Gigantic pack of Dunhill cigarettes

dunhill twin pack store

I saw a huge pack of Dunhill cigarettes retailing for RM 12
just now. It contains 40 cigarettes and I loved the box the moment I
set my eyes on it. The sheer audacity of the Dunhill 40’s pack needs to
be personally experienced – I wanted to put it into my pocket just to
see if it fits (which it obviously won’t).

dunhill twin pack box seal

The liner on the Dunhill cigarette pack has “DUNHILL TWIN PACK RM
12.00” written on it. It’s a promotional item, probably to counter the
tobacco price wars with Philip Morris retailing Marlboros at RM 6 and
Next going for RM 4.

dunhill twin pack 40

The side of the huge Dunhill flip top box has 40 cigarettes stamped
on it. The box is made to look like one gigantic Dunhill pack with all
the appropriate detailing in. It’s actually a box housing 2 x 20’s.

dunhill twin pack open

This is what the inside of the huge Dunhill box contains – there are two ordinary Dunhill 20’s inside.

dunhill twin pack seals

The individual Dunhill boxes has “Twin Pack RM 12.00” instead of the
usual liner text. I love the entire concept and bought it even though
I’m not a big fan of Dunhill’s. I love the huge promotional pack though.

dunhill twin pack monolith

I mean, just look at it! It’s monolithic!

I’m going to keep it on my desk. πŸ™‚

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