I went for a game of badminton after nearly 2 years of a sedentary lifestyle (except for the occasional swim). It was at the badminton court at Eden Inn where we booked a 2 hour slot. I was playing with 3 other people in mixed doubles and I was totally bushed at the end of the time slot.

badminton team

I started up in high spirits, with Faye as my partner. She’s a much better player than I am, despite my regular sessions in two of the three drug rehab centers that I’ve been in where badminton is one of the scheduled sports activities.

badminton round

The first game went in our favor, thanks to Faye who caught the far court landings while I took care of the net balls (lacking in stamina lar, so I had to conserve a little). My heart rate was skyrocketing after the first game and I had aches and sores all over my body (which I’m feeling even more today).

badminton luput

This is what I looked like after the end of the 2 hour session. Luput (Malay for half dead) is the word.

badminton post session

It was good though, getting some exercise to get the metabolism rate going. I felt much better after consuming copious amounts of 100 Plus (an isotonic drink). I would prefer swimming but the competitive element inherent in badminton and other team sports can be fun too.

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15 thoughts on “Shuttlecock”

  1. It has been forever since I have played badminton – I loved it in High School and of course the Americans do not play it nor have any interest, so I am screwed with sports like American Football and Baseball… LOLs

  2. I played once in that court before and never been there anymore. Maybe due to poor lighting, I hardly see the shuttlecock. I’m surprised Faye is a better player. Hardly see any good woman badminton player around.

  3. good to see you taking up badminton, i can never play badmintion. I remember when i played it in high school, instead of the shuttlecock flying, i sent the racket flying across the hall 30ft in the air, LOL.

  4. G! Thats hardcore!
    I can never play badminton. I went for a run 2 days ago and my heart palpitated so fast!!
    I only do swimming thesedays. at least 2 sessions per week. 45 min (non-stop) lap swimming. I feel totally awesome and I can’t figure why πŸ™‚

  5. HB, your red face after sport looks more attractive that the after booze session. LOL Maybe more sport? Badminton is not my cup of tea. I prefer walking and heavy machines in gym. :p
    Oh, I have a friend who used to play for the Sarawak team. Much shorter than you, very refined face, but her strength and speed is great. You want her to be your sifu? LOL

  6. HB I thought you managed to kick it!
    Are you aware, that according to common belief, vigorous excursion increases endogenous morphine levels in your blood!

  7. bongkersz: Yeah, her stamina is much better than mine. That’s why she’s always on top, if you catch my drift. πŸ˜‰
    Skwermy: There is a rather large Asian student population in Australia so the game is pretty popular over there as well. I think I played once or twice during my time there. I have never gotten the hang of baseball but I’ve seen people playing it here in SIBU, of all places. I think they’re ex-students from the US.
    Choonie: I play a bit of both, actually. I play the former more though, kinda on a daily basis. πŸ˜‰
    Hmm…she’s better than me in badminton, but I’m not sure who’s better in the other one. I’m quite a cunning linguist, while her oratory skills seem to be lacking somewhat. She does have more stamina than me though. *winks*
    ShaolinTiger: You’ll definately kick my ass and hand it back to me on a silver platter, but it’ll be fun. πŸ™‚
    Borneo Falcon: I don’t know if it’s my hand-eye coordination or my lack of skillz but I have missed the shuttelcock a couple of times too. There are a lot of good female badminton players, Simmy (the photographer) plays with her husband there as well and I know two other girls who are quite good (as in better than me) in badminton.
    Darren: Haha! It’s different from tennis, I have noticed. You have to hold the racket differently and use your wrist instead of your arm. I can’t do the wrist thing properly.
    cynthia: I went for an hour of rapid jungle trekking during the weekend and I was exhausted by the time I got home. My muscles are still sore. Swimming works well for me too, it’s probably the endorphins. It’s hard when you jump into the pool but as you work up your pace, you actually feel good. I need a pacer though to get me through that difficult period and I’ve been trying to find one. One of my ex-girlfriends used to be an excellant swimmer and she used to swim with me and was my pacer but she’s in NZ now.
    suituapui: I’m so out of shape I can’t even do the other badminton for more than 10 minutes before my…team mate, has to go on top. πŸ˜‰
    Raymond Chan: True, true. Where do you play?
    goolooloo: I didn’t know you play badminton! I thought you were into aerobics. Where do you play?
    fish fish: Really? I need to play more badminton and drink less then. You’re really hardcore, I know guys should do weight training and work out at the gym but I hardly have the motivation to do it.
    Short and lean girls usually play the sport well coz they use up less energy and can move about faster. I want! Where is she? Kuching or Sibu?
    JW: Haha! That made my Monday morning, my friend. πŸ™‚
    The endorphins rush must have made me more receptive to playing badminton now. Substitution drug. My drug rehab councillor warned me about this. πŸ˜‰


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