Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 Is Out! Here Are My Reviews. 📝 Looking Forward to Dewakan – First Malaysian Restaurant on the List!

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants winners are out! 🙌 I’ve eaten at 6 (soon to be 7) of the restaurants in the list, including 2 restaurants from the Top 10 (Gaggan and Burnt Ends). 🤤 This list is starting to get a lot of traction – it’s not exactly a rival to the Michelin Guide yet, but widely considered as authoritative. ✅ The 50 Best list also goes into countries where the Michelin Guide doesn’t have a presence. Here are my reviews on the ones I’ve been to:

1. Odette (Singapore)
2. Gaggan (Bangkok, Thailand) 🌟🌟
3. Den (Tokyo, Japan)
4. Sühring (Bangkok, Thailand)
5. Florilège (Tokyo, Japan)
6. Ultraviolet (Shanghai, China)
7. Mume (Taipei, Taiwan)
8. Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)
9. Nihonryori Ryugin (Tokyo, Japan)

10. Burnt Ends (Singapore) 🌟
11. The Chairman (Hong Kong)
12. Otto e Mezzo (Hong Kong)
13. Mingles (Seoul, South Korea)
14. La Cime (Osaka, Japan)
15. Belon (Hong Kong)
16. Gaa (Bangkok, Thailand)
17. Indian Accent (New Delhi, India)
18. Il Ristorante – Luca Fantin (Tokyo, Japan)

19. Bo.Lan (Bangkok, Thailand) 🌟
20. Le Du (Bangkok, Thailand)
21. Amber (Hong Kong)

22. Nahm (Bangkok, Thailand) 🌟
23. Sazenka (Tokyo, Japan)
24. La Maison de la Naure Goh (Fukuoka, Japan)
25. Sushi Saito (Tokyo, Japan)
26. L’Effervescence (Tokyo, Japan)
27. Jade Dragon (Macau, China)
28. Paste (Bangkok, Thailand)
29. Fu He Hui (Shanghai, China)
30. Raw (Taipei, Taiwan)
31. Shoun RyuGin (Taipei, Taiwan)
32. Jaan (Singapore)
33. Les Amis (Singapore)
34. Vea (Hong Kong)
35. Ministry of Crab (Sri Lanka)
36. Wing Lei Palace (Macau)
37. Neighborhood (Hong Kong)
38. Lung King Heen (Hong Kong)

39. Nouri (Singapore) 🌟

40. Waku Ghin (Singapore) 🌟🌟
41. Toc Toc (Seoul, South Korea)
42. Locavore (Bali, Indonesia)
43. Toyo Eatery (Manila, Philippines)
44. Seventh Son (Hong Kong)
45. Quintessence (Tokyo, Japan)
46. Dewakan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
47. Sugalabo (Tokyo, Japan)
48. Sorn (Bangkok, Thailand)
49. Corner House (Singapore)
50. Ta Vie (Hong Kong)

All the restaurants above have at least 1 Michelin star. Gaggan and Waku Ghin has 2 Michelin stars. You can read more of my Michelin star reviews here. My Michelin star restaurant reviews are mostly in Singapore and Bangkok but there are some from Japan (1 Michelin star Isezushi in Otaru, Sapporo) and Paris, France (2 Michelin star Le Relais Louis XIII) whenever I go on vacation.

However, the big news this year is Malaysia’s first entry into this illustrious list! 😱 Dewakan is the first Malaysian restaurant to make it into Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants at #46. 🇲🇾 I’ve heard about this restaurant helmed by Chef Darren Teoh but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Their website mentions they only do dinner with two menus – 9-course Menu Nusantara (RM 300 nett) and the longer 15-course Menu Kayangan (RM 370 nett)

My birthday is coming up next week, so what better time to check out Dewakan? 🎉 Psst…this is my real birthday this time 🎂, not the “birthdays” I’ve enjoyed multiple times at places like Shinji by Kanesaka. 😄 I’ll report back with a full review of the food at Malaysia’s first restaurant to be listed in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants! The other restaurants on the list are all very solid, so I’m looking forward to it.

Quick thoughts on the Tai doping controversy regarding sibutramine

I’ve read with interest that Malaysia’s first gold medal in the 17th Asian Games won by a Tai Cheau Xuen is now under jeopardy as she has tested positive for the stimulant sibutramine.

