Dunhill Top Leaf review

dunhill top leaf klia

Dunhill Top Leaf is an ultra premium cigarette manufactured by Dunhill to contain only 100% top leaf tobacco in the cigarette. It retails for RM 13 for a pack of 20’s (albeit a really nice pack ;)) in selected retail outlets. I got mine from the KLIA airport – brought a couple of packs back.

dunhill top leaf box

Dunhill Top Leaf comes in a large form factor box similar to 25’s but much slimmer in design. There is a leaf imprint on the top of the pastel red embossed box with the accompanying text “Dunhill ‘D’ Top Leaf” and “100% Top Leaf Tobacco” inscribed at the bottom. The entire box looks nothing short of classy and embodies premium tobacco.

dunhill top leaf tobacco

The design of the box also includes an embossed BAT (British American Tobacco) figurehead on the top. The overall design is minimalist with the words “100% Top Leaf Tobacco” on the bottom saying it all. I did get a lot of looks bringing it out, probably due to the unusual design.

dunhill top leaf text

Dunhill Top Leaf is described as “The top leaves of each tobacco plant receive the most sun and develop the most distinctive flavors. Our blenders use only leaves from the top half of the tobacco plant to create these remarkably flavorful cigarettes” in a small side bar at the back of the textured box, as well as the stamp “Made in England”.

dunhill top leaf open

Dunhill Top Leaf opens up to reveal two foil wrapped compartments with each side containing 10 cigarettes. I like the foil design – it keeps half the cigarettes fresh while the other half is opened. The dual compartment flat design is standard in most ultra premium cigarettes.

dunhill top leaf open half

The foil wrapped compartment opens up to reveal 10 cigarettes with the Dunhill logo and the red embossed “D” below it. I like the feel of the textured and embossed matte cigarette box as well, although that has nothing to do with how well it smokes, it still contributes to the ultra premium experience that you’re paying for. πŸ˜‰

dunhill top leaf cigarette

Dunhill Top Leaf comes out as a really smooth smoke with a nice distinctive taste that separates it from regular cigarettes. The only complaint I have regarding the cigarettes (and this was also iterated by a friend who tried it) is that it’s too mild…the cigarettes may provide a smooth smoke but the nicotine hit falls a bit short of the mark.

Dunhill Top Leaf is a nice, smooth ultra premium cigarette though.


Dunhill Hyperion

dunhill hyperion

Dunhill Hyperion is a blended whisky from Scotland that carries the Dunhill brand, which is better known for its tobacco products. It does have a range of palatable blended whiskies though – the Dunhill Scotch Master series featured in one of my baking adventures [sixthseal.com] (yes, I bake – in more ways than one ;)) is a premium blend.

dunhill hyperion liner

The liner note from the bottle of Dunhill Hyperion goes “Hyperion, from Alfred Dunhill, brings a new dimension of to the art of whisky blending. It marries the finesse of great age with the fresh vitality of youth to create a blend – Dunhill Hyperion”.

dunhill hyperion drink

Dunhill Hyperion retails for about RM 300 in most drinking establishments and is a pretty good whisky for the price range. It may not be single malt, but it is good for general sculling. I drank most of the bottle in one night and got pretty fucked up so I rate that as “Good”. πŸ˜‰ It also comes with a cork, another minutiae that always rates as “Good” as well in my book.

dunhill hyperion bottle keep

Behind the Scenes: The bottle keep label writing.

dunhill hyperion end

Dunhill Hyperion is a pretty good whisky…I have had a lot of Dunhill blended whiskies and I actually prefer them to “classic” brands like Mr. Daniel’s and Mr. Walker’s products. I have been drinking heavily since I was arrested for drug possession.

P/S – I’m kidding about that last bit, April Fool’s joke. I have never been arrested and thrown in jail and produced before a court. Oh, and on another totally unrelated matter, please remind me to go for confession during mass on Sunday.


Gigantic pack of Dunhill cigarettes

dunhill twin pack store

I saw a huge pack of Dunhill cigarettes retailing for RM 12
just now. It contains 40 cigarettes and I loved the box the moment I
set my eyes on it. The sheer audacity of the Dunhill 40’s pack needs to
be personally experienced – I wanted to put it into my pocket just to
see if it fits (which it obviously won’t).

dunhill twin pack box seal

The liner on the Dunhill cigarette pack has “DUNHILL TWIN PACK RM
12.00” written on it. It’s a promotional item, probably to counter the
tobacco price wars with Philip Morris retailing Marlboros at RM 6 and
Next going for RM 4.

dunhill twin pack 40

The side of the huge Dunhill flip top box has 40 cigarettes stamped
on it. The box is made to look like one gigantic Dunhill pack with all
the appropriate detailing in. It’s actually a box housing 2 x 20’s.

dunhill twin pack open

This is what the inside of the huge Dunhill box contains – there are two ordinary Dunhill 20’s inside.

dunhill twin pack seals

The individual Dunhill boxes has “Twin Pack RM 12.00” instead of the
usual liner text. I love the entire concept and bought it even though
I’m not a big fan of Dunhill’s. I love the huge promotional pack though.

dunhill twin pack monolith

I mean, just look at it! It’s monolithic!

I’m going to keep it on my desk. πŸ™‚

Dunhill 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Pack

dunhill 40 pack

Dunhill is producing elegantly designed limited edition packs for
its 40th anniversary. The interesting twist about this is that it
retails for 50 cents less than the usual price. The limited edition “40
Years of Dunhill” packs goes for a special price for RM 6.00 instead of
the usual RM 6.50.

dunhill 40 pack 1

These limited run packs to commemorate Dunhill’s 40th year of
production in Malaysia features a well-designed and stylish pack, a
nice aesthetic change from the usual bland Dunhill packs. There is the
familiar Dunhill crest spanning part of the front of the pack…

dunhill 40 pack 2

…continuing through the side…

dunhill 40 pack 3

…and ending at the back of the Dunhill 40th anniversary back. It’s very artistically done.

dunhill 40 pack back

The back of the pack is also different from the usual Dunhill packs.

dunhill 40 pack sig

There is a script in the bottom left corner that inscribes the 40th anniversary of Dunhill text and the accompanying signature.

dunhill 40 pack top

The same “40 Years of Dunhill” celebratory message is also imprinted on the top…

dunhill 40 pack bottom

…and the bottom of the pack.

dunhill 40 pack open

I proceeded to take off the wrap (the flip-top box also has a 40 Years of Dunhill text) and was surprised to find…

dunhill 40 pack wow

…this beautiful foil which features and intricate design with the red and golf motif! I started to pull at the “foil”…

dunhill 40 pack revealed

…which disappointingly reveals that it’s a card insert.

dunhill 40 card front

The front of the card details this limited edition run as a “only
while stocks lasts” item to commemorate 40 years of causing cancer and
heart disease to Malaysians. πŸ˜‰

dunhill 40 card back

The back of the card states the same thing in three different languages, just to rub it in.

dunhill 40 pack sticks

Unwrapping the normal foil reveals that the cigarettes are the same as the Dunhill ones, the changes are just aesthetic.

dunhill 40 pack norm

The cigarettes are no different from the usual ones but this 40th
anniversary limited edition Dunhill packs is going to sell fast for one
simple reason:

dunhill 40 pack end

It’s 50 cents cheaper to celebrate 40 years of causing cancer and
coronary problems to Malaysians. It goes for RM 6.00 instead of RM
6.50. Grab it while stocks last!

Dunhill – 40 years of providing cancer. πŸ˜‰

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