Dunhill Top Leaf review

dunhill top leaf klia

Dunhill Top Leaf is an ultra premium cigarette
manufactured by Dunhill to contain only 100% top leaf tobacco in the
cigarette. It retails for RM 13 for a pack of 20’s (albeit a really nice pack ;)) in selected retail outlets. I got mine from the KLIA airport – brought a couple of packs back.

dunhill top leaf box

Dunhill Top Leaf comes in a large form factor box similar to 25’s
but much slimmer in design. There is a leaf imprint on the top of the
pastel red embossed box with the accompanying text “Dunhill ‘D’ Top
Leaf” and “100% Top Leaf Tobacco” inscribed at the bottom. The entire
box looks nothing short of classy and embodies premium tobacco.

dunhill top leaf tobacco

The design of the box also includes an embossed BAT (British
American Tobacco) figurehead on the top. The overall design is
minimalist with the words “100% Top Leaf Tobacco” on the bottom saying
it all. I did get a lot of looks bringing it out, probably due to the
unusual design.

dunhill top leaf text

Dunhill Top Leaf is described as “The top leaves of each tobacco
plant receive the most sun and develop the most distinctive flavors.
Our blenders use only leaves from the top half of the tobacco plant to
create these remarkably flavorful cigarettes” in a small side bar at
the back of the textured box, as well as the stamp “Made in England”.

dunhill top leaf open

Dunhill Top Leaf opens up to reveal two foil wrapped compartments
with each side containing 10 cigarettes. I like the foil design – it
keeps half the cigarettes fresh while the other half is opened. The
dual compartment flat design is standard in most ultra premium

dunhill top leaf open half

The foil wrapped compartment opens up to reveal 10 cigarettes with
the Dunhill logo and the red embossed “D” below it. I like the feel of
the textured and embossed matte cigarette box as well, although that
has nothing to do with how well it smokes, it still contributes to the
ultra premium experience that you’re paying for. ;)

dunhill top leaf cigarette

Dunhill Top Leaf comes out as a really smooth smoke with a
nice distinctive taste that separates it from regular cigarettes. The
only complaint I have regarding the cigarettes (and this was also
iterated by a friend who tried it) is that it’s too mild…the
cigarettes may provide a smooth smoke but the nicotine hit falls a bit
short of the mark.

Dunhill Top Leaf is a nice, smooth ultra premium cigarette though.

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