Source: Tai tests positive for sibutramine and may be stripped of her gold medal from The Star Online

reductil box

Now, I’ve experimented with sibutramine in the past and blogged about the effects of using sibutramine recreationally. It’s not very fun. In the second episode, I actually landed myself in ICU and I’m still not sure if my extensive renal failure is due to intravenous injection of methamphetamine or insufflating sibutramine since I was doing both before I got hospitalized.

sibutramine contents

It’s worthy to note that sibutramine has an high body load (drug culture speak for “it has really bad cardiovascular effects”) and I felt like I’ve run a marathon after doing it each time. I’ve had extensive experience with stimulants and have been prescribed legal amphetamines in the form of Dexamphetamine (pure dextroamphetamine in 5 mg pills) when I was studying in Australia.

meth iv

I’ve also been addicted to injecting and smoking methamphetamine for several years but I’m totally clean now. This is just a little bit of history so new readers will know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to CNS stimulants, legal or otherwise. 😉

Sidenote: If you didn’t know the story about veritas, it was a pseudonym I used for writing drug posts – it was more than a little strange how veritas was in Melbourne when I was, in KL when I came back to work, and in Sibu when I came back for the holidays. It was a funny charade but a very open secret – everyone knew I was veritas, the disclaimer was just for fun. I finally (publicly) admitted to the truth in 2004.

This is a very curious case as I’ve met pro athletes before and they’re *VERY* careful about their food and drink. I once met a famous national athlete (who shall remain unnamed) and he was very concerned about this during the lunch we were at. I didn’t know who he was at the time and found it surprising that he won’t touch his drink after he has left the table e.g. he’ll get a new drink everytime his drink has left his direct control.

I found out later that this was to prevent people from slipping him anything since the stakes are so high at his level of competition that saboteurs could be anywhere.

Thus, I’m sure the same applies to Miss Tai, I would expect her to exercise the same amount of care and caution (which looked remarkably like paranoia to me at that time) with regards to her food and drink.

Which leaves what?

Sibutramine has been withdrawn from many markets e.g. Australia and the US since it’s been found out that it is associated with a lot of cardiovascular damage, just like many other similar drugs. Remember phentermine combined with fenfluramine a.k.a. Phen-Fen?

reductil 10

I’m just saying that it’s *very hard* to get a hold of sibutramine nowadays (my experiments with it was before it was banned in most countries after it was discovered to have negative cardiovascular effects) and you really have to make an effort to seek it out.

I’m sure a pro-athlete wouldn’t be stupid enough to take “herbal supplements” with the bad reputation that they have (many of them contains the exact active ingredients of popular drugs for the ailments they claim to improve) so I’m just saying that this entire thing is very…er, puzzling. smirk

I shall leave it at that.

3 random things I haven’t blogged about

1. Sea jacuzzi photo in Sin Chew

Photo from

I just found out about this last week from Twitter. Thanks Jessy! It’s an article about my last trip to Langkawi. I’m the one with the red phoenix tattoo on my chest, holding on to the net with one hand. Heh.

The link above to the post is in Chinese, which I can’t read, so I used the auto-translate feature in Chrome – it’s about the trip, the sea jacuzzi was fun, going to post about that sometime. 🙂

2. Full 30 minute interview video on Bernama Radio24

I was on Bernama Radio24 to speak on “The Lounge” a couple of months ago – I posted about my interview on radio before but I didn’t have the link to the YouTube video. You can see the entire 30+ minute radio interview below if you missed it the first time round.

It also shows the inside of the studio and me and Gerald’s expressions and gestures – it’s for an hour long talk show segment, this is the entire almost 40 minute interview, the rest of the time are filled with songs and such. Thanks for the link Junsern! 🙂

3. NuffnangX

I was at the launch of NuffnangX Malaysia and have been using the beta of NuffnangX before it was released. Interesting concept, it makes reading blogs on a smartphone so much easier, as I found out one day when I was waiting for the laundry to open in my car. Heh.


That’s a customized USB drive made to look like a business card with a personalized “” stamped on it with the beta version inside. I love collecting USB drives, this is one of my more unique ones.

Follow me on NuffnangX! 🙂

That’s a wrap for media related news. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

I make the news (again) – photos in the papers

borneo post press release

The Business section of the papers just got a lot more interesting.
Narcissism season hits early this year, producing masturbatory posts
such as this one. 😉 Our company’s press release was published by three
papers – The Borneo Post, Sarawak Tribune and Sin Chew Daily.

borneo post pr me
Source: The Borneo Post, 15/6/2004

The photo in The Borneo Post is the best one – with me in the
foreground. Yes, the pretty boy *cough* of graced the
back cover of the Business section of the paper today. 😉 Go get a copy!

The caption reads: HIGH TECH SERVICE … Ling (left), director Wong
Hua Ling (center) and systems engineer Poh Huai Bin posing for a
photograph after demonstrating the system.

I love you (insert name of the female reporter/photographer that came yesterday)! 🙂

I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.

sin chew press release
Source: Sin Chew Daily, 15/6/2004

This is a candid shot with me and the CTO, Alex.

