer distance makes things a little more exerting.

ksp main road

The interesting bit about this weekend’s run is that it went through the main road a couple of times…

ksp rest hut

…and features a rest hut!

ksp moses

This is our resident Moses reincarnate to guide the trekkers through a particularly grueling bog. I declined the assistance of the biblical figure and ended up in the bog, completely soaking my trainers and socks.

ksp sprain

Halfway through the trek, one of my friends took the liberty of spraining her ankle. Kudos to her for slogging it through anyway despite the pain.

ksp exit

There were several exit points at the path and we chose not to take it and slugged on, despite the sprained ankle of Jolin and my friend being thoroughly exhausted despite her yoga training.

ksp pitcher

I’m glad we didn’t take the exit coz I found this pristine pitcher plant along the route. I thought these things only exists in Mt. Kinabalu!

ksp trailblazer

Nevertheless, Jolin’s sprained ankle was bothering her towards the end of the run and it was decided that we’re going to beat a new path through virgin rain forest since we had missed the final exit.

ksp kampung

The trailblazer managed to find a path through a kampung (Malay dwelling community) and we took a longer, but less challenging (without the gradient factor) route.

ksp end

I have leaned something during this trek – to be more tolerant, patient and caring towards others. I have a tendency to be over competitive and want to be the leader of the pack but this time I brought up the rear to accommodate for the two friends that I had brought along…

…and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. πŸ™‚

Hash run @ The road in the middle of nowhere

road to nowhere

I went to a hash run at 4 pm yesterday to get my mind off things and to do some Healthy Stuff (TM). The HHH (Hash House Harriers) are a group of hardcore runners who loves to go trailblazing based on the concept of a paper chase.


It’s not the paper chase you’re familiar with and definitely not what African American rappers mean when they say “outlaws on a paper chase, can you relate” or “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM, get the money, dollar dollar bills, yo”. This is a traditional paper chase with a “hare” dropping shredded paper as a trail and the rest of us “harriers” following the trail.

To do this, you need:


Running shoes (or just trainers)


Sunblock (which I later found out was a Bad Idea (TM))


The trail goes through hilly terrain and some intimidating foliage. Steep inclines and sharp descents were not uncommon and I was told that this was one of the easier trails.


It wasn’t sunny enough for the sunblock to be really necessary, and after a while, you realize why it’s a Bad Idea (TM) – the sweat dripping from your brows gets mixed with the sunblock and starts stinging your eyes.

paper trail

The group soon separated into a less orderly fashion and the paper trails was all that is left for the harriers. There were constant calls of “On On” – a HHH tradition and a sweeper at the back to collect the paper trail.


There were bamboo trees that looked like a scene from a Chinese wu xia (martial arts) movie…

pitcher plant

…and even miniature pitcher plants!


Stunning vistas marked the end of the trail. It was indeed invigorating to go on the run. I managed to make pretty good time despite being relatively unfit.


I must admit that I was totally bushed when I got out though. Heh!


The Sibu HHH were experienced enough to bring a chiller with plenty of bottled water and isotonic drinks…


…and watermelon!

watermelon eat

Nothing beats a cold, juice slice of watermelon after some exertion. Mmm…


Sandwiches were also available for those who want a bite to eat.

However, one question still bugs me though…

sibu hhh

…what happened to “The drinking club with a running problem”?

Amber fluid, amber fluid, where art thou? πŸ˜‰

Pedophile Heaven

girls basketball

I went to the Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 just now to catch the high school girl’s basketball competition. The BCF is an annual week long event held to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Sibu and I went to the opening ceremony last night (full write up tomorrow, got a pool party to go to in an hour).

girl sweatshirt

You may recognize the female in the gray sweatshirt from the previous XX Chromosome entry. I didn’t want to take photos with minors for that particular category lest I get hauled off for 10 years of jail time and 10 strokes of the rotan (caning). πŸ˜‰


She looks much better in person actually, and she’s a teacher (albeit a very young one).

girls playing

The girl’s basketball competition was surprisingly entertaining (and not for the reasons you’re thinking). I meant that in the most platonic manner.

girls tussle

There was a fair bit of competition going on, being a contact sport and all that. It turned me on…to sports. You didn’t let me finish speaking. I meant I’m into basketball now after watching all that. πŸ˜‰

my ball

It’s my ball. No, it’s my ball. The other girls weren’t looking at me by the way. The referee was standing beside me and they were waiting for her to make a decision.

raise hands

…and as we raise our hands in silent prayer,


We beseech thee to be our guiding light in times of duress.

I took too many photos to upload, so here’s a video of the girl’s basketball competition.


This is my favorite player (in a totally non-sexually connotative way). I just like her repertoire of expressions. πŸ™‚



I went for a game of badminton after nearly 2 years of a sedentary lifestyle (except for the occasional swim). It was at the badminton court at Eden Inn where we booked a 2 hour slot. I was playing with 3 other people in mixed doubles and I was totally bushed at the end of the time slot.

badminton team

I started up in high spirits, with Faye as my partner. She’s a much better player than I am, despite my regular sessions in two of the three drug rehab centers that I’ve been in where badminton is one of the scheduled sports activities.

badminton round

The first game went in our favor, thanks to Faye who caught the far court landings while I took care of the net balls (lacking in stamina lar, so I had to conserve a little). My heart rate was skyrocketing after the first game and I had aches and sores all over my body (which I’m feeling even more today).

badminton luput

This is what I looked like after the end of the 2 hour session. Luput (Malay for half dead) is the word.

badminton post session

It was good though, getting some exercise to get the metabolism rate going. I felt much better after consuming copious amounts of 100 Plus (an isotonic drink). I would prefer swimming but the competitive element inherent in badminton and other team sports can be fun too.

Sibu Superbowl

I went to Sibu Superbowl today for some bowling action. There was a 9 pin
tag competition going on too, so we had to wait for a bit before a lane
was available. I think I’ve only bowled about 3 times before in my life
but it should be fun. My fingers were numb by the end of the session
because bowling uses muscles in my hands that I haven’t used in years. Heh.
We played for a total of two rounds, and I came in last. Johnny played a
couple of times before so he did pretty well. Daniel is a novice too, but
had a bit of practice a couple of weeks ago, and managed to get a score
close to Johnny’s courtesy of three strikes. I didn’t get a strike, but I
did get a spare, so I’m pretty happy with that. Anyway, we were using Lane
22, which has a bit of an anomaly with the pin grasping machine. A 1 point
score is guaranteed each time because the machine only grasps 9 pins
instead of 10 and thus 1 pin will be swept away each time when it resets.
That probably boosted my score a bit too. =D

6SEAL    = Huai Bin (me)

SUCKA  = Johnny

NIEL       = Daniel

Not off to a good start. The 1 mark is due to the glitch, my ball went
into the drain both times.

The anomaly. Look at that one pin that wasn’t felled but is about to get
swept away by the bar because the machine didn’t pick it up.

End of first round: 47, 91, 86

End of second round: 115, 231, 176

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