I didn’t put in the Sarawak Tribune one coz it’s a ghost of an image. We got on the front page of the Business section though.

I know, I’m a publicity whore. 😉 Who isn’t?

Cocaine is the new heroin!


and more FUD from the Federal Narcotics Department. I honestly
wonder how much the department and the media knows about
drugs…there’s this distinct lack of knowledge about drugs and the
behavorial aspects of drug users, it’s a wonder they can differentiate
between Ecstasy (MDMA) and Erimin (nimetazepam). Er…nevermind, I
don’t think most of them can. 😉

Anyway, this article is here:

Copy and paste into the URL bar coz it’s not permanent, it’ll be
de-linked in a couple of days like most newspapers with an online
presence. Highly recommended and humorous read. 🙂

P/S – Just in case some people are wondering what’s so funny, heroin
users typically (in Australian and other country’s studies during
periouds of draught) turn to either methamphetamine or benzodiazepines
like temazepam. Come on, no one would go for coke, it’s so expensive
and lasts for a scant 30 minutes compared to the much longer lasting
meth. It’s stupid to even suggest that heroin dependant people would go
for cocaine, meth (which is cheap and plentiful in Malaysia) would be
the obvious choice. I didn’t even want to blog about this, but it’s
just too illogical and ill researched and yet it made a front page
article on a major daily newspaper.

Funniest statement:
We have found no cases of cocaine being sold in Malaysia, but the possibility is there.
Look harder. 😉

Most illogical statement:
With the scarcity of heroin in the market, syndicates may try to
smuggle in cocaine, which could be priced even lower than heroin to
attract buyers.

Error…sentence does not compute. :p

Right. Back to work.

McDonald’s (Sibu), grainy B&W photo in ze papers and NO DRUGS!


I went to McDonald’s for lunch today. I wanted to get those Sega
mini handheld games they’re having a promotion on – RM 5 (A$ 2.50) for
each one with the purchase of a meal. Unfortunately this is what we saw
upon arrival:


There goes my hope of getting every one in the collection. 🙂
Hmm…come to think of it, if anyone happens to have a spare one that’s
still inside the shrink wrap, I’ll be more than happy to get it off
you, email me and name a price. Well, we had lunch anyway since we were already there.


I had the Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal while my girlfriend had
the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe meal. It seems that the Quarter Pounder has
finally arrived (it says “New” on the menu anyway) and I haven’t seen
it the last time I was back home. I also asked the girl behind the
counter about the mini handheld games and she said they get sold out on
first day they’re available, so I guess I’ll have to queue up before
opening hours on Thursday. It’s not like I have much to do until my
results come out on the 17th of July anyway. 🙂


Anyway, the Quarter Pounder here is pretty sad…they are still using
the standard size buns, so the meat patty was visibly overflowing from
the bun’s edges. It tastes pretty much the same though, except for the
over mustard-ization of this one. Unfortunately, the fries here are
still very dismal. I have eaten at McDonald’s (and other fast food
joints) in Malaysia (various states), Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand
and Australia and no one came even close to the QUALITY fries in
Australia’s McDonald’s (though Singapore’s shaker fries at McD’s gave
it a run for it’s money). I don’t know about the other states, since
I’ve only eaten at McDonald’s in Victoria and New South Wales, but
damn, the McDonald’s fries in Australia is absolutely melt in your
mouth delicious. The fries of the McDonald’s in Malaysia tastes like
the ones in Burger King/Hungry Jack’s in Australia – very unremarkable.
😉 While we’re on the topic of fries, I’ve also eaten the most obscene
ones in Australia – at KFC’s, which is why I can count the number of
times I’ve eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Melbourne over a three
year period on the digits of one hand. I would have gone to a fish and
chips shop instead if I wanted fries of that size and girth.

Well, on another topic, I saw a group photo of the candidates and
photographers from the Miss Photogenic photo shoot yesterday in Sin
Chew Daily, a local Chinese newspaper. It was on the top of Page 8 of
today’s edition, which I’ve scanned here:


I can’t translate the captions because I can’t read the language,
sorry. I can speak it fluently though (this is something I always feel
the need to add). Anyway, I’m the second one from the right in the
photographers group photo. The one in a t-shirt and slacks, biting my
lower lip like I always do while on stimulants. Gotta have something to
keep me awake at that ungodly hour. Of course, when I say stimulants it always means caffeine or another legal substance, while when veritas says stimulants it’s probably something else – can’t be too careful when I’m in Malaysia. 😉

Which reminds me, don’t call my cell phone number asking for drugs,
I’m not a dealer. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, it’s just that I
can’t sort you out, so you’re wasting your time. I also have to add
that there are two authors on this blog, the Digi number in one
of the posts below is mine, and I put that up for friends and/or
important matters. To the girl from KL who called this afternoon, what
I’ve told you on the phone is correct, please don’t comment about
anything here as this is a publicly viewable medium. This goes for
everyone who has privileged information as well. Thanks! 🙂 My
apologies if I come off as being discourteous, again, I don’t mean to
be rude.

Anyway, here’s two views from inside McDonald’s in Sibu:



Link: Brain rewiring during learning boosted by drug []

Thanks to Haggas for pointing this out. Very, very interesting read about a study on the use of amphetamines in enhancing learning.

Kuching, Sarawak: 2 kg ganja (cannabis)


I read this while getting some food this morning at Sugarbun. Interesting bits:
They are being charged under 39(B), the one that carries the mandatory death sentence. Ouch.
Another guy got caught with 5.91 grams in two straws in his wallet when he threw it away upon seeing the officers.

Anyway, I don’t think I need (or want) that break after all. I’m
feeling much better today. The mood lift seems sustained so I dare say
my serotonin stores are finally being filled up again. Yay. I’ll be
posting again as usual tomorrow, I’ll reply all mails/comments then
too. I need to run, gotta go out. See ya all tomorrow. 🙂

Spiky tree


I’ve started to take photos of the halls and the surrounding area
today. Here’s one of the spiky tree (I don’t know what it’s called) at
“The Mound”. The Mound is a very small hill (a bump rather) in the
common lawn area of Roberts Hall. The tree is interesting because the
leaves are long, thin and cylindrical. It’s fun to grab one of the
leaves and start smacking people around with it. 😉

[Added @ 11:27 PM]

Link: Warning over wild mushrooms []

Autumn rains = mushroom season! How magical. 😉

Link: Two held after heroin seizure []

Malaysia Boleh! =D



I went to the ATM straight after my 8:15 am supervisor meeting and
was very relieved to see that my bank draft has finally cleared on the
6th day (I banked it in on Thursday). Gone are the days when I have to
survive solely on instant noodles! Anyway, I withdrew some money and
went to Coles to get some much needed groceries. Much of it is junk
food, as you can see. 🙂 However, I did get some food items too, like
the steak pies and the 1kg bag of rice. I also got some laundry
detergent so I can finally get some laundry done. Anyway, I had wanted
to go to McDonalds to get some nice, solid food inside me, but it was
still early then and the breakfast menu was still on, so I just had an
egg and bacon McMuffin.

Today’s weather was very naughty. It hit 38 degrees in the
afternoon. 🙁 I was half baked (and it wasn’t the good kind of half
baked too) and the heat still hasn’t dissipated from my room.
Thankfully, the mercury has dropped somewhat since then, but it’s still
pretty warm. Summer over here sucks, it can get much hotter than in
Malaysia and the dry weather makes you feel the heat just that much

Edit: Oh, it wasn’t a 38 degree summer after all…turns out to be 40.2 degrees! No wonder it felt so hot today. Read this [].

Link: Got the back to work blues? []

Yes, yes I do indeed. This is part of the article:

“It’s a very real thing … the back to work blues is really
about people thinking they didn’t quite have enough of a holiday,” said
Dr Wilks, a professor of tourism, who is also a psychologist.

You pulled the words straight outta my mouth, buddy. I know everyone
is probably sick of hearing me say this already, but damn, it sucks
being in Melbourne when most students are still in Malaysia, about to
celebrate Chinese New Year with all the traffic jams and the reunions
and the visiting and the CNY songs and the firecrackers and everything.
I don’t even want to think about what I’m missing.

It would be great if I had a 4 month holiday though, I can usually
stretch my summer holidays to 4 months if my exam timetables are
aligned right. It’ll be nice to come back for a 3 month semester and
then graduate, coz then I’ll be thinking I don’t have enough time here
in Melbourne to visit all the attractions I still haven’t visited
instead of thinking about what I’m missing back in Sibu. 🙂 I have
missed celebrating Chinese New Year in Sibu too many times…just too
many times.

Link of the day: Cannabis: The good oil on Jesus []

Heal me.

They’re starting younger and younger…

Schoolgirl, 12, suspended over amphetamines

Notice that the girl was considered a “model student”. I guess staying up
for days on end does give you an edge in classes. Not having an appetite
will do wonders for your figure as well. Heh. In another semi-related news

Star couple’s toddler swallows ecstasy tablet

This is not as improbable as it sounds. Ecstasy tablets have been found on
the floors of drug friendly raves before. It could be dropped (haha) by a
someone who’s rolling too hard to realize or dropped on purpose on some
MDMA-fuelled charitable act. Not that I know, of course.

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